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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election

City of Long BeachCandidate for City Council, District 2Runoff

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Eric Gray

Small Business Owner
5,384 votes (48.55%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Parking: Parking in the 2nd Council District is a mess. I will develop targeted parking solutions for our many neighborhoods, including new parking structures, expanding overnight parking, and use the Alamitos Beach Parking Task Force as a model.
  • Public Safety: Illegal drugs in our parks, neighborhoods, and near our schools must be eliminated. I will work with our public safety officials to target these crimes, increase our police and fire resources, and bolster our community policing efforts
  • Economic Development: I will work to attract and retain small businesses and bring more middle class jobs. I’ll focus on connecting corridors and creating a collaborative atmosphere in City Hall that is business, labor, and environmentally friendly.



Profession:Small Business Owner, ITO Solutions
Small Business Owner, ITO Solutions (2008–current)


Towson University Bachelor , Liberal Arts/Science (1997)

Community Activities

President, Downtown Residential Council (2016–current)
Co-Founder , Historic Pine Avenue (HOPA) Business Association (2014–current)
Co- Founder, Long Beach Music Council (2010–current)
Member, Friends of Bixby Park (2014–current)
Member, Long Beach Democratic Club (2014–current)

Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (14)

  • Vaughan Risher, Long Beach Music Council, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • United Association of Steamfitters, Welders, and Refrigeration Fitters Industry (UA), Local 250
  • United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers, & Allied Workers Union, Local 36
  • United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 78
  • Southern California Pipe Trades District Council 16
  • Sierra Club Long Beach
  • Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 105
  • International Union of Heat and Frost Insulators, Local 5.
  • Iron Workers Local 433
  • Iron Workers Local 416
  • Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund
  • Long Beach Lifeguard Association
  • Long Beach Police Officers Association

Elected Officials (10)

  • John Allen, Water Replenishment District 3
  • Val Lerch, Former Vice Mayor of Long Beach
  • Larry Forester, Mayor of Signal Hill
  • Dianne T McNinch, Past President Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees
  • Betty Karnette, Former Assemblymember and State Senator
  • Bob Foster, Former Mayor of Long Beach
  • Patrick O'Donnell, Assemblymember
  • Dee Andrews, 6th District Councilmember
  • Lena Gonzalez, 1st District Councilmember
  • Suzie Price, 3rd District Councilmember

Individuals (218)

  • Clay Sandidge, Muni-Fed Energy
  • Jim Danno, Willmore City
  • Jamellah Terrell, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Mike Shaknovich, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • David Cannon, DLBA Executive Committee
  • William Thomas, Founding Member, Friends of L.B. Municipal Band
  • Trinka Rowsell, Non Profit Consultant
  • Tony Parise, Past President, North Pine Neighborhood Alliance
  • Tony Diaz, Past President, Teachers Association Long Beach (TALB)
  • Shy But Flyy, Long Beach Musician
  • Steven Rice, Long Beach Attorney
  • Steve Kochan, Long Beach Tech
  • Shea Newkirk, Co-Founder Long Beach Music Council
  • Patty Allen, President, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
  • Ofelia Rivera, Green Long Beach, Foodscape Long Beach
  • Nancy Foster, Former 1st Lady of Long Beach
  • Mary Sramek
  • Marsha Ganem, Downtown Resident
  • Logan Crow, Event Planner and Arts Leader
  • Keir Jones, LGBT Chamber of Commerce
  • Justin Potier, PREPA Long Beach
  • Julie Maleki, Chief of Staff Suzie Price
  • Josephine Molina and Heather Rudy
  • Jewell Faamaligi, Long Beach Music Council
  • Jerry Caligiuri, Assembly District 70 Delegate
  • Jake Quiroz
  • Isaac Romero, Former Field Deputy for Mayor Robert Garcia
  • Herlinda Chico, President, Democratic Women's Study Club
  • Gordana Kajer, Bluff Park Resident
  • Gina Herrera, Former President, North Pine Neighborhood Alliance
  • Eric Leocadio
  • Eric Bradley, Assembly District 70 Delegate
  • Doug Kurtz, Artist
  • Dan and Beverly Mulherin
  • Burt Griswold, Artist and Musician
  • April Barnes, Long Beach CALL Non Profit
  • Steve Equality Gallagher, Human Relations Commission, 2nd District Resident
  • Rick McGilton-McGlamery, Long Beach Civil Service Commissioner
  • Kathleen Irvine, Long Beach Sustainable City Commissioner
  • Joe Ganem, Homeless Services Advisory Committee
  • Elliot Gonzales, Long Beach Sustainable City Commissioner
  • DW Ferrell, Technology and Innovation Commission
  • Chris Coronado, Airport Commission
  • Alan Burks, Chair Long Beach Cultural Heritage Commission
  • Varoujan Shekerdemian, Manager at Shannons
  • Vizal Samreth, Owner of Academy, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Tiffany Yelverton, Owner of Entice Me
  • Sophia Sandoval, Owner of 4th Street Vine
  • Son Ly and Julie Do, DoLy's Delectables
  • Ron and Riley Hodges, Shannon's on Pine
  • Richard Leighton, Owner of Richie's Toys and Gifts, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Phil Appleby, Appleby Property Management
  • Norma Campi, Owner of Aji Peruvian & P3 Artisan Pasta
  • Nicoleta Simionescu, AllWays Financial Services, Inc.
  • Nancy Downs, Downs Property
  • Michael Barber, Paradise Piano Bar and Restaurant
  • Max Viltz, Owner of Village Treasures, Downtown Resident
  • Lauren Lilly, Owner of Yellow 108
  • Kelli Koller, Owner of Seventh Wave Surf Shop
  • Keith Krupp, The Kap Agency
  • John Barnes, Silver Fox
  • Jim Ritson, Owner of 4th Street Vine
  • Jessie Howard, East Village Investments, LLC
  • Jeff Darling, Owner of Mineshaft & Brit Bar
  • George Riveras, Owner of Riveras
  • Gary Muir, Owner of The Stave
  • Gabriel J. Zaragoza, Law Offices of Gabriel J. Zaragoza, PC
  • Gabrielle Canale, Owner of Rain Dance
  • Eric Hatch, President, LaunderPet
  • Eduardo Campi, Owner of Aji Peruvian & P3 Artisan Pasta
  • DW Ferrell, Owner of MADE in Long Beach
  • Chris Reece, Owner of The Pike Bar
  • Adrian Amosa, Owner of Gaucho Grill and Allegria
  • Aaron Duckett, Duck Group Real Estate
  • William Cwiklo, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Weston Labar, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Wendy Watson, Downtown Resident
  • Von Jonnie, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Trina Schoonmaker, Alamitos Beach Resident, Pacific Homeowners Association
  • Todd Davis, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Tim Yi, Downtown Resident
  • Tim Pounders, Rose Park Resident
  • Tim Aldrete, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Tiara Simmons, Downtown Resident
  • Shayla Dunfee, Downtown Resident
  • Solange Kaye Marie Igoa, Musician in Bearcoon
  • Susan Moffett Barrick, Rose Park Resident
  • Sergio Pergola, Downtown Resident
  • Sean Laughlin, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Scott Nantell, Carroll Park Resident
  • Sal Flores, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Robin Rimorin, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Richard Baronsen, Downtown Resident
  • Rhonda Huber, Downtown Resident
  • Renee Tanner, Downtown Resident and Artist
  • Rebecca Quinn, East Village Resident
  • Rebecca Traficanto, Former Secretary of the Downtown Residential Council
  • Rachel Star Albright, Musician in MOVE, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Prash Katta, Downtown Resident
  • Peter Becket Kuhl, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Paul Klapka, Downtown Resident
  • Pat Mills, Downtown Resident
  • Nicolas Zart, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Nick White, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Nia Bankston, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Moki Arturo Castaneda, Downtown Resident
  • Mimi Masher, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Mikle Norton, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Miguel Solorio, Rose Park Resident
  • Miguel Gomez, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Michael Salemi, Carroll Park Resident
  • Melissa Rosno, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Matthew Miller, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Mark Vinton, Downtown Resident
  • Margarita Gajicki, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Manisha Merchant & Nisheeth Singh, Downtown Residents
  • Lori Rivera-Scott, Alamitos Beach Resident, Owner of 4th and Elm
  • Leslie Davis, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Leonardo Howry, Downtown Resident
  • Larry Isler, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Lacey Adams, Downtown Resident
  • Kenny McBride, East Village Resident and Artist
  • Kenneth Gomez, Downtown Resident
  • Keith Kennedy, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Kaylin Cannon, Downtown Resident
  • Katherine Kelton, Downtown Resident
  • Karel Bouley, Rose Park Resident
  • Karen Hamilton, Downtown Resident
  • Justin Ostrout, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Julie Nemechek, Downtown Resident
  • Juan Coronado, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Jovanna Ortega, Downtown Resident
  • Joshua Yeagley, Yeagley Designs, Former Prince of the Imperial Court
  • Joshua Michael Orr, Downtown Resident
  • Jon Zell Musician in MOVE, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Huffman, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Christian Hansen, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Blasco, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Barnes, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • John Apodaca, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Joe Bradley, Owner of Long Beach Pedi Cab, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Jay Young, Downtown Resident
  • Heather Kern, Alamitos Beach Resident, MADE in Long Beach
  • Harry Sumako, East Village Resident
  • Greg Jenkins, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Glenn Agoncillo, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Giselle Crow, Rose Park Resident
  • Giovanna Maria LaDuca, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Gigi Acevedo, Rose Park Resident
  • Gel Nunez, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Geronimo Quitoriano, East Village Resident
  • Famious Stephenson, Downtown Resident
  • Eve Lunt, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Eric Santonil, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Eric Johnson, Downtown Resident
  • Eric Higley, Downtown Resident
  • Eric Carr, Past President, Promenade Area Residents Association and Downtown Residential Council
  • Emilio Lopez, DJ Yellow, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Elden Doloroso, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Elan Sudberg, Rose Park Resident
  • Eddie Murphy, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Dino Dimeo, Downtown Resident
  • Dennis Weber, Downtown Resident
  • Denise Dube, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Deanna Tan, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Dawn Bello, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • David Scott, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • David Perram, Bluff Heights Resident
  • David Fernandez, Bluff Heights Resident
  • David Cordova, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Dave Sandhu, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Darren Held, Bluff Heights Resident
  • Dan Norman, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Damon Lawrence, Rose Park Resident, Founder Long Beach Grocery Coop
  • Cookie Braude, Downtown Resident
  • Colin Ming, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Chris Howry, Downtown Resident
  • Cheryl Crowe, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Charles Barrick, Rose Park Resident
  • Carolyn Burns, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Cameron Jacques, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Brooke Davis, North Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Brandon Thomas, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Aubrey Moorer, Downtown Resident
  • Anne Profit, East Village Resident
  • Anna Schoendorfer, East Village Resident and Artist
  • Anita Sinclair, Bluff Heights Resident, Art Coordinator at Bixby Park
  • Andrew Palomino, Downtown Resident
  • Andrea Walker, Musician in Bearcoon
  • Ana Maria Sanchez, Rose Park Resident
  • Alvaro Toro, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Abel Silva, Downtown Resident
  • Aaron Goddu, Alamitos Beach Resident
  • Yvonne Arnold, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Sidney Cramer, Co-President, On Broadway Business Association
  • Ruth Lozano, Board Member, Friends of Bixby Park
  • Peter Johnson, Past President, Promenade Area Residents Association
  • Mike Dunfee, Past President, Downtown Residential Council
  • Michelle Arend-Ekhoff, Craftsman Village Neighborhood Association
  • Michael Wylie, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Melissa Escalante, Event Chair, Downtown Residential Council
  • Mary Simmons, President, AOC7
  • Lora Kermode, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Lisa Marie Harris, Craftsman Village Neighborhood Association
  • Kirk and Tara Saylin, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Keir Jones, Co-President, On Broadway Business Association
  • John Thomas, President, Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Joe Piv, Vice President, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Jim Goodin, President, Ocean Residents Community Association
  • Jeff Anderson, Past President, Rose Park Neighborhood Association
  • Javier Ortiz, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Gary Chomiak, On Broadway Business Association
  • Elisa McConnehea, Past President, Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Doug Sambrano, Historic Pine Avenue Business Association
  • Dennis Herbert, Rose Park Neighborhood Association
  • David Clement, President, North Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Chas Escalante, Vice President, Downtown Residential Council
  • Bob Kelton, Vice President, Ocean Resident Community Association

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