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June 7, 2016 — California Primary Election
Party Committee

San Diego County Democratic Party — Democratic PartyCandidate for County Central Committee, Assembly District 76

Photo of Michael R. Bullock

Michael R. Bullock

15,797 votes (14.2%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Transportation Policy to Achieve Climate-Stabilizing Targets
  • Nearly Full Employment toTransition to a Clean Economy
  • Less Income Inequality, Equal Opportunity, Strong Unions, A Strong Middle Class, A Living Wage for All, Diversity and Inclusion, Women's Rights, Fiscal Responsibility



Profession:Retired Satellite Systems Engineer
Member, San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee — Elected position (2012–current)
Satellite Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin (1971–2007)


Lamar University, University of Texas El Paso Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Masters of Science Engineering (MSE), Electrical Engineering, Control Systems (1969)


Mike Bullock has a BSEE from Lamar University and a Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso. He worked as a satellite systems engineer for most of his 36 years in the aerospace industry, where his work included systems integration, requirement verification, and the on-orbit estimation of antenna alignments to improve pointing performance. For most of the last eight years, he has worked as the Transportation Chair for a local Chapter of a well-known environmental organization. He has presented three papers to the Air and Waste Management Association on climate and transportation. He is a quest lecturer at UCSD on climate and transportation. He has contributed most of the content of the California Democratic Party's Platform within its Transportation Sub-plank. (See and scroll down to "Transportation". ) He is married, a cyclist, and a Masters Swimmer, with two daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Richard L. Duquette, Attorney at Law since 1983
  • San Diego County Democratic Party North County Vice Chair Don Greene

Elected Officials (2)

  • Oceanside City Council Member Esther Sanchez
  • Oceanside Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery

Individuals (1)

  • San Diego County Democratic Party Chair Francine Busby

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Government's primary responsibility is to protect our health and safety, while preserving our freedom. There will be no health, safety, or freedom if our climate is destabilized, meaning that the climate system's positive feedbacks become overwhelming, leading to our planet losing most of its current life forms, including our own species. This has been called going past the climate tipping point; also runaway climate change. The June issue of Scientific American, back in year 2008, described this as a "devastating collapse of the human population." Since 2008, things have mostly gotten worse. Governor Brown told the Pope that, "humanity must reverse course or face extinction". The "reverse course" must be converted to climate-stabilizing targets and plans must be created and executed to achieve those targets. In doing this, Goverment must protect our freedom and lift up the disadvantaged. It can be done.

Position Papers

A Plan to Efficiently and Conveniently Unbundle Car Parking Costs



A Plan to Efficiently and Conveniently Unbundle Car Parking Costs

Air and Waste Management Association Paper 2010-A-554-AWMA

Seven goals of Intelligent Parking are listed. Eleven definitions and concepts, that together define Intelligent Parking, are described. This includes a method to compute a baseline price of parking and how to adjust that price instantaneously to keep the vacancy above 15% (“Congestion Pricing”). An implementation strategy is described.

Read the paper at URL:

Climate-Stabilizing, California Light-Duty Vehicle Requirements, Versus Air Resource Board Goals




An Introduction shows the importance of light-duty vehicles (LDVs: cars and light duty trucks) and a definition of the top-level LDV requirements to limit their carbon dioxide emissions.


Anthropogenic climate change fundamentals are presented.


A 2030 climate-stabilizing GHG reduction target value is calculated, using statements by climate experts. The formula for emissions, as a function of per-capita driving, population, fleet CO2 emissions per mile, and the applicable low-carbon fuel standard is given. The ratio of the 2015 value of car-emission-per-mile to the 2005 value of car-emission-per-mile is obtained.


Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) mileage values from 2000 to 2030 are identified. A table is presented that estimates 2015 LDV fleet mileage.


Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) parameters are given. A table is shown that uses 2030 ZEV and ICE (ICE LDVs) requirements, named the “Heroic Measures” case, to compute the LDV fleet-equivalent mileage. That mileage is used, with population and the required emission reduction, to compute a required per-capita driving reduction, with respect to 2005. Measures to achieve this per-capita driving reduction are described. The energy used per year for the Heroic Measures case is estimated

The “Heroic Measures” set of fractions of ZEV’s purchased, as a function of year, is compared to the CARB goals.

Please request the AWMA paper from Mike Bullock:

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