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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

City of Simi ValleyCandidate for City Council

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Ken Sandberg

Firearms Dealer
7,408 votes (8.84%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Change
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Emergency Preparedness (CERT)



CSUN BS, Computer Science (1990)
Pierce College A.S., Computer Technology (1984)
Pierce College A.S., Computer Programming (1984)


My background is with computers, as well as a small business owner. I have experience in programming. system administration and hardware repair. This gives me experience in troubleshooting and determining what the real problem is, not just symptoms. I have also been a FFL (firearms dealer) since 1993, which the required paperwork requires an attention to detail to ensure that everything is correct.

I am a Ham radio operator and volunteer for emergency communications. I see the need for a real CERT (Community Emergency Reponse Team, not just training) in Simi Valley with monthly meetings for continued educate and to keep people involved.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

People need to understand the role of government. It is not about what you can get out of the government. Far too often people think that the government should do far more than is intended.

I am not accepting campaign donations because it creates conflicts of interest, as has been shown in the past, even though they claim it is not a conflict of interest. It should be easy for people to see what the donation are, especially as topics are brought up for discussion.

Those elected are supposed to represent you, the residents of the City, yet if you look at it that does not seem to be the case. You can speak before the Council and be actively ignored for 3 minutes, but you can not demand answers to your questions. That needs to change. As a candidate I can ask questions of the City and get answers, so why not you?

Position Papers

Role of Government


What is the role of government?

I think that it is important for people to consider what the role of government is.

Far too often people think that government should do what they want, even if it is not legal. There are a couple examples of this. I was talking to a person who complained that the City allowed Walmart to open even though they had a petition with thousands of signatures saying that people did not want it. The problem is that the government is supposed to follow the rules, which is to approve projects, not based on specific companies or people involved. For the City to deny a business to open based not on the project would be violating the rules and violating the rules is corruption.

Another example is in regards to Donuts Plus and Dunkin Donuts. Under what basis would the City have to deny a business to open in Simi Valley at a specific location? The project would have to be unacceptable, not because there is another business in the same shopping center. A business should have a non-compete clause in their lease and a landlord should not allow a competing business to come in to the same shopping center, but unethical is not always illegal nor does it give the City the right to get involved. Residents should vote with their feet in cases like this, but should not expect the City to violate the rules to do what they want.

When you see those running for office offering to give you free stuff, consider that one of the signs of the downfall of a democracy is when people realize that they can vote stuff for themselves. Yes, I know we are a representative democracy, not a true democracy.

If someone is running for office is saying that they are going to do something which is not the role of government, do everyone a favor and vote for someone else.

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