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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election

Marin County Superior CourtCandidate for Judge, Office 2

Photo of Renee Marguerite Marcelle

Renee Marguerite Marcelle

Family Law attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Professional,+ major experience in real-estate/ business & public defender
1,545 votes (2.36%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Demystify the courts so litigants understand the power and reach of the court, prior to their first appearance, resulting in more realistic expectations by litigants and lessening court time and costs.
  • Emphasize the importance of extended mediation training for judicial officers and lawyers who seek to assist the court in settling cases.
  • Implement additional programs in all manners of practice that encourage the lowering of court time and costs.



Profession:Family Law attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Professional,+ major experience in real-estate/ business & public defender
Attorney/Principal, Family Law Offices of Renee M. Marcelle (self employed) (1992–current)
Real Estate Broker, Total Real Estate Services (TRES) (Self employed) (1990–2010)
Project Manager, R.D.S. Company (1988–1991)
Assistant Corporate Counsel (avp), IMCO Realty Services Inc. (formerly known as Wells Fargo Mortgage Company) (1986–1989)


University of Seattle, formerly referred to as the University of Puget Sound Juris Doctor JD, Law (1983)
University of Washington Cum Laude Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (1979)

Community Activities

Co-Founder & President INGO, Journey Home Foundation (2010–current)
Supervisor for high school interns, speaker, Chicken Soup Mitzva , Jewish Family and Children CNTR (2014–current)
Chairperson, Oversight Committee for Kentfield School District Measure D bond funds (2015–current)
Pro-Bono Attorney, Legal Aide of Marin (1995–current)
Rotarian and active board member of Rotary, Marin County Rotary, Terra Linda 4 years and Sausalito 4 years (1994–2004)


I bring a wide spectrum of expertise and have advanced training and experience in dispute resolution.  This experience will boost settlement of court cases and reduce the use of limited court resources.  My experience includes:

·         Hundreds of Successful Criminal Jury & Bench Trials

·         24 years in Civil and Family Law Litigation

·         Trusted & Qualified Legal Counsel for Minors & Children with Special Needs & Learning Disabilities      

·         Collaborative Practice that has settled numerous disputes, without resorting to court litigation

·         Experienced and Highly Trained Mediator  

·         Corporate Law

·         Appeals Court Litigation

·         Real Estate Broker

·         Project Management of Commercial & Residential Properties   

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Featured Endorsements

  • Daniel E. Leech, Administrative Law Judge; Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner 1976-present
  • Carole Dillon Knutson, Former Novato City Mayor and Council Member, Current Novato Sanitary District Director
  • Anne Lamott, New York Times Best Selling Author

Organizations (1)

  • Farm House Local

Elected Officials (2)

  • Barbara Heller, Former San Rafael City Council Member
  • Sandra Bushmaker, Esq. Former Sausalito Mayor

Individuals (202)

  • Kare Anderson, Two time Emmy Award Journalism Winner
  • Barkin, Jenna
  • Ash, Issac
  • Arnold, Mary
  • Ames, Lisa
  • Amarista, Saul
  • Adams, Linda Kay
  • Abbassi, Ayran JD
  • Mary-Jane de Wolf-Smith; Family Service Agency
  • Gatrill, Susan
  • Garbo, Greg
  • Gard, Karen
  • Ewing, Shawn
  • Egan, Holly
  • Elberta, Ericsson
  • Endres, Marie
  • Earle, Amy
  • Earle, John
  • Dueng, Lan
  • Devero, Anne
  • Dafoe, Pat
  • Cutcomb, Forest
  • Crawshaw, James; Fire Dept Captain
  • Currie, Mary
  • Cooke, Glenn
  • Cortez, Laura
  • Coleman, Delores
  • Clark, Nancy
  • Clay, Peter
  • Chinlund, Serena
  • Clark, Megan
  • Chinlund, Richard, CPA
  • Casanova, Daniel
  • Carey, Regina
  • Caramatti, Constantino
  • Cannon, Sandra
  • Campbell, Mary Sue
  • Caleshu, Jennifer
  • Bussell, Louise
  • Butler, Carol
  • Burch, Gary
  • Brown, Mary E.
  • Briggs, Randy
  • Brewer, Gina
  • Brebner, Ann
  • Boy, Carla
  • Buscho, Jan
  • Bull, Candice
  • Bourque, Carla
  • Block, Maureen
  • Blankenburg, Gordon
  • Bishop, Ozlem P.
  • Betic, Anke
  • Bernardini, Anthony
  • Bergguist, Ed
  • Bennet, Joseph
  • Bear, Sandy
  • Bauman, Heinz
  • Garaman, Paul
  • Gaffney, Marie
  • Fritzlan, Larry
  • Fraeser, Neil
  • Frechette, Lisa
  • Fisher, Natalee
  • Fouchaux, Judith
  • Figuerero, Leonel
  • Farrell, Molly
  • Falla-Firkins, Jennifer
  • Falla, Alva
  • Ewing, Katerina
  • Groszmann, Rita Ph.D.
  • Green, Natasha
  • Greene, Charles Jr.
  • Greene, Tyler
  • Greene, Nadja
  • Gretchman, Adrienne
  • Grara, Charlotte
  • Graham, Molly
  • Graham, Ross Dr.
  • George, Michael Patrick
  • Gillespie, James
  • Gibson, Diana
  • Gibson, Claudia
  • Geldfeld, Karin
  • Walsh, David
  • Walker, Jennifer
  • Von Franque, Otto MD
  • Valentine, Raylene Alarcon
  • Tucker, Melanie
  • Tencer, Marylisa
  • Teegarden, Mary
  • Talley, Delores
  • Taylor, Bonnie
  • Sullivan, Angie
  • Stonesifer, Eric
  • Sonesifer, Angela
  • Simonini, Carole
  • Simon, Sandra
  • Shrestha, Gaju
  • Sharpe, Ronnie
  • Rowan, Michael
  • Louis Napoli ESQ; Family Law Attorney
  • Martin Malkin ESQ; Real Estate and Estate Attorney
  • Douglas Kahn ESQ; Employment Law Attorney
  • Karen Kissell ESQ; Civil Litigation Attorney
  • Ayanna Jenkins-Toney ESQ; Family Law Attorney
  • Joe Hoffman, ESQ; Civil Litigation Attorney
  • John Gulick ESQ; Civil and Business Attorney
  • David Gilbert ESQ; Real Estate Attorney
  • Nick Gaffney ESQ; Zumada Promotions
  • Fraiser Stephen ESQ; Family and Civil Law
  • Natalee Fisher ESQ; Family and Civil Law
  • Elizabeth Dupar ESQ; Family Law Attorney
  • Susan Brubeck ESQ; Real Estate Attorney
  • Claudia Brisson ESQ; Civil Litigation Attorney
  • Sandra Bushmaker ESQ; Family Law Attorney
  • Ryan, Nicole
  • Ruell, Nancy
  • Rosenfeld, David
  • Rose, Greg
  • Ronnie, Sharpe
  • Reynolds, Joan
  • Reid, Mason
  • Redko, Kristine
  • Randolf, Angelica
  • Ramage, Mary
  • Ragsdale, Christina
  • Preston, Tim
  • Preisinger, Michael
  • Polizziani, Lara
  • Pitot, Jannick
  • Patterson, Gail
  • Pagano, Patrice
  • Nordbye, Mesa
  • Nikolopoulus, Lisa
  • Nance, Tammera
  • Nance, Andy
  • Munos, J. Raquel
  • Murphy,, Nancy
  • Moseman, Don
  • Morand, Cherl
  • Morales, Armando
  • Monson, David
  • Millett, Christine
  • Mitsch, Gemma
  • Mimms, Nancy
  • Miller, Kathy
  • Miller, Elona
  • Miller, Dawn
  • McCullough, Katie
  • Mason, Garrett
  • Luis, Ronald P.
  • Luis, Robert
  • Lopez, Lamott, Annette
  • Lopez, Rachael
  • Lopez, Michael
  • Lindelli, Catherine
  • Le, Kim T.
  • Levi, Peter
  • Lautzker, Larry The Hat
  • Lane, Valerie
  • Lamott, Stevo
  • Lamott, Anne
  • Lamott, Samuel J. S.
  • Levitan, Emily
  • Kitchens, Colin Michael
  • King, Mary Louise
  • Kim, Mary Ann, Ph.D
  • Kelly, Kevin
  • Kirk, Connie
  • Kardel, Deana
  • Kahn, Kara
  • Jackson, Richard
  • Jackson, Michelle
  • Hudson, Cecillia
  • Hill, Angela
  • Hester, Amy
  • Hess, Jesse
  • Herring, Norman
  • Hereford, Melissa
  • Hensley, Linda
  • Helmer, Kathleen
  • Hayes, Joseph T.
  • Hauke, Julie
  • Hassan, Gloria
  • Hampton, Tyler
  • Hammond, Sandra
  • Gurung, Bikash
  • Guard, Karen
  • Grossman, Jennifer Eve
  • David Simonini ESQ; Civil Litigation Attorney
  • Christina Sherman ESQ; Family Law Attorney
  • Andrew Barlett, ESQ; Community Immigration Attorney
  • Villa, Jeanne
  • William Veen ESQ; Civil Litigation Attorney
  • Michael Patrick George, Delta Watermaster
  • Megan Clark, Terra Linda Sanitary District Director

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

My decisiveness, strong negotiating skills, and business and financial acumen give me a particular edge in problem solving and decision making in complex situations.  I have performed untold bench and jury trials, particularly as a Rule 9 public defender.

I have also been very active in civic service, which keeps me connected to our community.  These include:

·         Settlement panelist for County of Marin Civil and Family law cases

·         Extensive Volunteer for the Family Law Center, for persons with low and moderate income

·         Two Time Recipient of the Wiley W. Manuel Pro-Bono Award for Legal Aid

·         Committee Chair, Kentfield $30M School Bond Oversight Committee

·         Volunteer and mentor for Jewish Family and Children’s Services

o   Marin County Boards and Service Organizations

o   Co-Founder & President of INGO Journey Home, which addresses human trafficking and bonded labor in Nepal and an awareness campaign in Marin County

o   Board Experience includes:


        Marin County Bar Association

        Collaborative Practitioners Marin

        Co-Chair, California Collaborative Practice Committee

        National Women’s Political Caucus

        Marin State Delegate for NWPC

        Wednesday Morning Dialogue Group

        Marin’s non-partisan Women’s Political Pack

My education and work experience reflect a comprehensive knowledge and expertise to be an effectual judge.  I have numerous trial successes and my firm, having been a top 3 winner in the Recorder’s Bay area for Family Law Practice in 2015, show my commitment to the community I serve.  I am an avid listener, compassionate and kind, yet can be quite assertive and stern, should the need arise.  I am the “common sense voice” we need as a Marin County Judge.   

Position Papers

Renee Marcelle's Judicial Philosophy


What is Renee’s judicial philosophy?


A judicial activist has been defined as one who: 

  • Overturns voter-passed initiatives and laws passed by the state legislature, simply because they may personally have a different belief system.
  • May twist the law to rationalize decisions imposing their own moral codes, political beliefs and secular values in an effort to reshape our society and promote social engineering and that destroys the separation of powers
  • Seeks to impose their personal beliefs on certain issues, regardless of law. 

I would not be a judicial activist as defined in the foregoing.

I would overturn unconstitutional laws as written or overrule the application of a particular law in a particular case if unconstitutional as applied to that particular set of facts.  

The balance of powers in our government provide for the executive function, the legislative function and the judiciary which tasks are to ensure that the laws are the will of the people and that they are consistent with the United States Constitution and the California Constitution.


A traditionalist philosophy is one that applies the law to the facts in a very literal fashion, and does not take into account the fluidity of our changing mores, technology and times.

I am also not a traditionalist.  

My judicial philosophy will take into account the fluidity of our changing mores, technology and times. That along with my keen ability to perspective take, based upon my working class up-bringing, personal experiences, and community service coupled with my “Survivor” instincts, exemplary ethical reputation and keen sense of fairness for all, in every situation.


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