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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
Party Committee

Sacramento County Democratic Party — Democratic PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Supervisorial District 3

Photo of Nicolas Loret De Mola

Nicolas Loret De Mola

Legislative Analyst
7,050 votes (8.11%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Community-Based Governance - The Party must ensure that governance starts at the community level
  • Accessibility - The Party must stand for the voting rights of all, and that all populations are able to vote
  • Equity - Resources must be spread to all communities equally, this is a social and economic necessity



Profession:Deputy Director of the California Workforce Association
Deputy Director, California Workforce Association (2013–current)


Nick Loret de Mola is Deputy Director of the California Workforce Association.  After nearly two decades in management and sales, he changed course to the field of workforce development, where he serves as an analyst and advocate for effective workforce and economic legislation and policies.  He is involved in transportation, community building and workforce development in Sacramento County, and is a proud husband and father of two.

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Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Government is a necessity, and can be an instrument for the growth of all citizens, but it is being misused.  And the perpetrators of this misuse are the people at the top of the two party system who feed the citizens and media with pseudo-stories and vague "battles" to distract and deter people from the decisions that block prosperity for the majority and ensure overabundant prosperity for a select few.

These are the top five pieces of my political philosophy:

The first piece of any constructive political philosophy must be the inclusion of the parties affected by the political decisions that are made.  Therefore, the people must be included.  All steps must be taken to ensure maximum inclusion of the citizens.  Indeed, that must be the first priority of government.  Meetings that occur during working hours, for example, or meetings held behind closed doors, are unacceptable.

Second must be the organization of input to the political process by the citizens, which means that the second priority of government must be ensuring that resources are given to communities to foster their own empowerment and political will.

Third, engagement between stakeholders with differing ideas.  Trained facilitators can help bring about common ground, and ideas that work in benefit to the community at large, not just the majority opinion.  Discussions and debates on issues must be fact-based and robust.  Personal attacks cannot be tolerated.

Fourth, freedom from fear.  Citizens cannot be one injury or illness away from complete financial ruin, and businesses cannot be expected to continue the idiotic concept of paying for their employees' health care.  Single payer healthcare is the only option that makes sense.  Citizens must be able to do what they want to do in the privacy of their own homes, so long as they are not injuring other people nor trampling on their freedoms.  Therefore, all activities that fall under this statement must be legalized, with current funding that goes to prosecuting these crimes being reinvested into mental health and substance abuse programs.  

Fifth, education decisions must not only be made locally, but must incorporate technology so that individual students can be put on their own track to success.  Student participation in politics should be mandatory, and a month before each election should be spent with students going over the issues from the campaigns.


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