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November 8, 2016 — California General Election

City of VallejoCandidate for City Council

Photo of Liat F. Meitzenheimer

Liat F. Meitzenheimer

GVRD Board Member
9,529 votes (9.79%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility, maintaining a sustainable balanced budget over the long term
  • Making government work for all of us. I will work on systemic and long term change that will ensure a transparent , open and collaborative form of government.
  • Building on our strengths and shared vision. We have the strengths and assets to ensure a sustainable and healthy economy. It's just a matter of putting them all together and implementing the shared vision the General Plan Update already started.



Profession:GVRD Board Member
Member, Police Chief's Advisory Committee — Appointed position (2015–current)
Board of Directors, Greater Vallejo Recreation District — Appointed position (2001–current)
Member, City of Vallejo's Inter-Agency Committee — Appointed position (2016–current)
Member, Participatory Budgeting Steering Committee — Appointed position (2014–current)
Senior Claims Specialist, Social Security Administration (1974–2012)
Commissioner, City of Vallejo Human Relations Commission — Appointed position (1998–2008)

Community Activities

Founding Member, All Seniors Matter (2013–current)
Member, Better Vallejo (2013–current)
Former Chair & Member, Vallejo Community Change Coalition (1997–2015)
Co-Founder, Building Relationships (2012–2014)


I have lived in Vallejo for‭ ‬30‭ ‬years.‭ ‬  Even through its many ups and downs,‭ ‬I stayed ‬because I love our community and our city.‭  ‬I raised my son here and established many strong and enduring friendships.‭  ‬Vallejo is my home.  As a former Senior Claims Specialist with the Social Security Administration‭ ‬I know what it takes to make tough financial choices and frequently very personal decisions about people’s lives and their family’s future such as retirement and survivor benefits as well as disability pay.‭ These experiences prepared me well for making difficult budgetary determinations on the Greater Vallejo Recreation District Board and in other civic organizations.‭  ‬And they will continue to serve me and the citizens of Vallejo when I become a Councilmember.

Through all of the many years of working for the Social Security Administration,‭ ‬commuting,‭ ‬raising a family and being a community leader and advocate,‭ ‬I waited.‭  ‬I kept waiting for a new vision of what Vallejo could be and what all of us,‭ ‬together,‭ ‬could help it become.‭  ‬But nothing happened.

Finally,‭ ‬like a‭ “‬perfect storm,‭” ‬the city committed to updating its‭ ‬30‭-year old General Plan‭ (“‬Propel Vallejo‭”)‬,‭ ‬introduced Participatory Budgeting—the ultimate in citizen Democracy and budget participation,‭ ‬and I retired.‭  ‬At last,‭ ‬I could see a vision being formed,‭ ‬greater participation among our citizens,‭ ‬and I could finally give my complete attention and service to the community that has given me so much in return.

My journey to serve you and become a Vallejo City Councilmember began‭ ‬20-years ago when I first started bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and opinions to vet and successfully solve many of the city’s toughest problems.‭ ‬  Now,‭ ‬I want to give my full-time effort to serving our community.‭ ‬  My leadership experience,‭ ‬skills and accomplishments at the Social Security Administration,‭ ‬and with the Greater Vallejo Recreation District and other civic organizations has prepared me to hit the ground running and move Vallejo forward to greater heights and a brighter future‭!

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Featured Endorsements

  • Vallejo Chamber of Commerce - Political Action Committee
  • Sharon McGriff-Payne
  • Eva Coley

Organizations (4)

  • Stonewall Democratic Club of Solano County
  • United Democrats of Southern Solano County
  • Sierra Club - Solano Group
  • Citizens For Vallejo

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Questions & Answers

Questions from League of Women Voters (5)

How do you propose to reduce crime in Vallejo?
Answer from Liat F. Meitzenheimer:

The City has already set as a priority hiring more police officers. The residents are establishing better relationships and communications with our police depart so that we can work together to keep our city safe. 

We need to also focus on bring more economic development and jobs to our city. We still suffer from high unemployment rates and have to provide jobs with living wages. We need to forge collaborative programs and cooperative agreements that better support our youth to successfully navigate the primary and secondary educational system and either enrolls in college or a vocational training program. 


How will you go about bringing more businesses and jobs to Vallejo?
Answer from Liat F. Meitzenheimer:

We need to use our recent General Plan Update as a guide to attract and seek out new businesses that are consistent with the community's share vision. As a councilmember, I will work with all of Vallejo to attract new big and small businesses to Vallejo, help existing businesses expand, and ensure that the next generation of entrepreneurs and employees are well trained and prepared for our growing and changing economy. 

Do you support a citizen review board of police conduct and procedures?
Answer from Liat F. Meitzenheimer:

I currently sit on the Police Chief's Advisory Board which discusses community issues and give the department feedback on programs or police services. This Board was established in 2015 and I believe that we need to work through this board to help improve community relations and dialog. This Board has brought in community concerns such as police officer related shootings and use of excessive force to be discussed by the group and police department and the Chief has relayed changes that have been recently implemented to address these concerns. After completing the objectives, we can then use the City of Vallejo Human Relations Commission to conduct further outreach to determine if a citizen's review board is needed. 

What is your position on gun regulation?
Answer from Liat F. Meitzenheimer:

I support responsible gun ownership which requires universal background checks for everyone who wants to purchase firearms. I also feel that the loopholes need to be closed such as with gun shows, online and private sales. Guns need to be kept out of the hands of people that should not have them such as felons, domestic abusers, the dangerously mentally ill those that are on no fly lists.

Mare island is a superfund site. How will you work toward getting it cleaned up in order to attract more business?
Answer from Liat F. Meitzenheimer:

I will worked to expand public/private partnerships to build the revenue needed to clean up the northern end of Mare Island. We need to do more to come up with a specific plan to determine what types of businesses are compatible with North Mare Island's sites. The city is currently in negotiations with Faraday Futures but we need to continue to market the site in case the project doesn't move forward.


I will also work with our Federal representatives to ensure that the Navy maintains a steady schedule to complete the clean up of the contaminated areas. We need to work closely with Congressman Thompson to make sure that his attention remains focused on Mare Island. 

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Building A Better Vallejo! Every Neighborhood. Every Street.

I want our city to have a sense of community, belonging and inclusivity.  To get there we need an open and transparent city hall that respects its residents and partners with them to build a shared future that everyone can be proud of.

Bettering Our Quality of Life

A positive quality of life is rooted in assured neighborhood safety consisting of a variety of successful public safety programs; supportive social services, especially for our most vulnerable community members (e.g., seniors, youth, homeless, mentally disabled); a dynamic artist and events community that celebrates our diversity and strengths; and high quality public infrastructure (e.g., parks, streetscapes).  All of these elements must work together seamlessly to ensure a high quality of life that is safe, healthy, attractive, and invested in the future of the our citizenry. And I plan to keep doing that for Vallejo!


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