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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

San Diego CountyCandidate for Supervisor, District 5

Photo of Michelle Gomez

Michelle Gomez

Commissioner/Legislative Analyst
87,046 votes (35.2%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Protect our County General Plan to stop overdevelopment of our neighborhoods and rural lands, while addressing the need for affordable housing solutions; protect our coastline and natural resources
  • Ensure access to Public Health Services to include wrap around services in order to protect public health for all; address the homeless crisis through increased mental health, substance abuse, job training and placement, and social services
  • Enhance and strengthen public safety and fire protection for all communities within San Diego County



Profession:Legislative Analyst
Commissioner, San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women & Girls — Appointed position (2017–current)
Commissioner, Oceanside Housing Commission — Appointed position (2018–current)

Community Activities

Founding Board Member, The Foundation to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (2012–current)
Member, National Women's Political Caucus of San Diego (2017–current)
Member, Lawyers Club of San Diego (2017–current)
Family Readiness Assistant, Marine Corps Family Readiness (2009–2014)
Founding Member/Secretary of Kupa'a Mau Outrigger Canoe Club &, President Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (2007–2014)


A lifelong resident of Southern California, Michelle Gomez originally hails from Cerritos but fell in love with North County San Diego when she first moved here over a decade ago. Since then, Michelle's been on a mission to make this area an even better place than it was when she arrived.

Determined to make a difference by being a doer and not just a thinker, Michelle has been active in community service for almost two decades in a variety of roles assisting military families and veterans, forming community building organizations, serving on the board of patient advocacy organizations, and most recently, fighting human trafficking, homelessness and domestic violence as a San Diego County Commissioner on the Status of Women & Girls Commission.

In her professional life, Michelle works as a Legislative Analyst reviewing legislation and drafting policy, and has previously worked in affordable housing project management. This combination of community service, familiarity with the issues plaguing our county, and experience drafting and executing effective policy make her ably suited to the role of Supervisor.

Michelle is a proud military spouse and daughter. Her husband Don served in the Marine Corps and deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her father, a Purple Heart recipient served in Vietnam.

Michelle has demonstrated her desire to truly support the troops by serving for over half a decade as a United States Marine Corps Family Readiness Assistant aiding the families of our deployed heroes. For her service to the troops and those they leave behind, Michelle was awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award four times by the Obama administration.

Michelles goal in seeking the County Supervisor, District 5 seat is to end the hoarding of county reserves and put that excess to work building our economy and protecting the residents of the county by strengthening fire protection, preserving our open space, increasing access to affordable housing, improve mass transit to decrease traffic and pollution, and improve public safety.

Michelle is honored to dedicate her campaign to her grandmother, an early pioneer of the women’s rights movement, and to American womanhood past, present, and future in the hope that equality and opportunity remain the hallmarks of this nation.


Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Sierra Club
  • San Diego & Imperial Counties Labor Council
  • Oceanside Firefighters IAFF Local 3736

Organizations (23)

  • United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters & HVAC/R Local 230
  • North County Labor Alliance
  • A Soothing Seed
  • The Wagon Circle
  • Ocean Beach Rag
  • Laborers International Union (LiUNA), Local No. 89 AFL-CIO
  • Ramona Cannabis Company
  • Outliers Collective (OutCo)
  • California Nurses Association
  • Oceanside for a Safer Community
  • Animal PAC
  • National Women's Political Caucus - San Diego
  • Vista Fire Fighters Association Local 4107
  • Standing Up For Women
  • United Domestic Workers/AFSCME Local 3930
  • Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County
  • San Diego Free Press
  • San Diego County Democratic Party
  • Run Women Run
  • SEIU Local 221
  • Association of Cannabis Professionals

Elected Officials (11)

  • Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, CA Assemblymember, District 80
  • Ricardo Lara, California Senator, Candidate for California Insurance Commissioner
  • Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Mike O'Connor, Valley Center Fire Protection Board Member
  • Dr. Rafe E. Trickey Jr., Oceanside City Treasurer
  • Jeff Griffith, Fire Captain, Palomar Health Board Member
  • Chris Orlando, San Marcos City Councilmember
  • Mark West, Imperial Beach Mayor Pro Tem
  • Cori Schumacher, Carlsbad City Councilmember, Candidate for Mayor
  • Paul Angulo, Riverside County Auditor-Controller
  • Esther Sanchez, Oceanside City Councilmember

Individuals (33)

  • Elizabeth Warren, Candidate for California Assembly
  • Jessica Hayes, Chair, San Diego County Democratic Party
  • Joel Weisberger, San Diego County Farm Bureau, Cannabis Advisory Committee Chair
  • Pam Slater-Price, Former Chairperson, San Diego County Board of Supervisors
  • Alan Geraci, Candidate for California State Assembly
  • James Elia, Candidate for California State Assembly
  • Jess Durfee, Democratic National Committee Member, Chair, DNC Western Region
  • Dave Myers, Retired San Diego County Sheriff Commander, Candidate for La Mesa City Council
  • Genevieve Jones Wright, Former Candidate for San Diego County District Attorney
  • Dr. Jennifer Campbell, Candidate for San Diego City Council, District 2
  • Tommy Hough, Candidate for San Diego City Council, District 6
  • Marti Emerald, Former San Diego City Councilmember
  • Diane Coombs, President of San Diegans for Managed Growth
  • Nathan Fletcher, Former California Assemblymember, Candidate for Board of Supervisors, District 4
  • Lori Saldana, Former California Assemblymember
  • Michael Gelfand, President of Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club
  • Francine Busby, Chair Emeritus, San Diego County Democratic Party
  • Robert Jenkins, Vice President, North San Diego County NAACP
  • Ken Dalpe, Executive Committee Member, North San Diego County NAACP
  • Robert Leahy, 2nd Vice Chair, California Democratic Party Veterans Caucus
  • Priya Bhat-Patel, Candidate for Carlsbad City Council
  • Michelle Singleton, Candidate for CA State Assembly, District 67
  • Dr. Michael Byron, Professor of Political Science, Green Energy Advocate
  • Amanda Mascia, North County Environmental Activist (No on Measure A, No on Measure B, etc.)
  • Patricia Amador, Delegate North County Latino Democrats
  • Diane Nygaard, North County Environmental Activist
  • Francisco Ramos, President, Riverside County Young Democrats/ADEM District 42
  • Adam Vega, Community Organizer, Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE)
  • Wendy Woodard McDowell, Community Organizer, Community Choice Energy for Coastal North County SD
  • Tim Caudill, Secretary, Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County
  • Eric Dean, President Emeritus, Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego County
  • Yusef Miller, Founder, Mosques Against Trafficking
  • Tom Cowan, Founder, North County Veterans Stand Down

Questions & Answers

Questions from KPBS and the League of Women Voters (San Diego and North County San Diego chapters) (6)

Should the county spend more of its budget reserves on increasing social services? Why or why not?
Answer from Michelle Gomez:



Increased access to health and human services is one of the many reasons I decided to run for County Supervisor. 


San Diego County currently holds a $2 billion (approximately 49%) reserve when most county's function at peak performance with approximately 15-20%. This excessive hoarding of reserves is the primary cause of the recent Hepatitis A outbreak, which was allowed to spread unchecked and ended up killing almost two dozen people while infecting hundreds more. That our current Supervisors allowed such a public health crisis to transpire in order to keep more money in the bank is unconscionable.


We need to utilize these reserves in an efficient and effective manner in order to improve the quality of life for all county residents. These funds should be used to provide affordable and attainable housing, combat our growing homelessness crisis, improve mental health services and create jobs and employ more in home healthcare workers for our aging demographic.  


Should the county invest more of its budget reserves in its affordable housing trust fund? Why or why not?
Answer from Michelle Gomez:



Increasing access to affordable housing should be priority one when it comes to considering how to best utilize our budget surplus. San Diego County currently has the sixth highest homeless population in the country and 1 in 6 of that number is children. 


If only 10% of our current 2 billion dollar excess were put to work to fund housing development, either through the Innovative Housing Trust Fund, Community Development Block Grants or HOME Investment Partnership which all share access to the same funding source it would improve the situation several times over. These funds could be put to work facilitating construction, acquisition, rehabilitation and also loan repayment for affordable multi-family rental housing for extremely low, very-low and low-income households by providing gap financing.

Do you support measures to stop the criminalization of homelessness? The basic human behaviors of many homeless people (like sitting, sleeping and bathing in public) are against the law. Please provide specific examples of measures you would support.
Answer from Michelle Gomez:

Yes. Homelessness is not a crime. It is a symptom of societal failures and flawed policymaking. Rather than criminalizing the counties many homeless, including families, veterans, and students, we should be providing increased access to social and mental health services, substance abuse facilities, and job training and placement services. The County must do more to provide adequate housing for our homeless population, as well as provide public sanitation facilities, including mobile shower options in order to protect public health.

Do you support increasing housing density in unincorporated San Diego County? Why or why not?
Answer from Michelle Gomez:


Our county has a devastating housing shortage that much is clear.  Housing has to be built somewhere, but where exactly is always the burning question. It seems that nobody wants new housing built in their backyard. 

My approach is to honor the county's General Plan, which suggests that new housing in the unincorporated areas be placed in the Western regions of the county nearer to services, and infrastructure that can support the new influx of residents. This notion is especially prudent when considering new affordable housing developments. Working families want to live near to where they work in order to save time and money commuting. They want to live near parks and schools, not out in the middle of nowhere causing them to have to drive more for family functions, to say nothing of their daily commutes.

On the other side of that coin, you have residents in rural areas who purchased homes in those areas because they wish to be away from urban density. Placing developments on top of them not only robs them of their solitude, but also poses a problem for the sensitive wildlife and ecosystems that will be impacted. We must protect our pristine countryside from overdevelopment because once it's gone, it’s gone forever.


Do you support permitting, regulating and taxing marijuana in unincorporated San Diego County? Why or why not?
Answer from Michelle Gomez:




I strongly support efforts to regulate, permit, and tax the cannabis industry businesses in the unincorporated areas because patients deserve safe access to the cannabis-based medications that are improving and in some cases, saving their lives. They need to be able to access dispensaries and delivery options in their area. Moreover, struggling family farms could once again be made solvent by adopting this crop were they allowed to. Jobs could be created in the growth, delivery, transfer, testing, and sale of a well-regulated cannabis industry. This would be a boon to our economy without consideration to the possible income from taxation.


Laws regarding cannabis have changed and our attitudes and practices need to adapt to the times. Regardless of anyone's personal feelings on cannabis, medical marijuana has been legal in California for over 20 years and with the passage of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (Prop 64) in 2016, recreational adult use is now legal as well. It is time we get our arms around this as a county in order to ensure public safety concerns that include keeping cannabis products out of the hands of children and to thwart the black market, which will only continue to thrive in the absence of solid regulations.


I have spoken with many cannabis industry leaders, informed and engaged professionals, who are eager to work within whatever legal framework emerges. They share my passion for keeping children safe, and despise black market bad actors that have left their taint on an industry who is working hard to prove their dedication to observing the law.


Do you support the county’s Climate Action Plan? Why or why not?                                          
Answer from Michelle Gomez:

No, I do not support the County’s Climate Action Plan in its current form. I believe greater emphasis is necessary regarding efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gasses, which has disastrous effects on our planet. We must place greater emphasis on the portion of the plan that speaks to Greenhouse Gas reduction from automobile traffic by providing alternatives to mass transportation and by building future homes in places that enable residents to reduce their use of personal automobile travel. We must also address sea level rise because it will have dramatic negative impacts on our region and our economy if we fail to act. I believe we should place greater emphasis on clean energy, including solar and wind as well. Finally, I would like to see the Climate Action Plan expanded to include Community Choice Energy (CCE) programs, which promise to reduce emissions by focusing on renewable energy sources. Because CCE takes the power out of the hands out of the energy monopolies working families will also benefit from reduced rates.

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

As your County Supervisor I will uphold our County General Plan and stop inappropriate development in our backcountry; champion affordable housing solutions in our smart growth areas; improve mass transit to decrease traffic and pollution; advocate for Community Choice Energy; protect our coastlines and natural resources; strengthen fire protection; improve public safety; and restore law enforcement relations within our communities.

As a County Commissioner on the San Diego County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, I am committed to the fight to end human trafficking, resolve homelessness, and stop domestic violence.

As a Commissioner on the Oceanside Housing Commission, I work to identify new affordable housing opportunities, reduce homelessness through supportive housing programs, and increase housing supply for our seniors, youth, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Improve the lives of working families – The County needs to ensure that our county workers are paid a livable wage, that they are receiving cost of living increases and that we are filling vacancies when they become available. The County must play a bigger role in increasing access to high quality affordable childcare and preschool, before and after school programs for our children, and at least one nutritious meal per day. 

Homeless Crisis – We need comprehensive solutions to combat homelessness now. It has been statistically proven in other counties that the best way to address homelessness is to build and convert more homes for the homeless and increase resources dedicated to mental health, substance abuse and job training opportunities. 

Affordable and Attainable Housing – San Diego is primarily growing from within and we must dedicate resources to building more affordable housing and supportive housing. We must also build more attainable housing to help first time buyers get into their first purchased home, freeing up some rentals with the goal of alleviating some homelessness. 

Transportation and Mass Transit – San Diego County must become a leader when it comes to investing in proper transportation infrastructure. This means prioritizing projects that that make sense for our communities don’t detract from form the character of our neighborhoods. We must work closely with other local governments to help reduce traffic in our county, reduce air pollution and focus on improving our current systems. 

Environment – San Diego government should play a leadership role in ensuring we are protecting and enhancing our pristine natural resources. This includes more aggressive enforcement of water and air pollution, as well as implementing and providing Community Choice Energy. It is crucial that the County adopt an enforceable climate action plan that actually leads to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Videos (5)

Michelle Gomez for County Supervisor, District 5 — October 9, 2018 Michelle Gomez for Supervisor 2018, KOCT

My name is Michelle Gomez, and I'm running for County Supervisor because I want to fight for the working families of North County. As your supervisor, I pledge to work as hard as you do to ensure the qaulity of life we all deserve. 

I'd be honored to have your vote on November 6th!

— October 9, 2018 Michelle for Supervisor 2018

County Commissioner Michelle Gomez has been serving our community for nearly twenty years and hopes to turn her passion for impactful action into true change for working families as your next County Supervisor here in District 5. Michelle would be honored to have your vote on November 6th!

To learn more log on to


— October 10, 2018 Michelle for Supervisor 2018

Hear from your neighbors in here in North County about why they know that Michelle is the right choice for County Supervisor.

— October 10, 2018 Michelle for Supervisor 2018

A better world is possible, and it starts right here at home. Michelle is the favored candidate of working families. Support your community by volunteering with our grassroots campaign!

— October 10, 2018 Michelle for Supervisor 2018

Michelle Gomez will give working families true representation in county government. Learn more about Michelle's vision for San Diego County on her website Don't forget to vote on or before November 6th, 2018!!

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