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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

City of AlhambraCandidate for City Council, District 3

Photo of Mark Alan Nisall

Mark Alan Nisall

Retired Court Manager
4,623 votes (26.87%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Affordable housing for middle class working families and lower income individuals.
  • Responsible development not overdevelopment.
  • Greater transparency in our local government.



Profession:Retired Court Manager
Court Manager, Los Angeles County Superior Court (2006–2010)
Judicial Assistant, Los Angeles County Superior Court (1986–2006)
Deputy Marshal, Santa Barbara County Marshal's Office (1979–1983)
Administrative Account Specialist, International Business Machines Corporation (1977–1978)


University of California at Santa Barbara Bachelor Of Arts, Economics (1977)

Community Activities

Training Coordinator, Alhambra Fire Department's Community Emergency Response Team (2011–current)

Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (2)

  • Alhambra Democratic Club
  • I-Chinese American Political Action Committee

Individuals (3)

  • Former Alhambra City Council Member Efren Moreno
  • Former Alhambra City Council Candidate Eric Sunada
  • Alhambra Unified School District Board Member Adele Andrade-Stadler

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Position Paper


Los Angeles County Democratic Party Candidate Questionnaire




Name of Candidate: Mark A. Nisall                      Name of Office Sought & District/Seat Number: Alhambra City Council in the Third Council District               


Candidate Questionnaire


In order to focus on specific questions pertaining to the office you are seeking, please provide written answers to the questions below (please use a separate page if necessary):


  1. Why are you running?

    I believe that we need to change the priorities of our local government so they align more closely with the needs of our city and the people who live here. My objective is to ensure that the council and the city are prepared to effectively meet the challenges of the present and those of the future. I bring honesty, integrity and transparency to the voters in my district and the City of Alhambra. I will remain the independent candidate accountable only to the people I will serve. As a member of the Alhambra City Council, I will always endeavor to represent the interests of my constituents first.                                        


  2. What are your top issues?

    PUBLIC SAFETY:                                                                                                                                                   

    I support increased funding and staffing for the Alhambra Police Department and the Alhambra Fire Department with an emphasis on emergency preparedness.


    I oppose new high density residential development projects which fail to provide more affordable housing for our middle class working families.


    I support the establishment of a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in the Alhambra School District to fight the epidemic use of drugs by our kids.


    I oppose the tunnel option for the 710 Freeway project. The high costs for construction, long time period until completion, and environmental dangers make this proposed extension an unrealistic solution to our traffic and pollution problems. I support the "Beyond The 710 Proposal" at:


    I oppose the outrageous medical benefits granted to members of the Alhambra City Council which costs the City of Alhambra more than $100,000.00 per year. If elected, I will waive my medical benefits.           


  3. Why are you a Democrat? 

    I believe in the core principles, ideals and beliefs of the Democratic Party.                                                    



  4. How long have you been a registered Democrat?  Have you been registered as a member of another political party?  If so, which party and why?

    I have been a registered Democrat since 1992. Prior to 1992, I was a registered Republican. As a younger adult, I was far more conservative in my beliefs. As I grew older, my beliefs became far more moderate and liberal.                                                                                                                                                                



  5. How often have you voted in previous elections?

    I have voted in every presidential election year since 1972 when I first became eligible to vote. I have missed very few opportunities to vote in non-presidential election years.                                                       



  6.  How long have you lived in the district for which you are running?

    I have lived in my district for sixteen years.                                                                                                         




  7. What are the top three (3) items you expect to accomplish at the completion of your first term of office, if elected?

    1. I will promote affordable housing for middle class working families by requiring builders and investors to provide affordable housing as a condition of doing business with the City of Alhambra.

    2. I will increase funding and staffing for our Public Safety departments including Drug Abuse Resistance Education Programs in our schools.                                                                                                                                                                                           3. I will promote more transparency in the way that the City of Alhambra conducts business by improving community outreach programs.                                                                                                                             



  8. Please list your top five (5) individual and organizational endorsements.

    Alhambra Democratic Club

    Adele Andrade Stadler, Member of the Alhambra School Board                                                                       

    I-Chinese American Political Action Committee

    Former Alhambra City Council Candidate Eric Sunada

    Former Alhambra City Council member Efren Moreno                                                                                     



  9. Please list any organizations with which you are a member, including the length of your membership and any leadership position you have held in each organization.

    I am a five year member of the Alhambra Fire Department's Community Emergency Response Team and currently sit on the Board of Directors as the Training Coordinator.                                                                



  10. Please feel free to include any other information you would like us to know about you.

    I am the only independent candidate running in the Third District. I have no ties to the city council or the Chamber of Commerce. I will not accept campaign contributions from special interest groups or political action committees formed by builders. developers or real estate interests.. If elected, I will remain accountable only to the constituents I will serve.                                                                                                






Position Paper


Los Angeles League Of Conservation Voters Candidate Questionnaire


Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters


2016 Candidate Questionnaire




August 20, 2016




  1. Why are you running for office?  The Third District of the Alhambra City Council has not had a contested election in 12 years. There is a significant number of citizens in our city, including myself, who are dissatisfied  with the policies, positions and actions of our current city council. If elected, I will seek to change the priorities of our local government so they align more closely with the needs of our city and the people who live here. My objective is to ensure that the council and the city are prepared to effectively meet the challenges of the present and those of the future.




  1. Please describe your experience and any expertise you have on environmental issues. I was a member of the Sierra Club for many years and I am familiar with the pressing environmental issues we face today such a global warming and climate change, air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination.




  1. In your view what are the two most significant environmental issues facing Alhambra and how will you deal with them?  There is significant groundwater contamination in the San Gabriel Valley including Alhambra. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has designated this area as a Superfund Site. If elected, I will advocate directly, and through our elected officials, to apply pressure on the E.P.A. to obtain the funding to begin a remediation program to clean up our groundwater. The second significant environmental issue facing Alhambra is the pending completion of the 710 Freeway by constructing a 5.5 mile underground tunnel to the 210 Freeway in Pasadena. The construction and completion of this tunnel, in my view and others, would be a environmental disaster. The tunnel would pass through three or four earthquake fault zones and two water tables. The dirt from the tunnel dig would have to be transported through the city by thousands of diesel dump trucks over a ten to fifteen year construction period. The result will be further air pollution in our city from diesel fumes and dust. In addition, upon completion of the tunnel, the exhaust fumes from cars and diesel trucks passing through the tunnel would have to be ventilated out into the nearby communities above ground. These exhaust fumes cannot be sufficiently scrubbed to remove the fine particulate matter that poses a health threat to the people who live nearby. I strongly oppose the tunnel option and if elected will advocate for environmentally sound solutions to the traffic problems facing our city. I believe a combination of enhanced light rail, new bus lines, shuttles, street improvements, and construction of an above ground boulevard going north from Valley Boulevard will alleviate the traffic gridlock on Valley Boulevard and Fremont Street. These environmentally friendly solutions will cost a fraction of the total cost to construct a tunnel conservatively estimated at five to ten billion dollars.         






  1. Many cities in Los Angeles are contemplating Community Choice Aggregation to provide electric utility services for their residents. Would you support such an effort in Alhambra? Explain why or why not. I would support this effort. Community Choice Aggregation would offer many benefits to consumers of electricity. This program would probably result in lower electricity rates as cities would be able to negotiate with service providers for the best possible rate structures. In addition, the cities would be able to chose a service provider that offers sustainable sources of electric power generation such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and natural gas. We must move away from electric power generation using coal which damages our environment.




  1. Metro has developed a new ½ cent tax measure to support public transportation projects that will appear on the November ballot. First, do you support this plan and the ballot initiative? Second, what new transportation projects do you support for Alhambra? I support the plan and the ballot initiative. This new source of funding can be used to support and sustain transportation projects to alleviate regional transportation problems in Los Angeles County and beyond. In addition, the funds would not be used for construction of the 710 Freeway tunnel. In Alhambra, such funding can be used to improve our streets for better traffic flow, synchronize traffic signal lights, and enhance existing bus lines and shuttles.




  1. What can the city do to be more sustainable both in its operations and community-wide? The City of Alhambra consumes a lot of electricity and water. The city should initiate city wide programs to conserve these resources and lower their costs of operations. The city should also promote and participate in recycling programs. There are very few if any recycling centers in Alhambra. People have to go to South Pasadena to recycle their bottles and cans. There appears to be little interest by city leaders in making recycling a priority. If I am elected, I will promote recycling as a sustainable use of resources. 


















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