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November 8, 2016 — California General Election
Special District

Rosamond Community Services DistrictCandidate for Director

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Uriah E. Ojan

Alternative Energy Instructor
1,143 votes (16.13%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Focusing on the Environments of people and improving their many aspects
  • Clean Water, More Water, Better Access to Water
  • Generating Revenue for the City by helping it become a Utility



I moved to the Antelope Valley in 2012 to pursue the dream of solar energy. I started by working on the City of Lancaster School District Solar projects and moved on to teaching Sustainable Energy at the University of Antelope Valley. I currently consult for numerous solar industry leaders and can often be found working in and around Rosamond in the various Solar Fields.

I bought a house in Rosamond because of the people that live here. I felt safe here.

 I shop here in town as often as my budget allows because I know that the money I spend here in town stays in town, I am not a fan of corporations, and I want to make Rosamond better. We vote with our dollars, spending money on things we believe or don’t believe in with every purchase.  I also understand that we face some serious issues as a blooming community.

 In my time at AQUIS meetings at the University of Antelope Valley we too faced many issues. By listening to all sides of issues I was able to find the common threads that brought reason to many issues that seemed unsurmountable. It’s a simple skill listening to people but one that is far too out of practice.

We have many issues in Rosamond including street lighting, graffiti, garbage, the homeless, our parks, the pool, the dispensaries and of course our water! Rosamond needs to begin generating its own revenue from something other than the tax-payers blood. I personally assisted the City of Lancaster in the installation and creation of the base of its utility operation and I believe that Rosamond could very easily and more importantly with a very modest investment in its own citizens do the same.  I’m well aware of the financial “magic” that salesmen use to explain these things, like returns on investment, and I can show with hard numbers exactly what something like this would take. I believe in accountability and as such my thoughts on trash being dumped are harsh, so are my thoughts on graffiti. If people have a need to express themselves through their “art” then perhaps an “art” wall can be set up near the skate park that we need to find a way to bring back. Kids need a positive outlet for their energies and frustrations, as a community we need to face these needs as well.

I also believe that we have unexplored opportunities for savings based on some of the issues we face.

For example an option for the street lights would be to replace the current luminaires with LED lights instead at a savings of 40-80% per year over what we are paying today. Atmospheric Water Generators are a possibility for help with our water needs which could honestly be powered by little more than some solar panels. There has to be a way to get the water plant we paid for up and running. I fix things for a living now and I swear it can’t be all that complicated.  I firmly believe that if we can’t get it right here in Rosamond, we may not be able to get it right anywhere.

if I become elected I will need the help of everyone that lives here to come to equitable solutions for our community that address our needs without sacrificing our quality of life or our pocketbooks.  I will work with every member of the board in order to make my case on where the people of Rosamond want to take our community.

My background is in technology and there are possible solutions to some of our issues through that but at the end of the day its people that make all the difference. We have the ability to grow stronger by working together.


I have the education to understand the issues, the ability to explain it to you and the integrity to tell you the truth without being cruel about it. 

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