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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

City of OrovilleCandidate for City Council

Photo of Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson

Pastor/Business Owner
1,723 votes (13.36%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • My first priority is doing what is within my power to help our local businesses to grow and new businesses to start. Business growth brings city revenue and jobs. I don’t want my boys to have to move out of town in order to find a good job.
  • We must think ten or more years ahead for the future of our town. This means, doing what we can as a city to help our children. This boils down to their education and our fiscal responsibility.
  • Public safety is essential if businesses and families are going to have the chance to thrive. I will work with our police and fire to find creative ways to get more boots on the streets and greater public participation.



I was born in a rural town in Idaho in 1978.  My family was contractors and my father was owned a custom cabinet shop.  I learned this trade at a young age.  After graduating from high school I began pursuing ministry and graduated from a Bible seminary and traveled the world with my wife planting churches, teaching in Bible Institutes and volunteering at drug rehab centers.  My wife and I lived a couple years in Vladivostok Russia where we helped establish three churches and a Bible institute.  We returned to the United States to start a family and help a small church in Sonoma California.  To support my family I opened my own custom cabinet shop and was able to hire a couple employees as the business began to grow and word spread.  Because of the quality of our work and the way we operated our business, we were able to survive following the economic struggle of 2008.  Our reputation grew pretty quickly and I was soon building full sets of cabinets for 3 million dollar homes in the mountains of Marin County and San Francisco.  In 2014 I decided to shut down the cabinet shop and move to Oroville with my wife and two sons to help replant a struggling church.  I fell in love with the town right away and became connected with many amazing people in town.  Knowing I would be planting my roots in Oroville, I began considering the future of our town and what options my kids would have after graduating from high school.  Would they want to stay in Oroville?  Would there be good jobs and a place for them to stay?  Would they need to move away to find a good career?  These questions drove me to look into our city’s politics and business support systems.  After much deliberation I began asking local business men to run for City Council and even held a meeting with the Mayor to get business and “growth minded” people in City Council.  Four key business men that I wanted to run for City Council came back to me and said that they could not but felt as I was the person for the task and pledged their support if I did run.  Therefore, I am now running for this office.  I do not consider myself a politician, however I do know what it is like to start and run a business and I have a heavy burden for the future of our town.  I want to see this beautiful town become the gem it was always supposed to be.  I believe our town is at a crucial time in its history and, with the right people in City Council, our little town will become the place where families and businesses can thrive once again.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

I am: pro-small government, pro-second amendment, pro-life, pro-immigration reform, pro-freedom of speech, pro-freedom of religion (as long as it doesn’t involve cutting off an infidel’s head), anti-Sharia law, pro-business growth among others.  I believe that today, a growing number of Americans are becoming entitled in their mentality towards the government.  I am more old school in my philosophy and believe in hard work, sacrifice and a good honest dollars wage.  I live on a small fixed income and understand what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck.  I know what it is like to look for loose change in my car to buy food for my wife and I.  No matter what financial situation I have found myself in, I do not think I am owed anything by my government.  I feel a responsobility to leave something better for the following generations. 

Although I think California is a land of opportunity still, it is also a difficult place for a small businesses to grow.  With the many restrictions and policies in place, it creates an environment where franchises, with deep pockets, thrive while the little guy is swallowed up by bureaucratic red tape and fees.  I would like to be an advocate in our City government for all good business growth, both big and small companies.  We need large corporations but also need to protect and encourage our small local businesses and start-up companies.  I do not believe it is the government’s responsibility to create jobs.  I believe the government should serve and protect fair business practices.  I believe in fiscal responsibility, individually and as a nation.  I believe it wrong to pass debt on to our next generation.  These values are not merely a manufactured political platform for me; these have been my values for years and will carry with me where ever I go.  These values affect my home life and will affect my decisions in City Council.

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