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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of HaywardCandidate for City Council

Photo of Aisha Wahab

Aisha Wahab

Businesswoman/Non-Profit Director
15,949 votes (27.22%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Affordable Housing for Hayward Residents At ALL Income Levels
  • Economic Development for All of Hayward
  • Improved Public Safety & Regional Reputation



Profession:Businesswoman & Non-Profit Director
Business Information Technology Consultant, SCC (2016–current)
Board Member, Abode Services — Appointed position (2017–current)
Board Member, Afghan Coalition — Appointed position (2012–current)
Chair, Human Relations Commission — Appointed position (2011–2017)
Senior Management Analyst, SCC (2015–2016)
Commissioner, Public Health Commission — Appointed position (2011–2014)
Program Coordinator, CSU East Bay (2012–2013)
Member, Keep Hayward Clean & Green TaskForce — Appointed position (2011–2012)
Director of Sales, Digerati (2009–2011)
Account Executive, Raident Technology (2006–2009)


San Jose State University Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science (current)
California State University, East Bay Master of Business Administration (MBA), Focus: Entrepreneurship (current)

Community Activities

Member, Hayward Chamber of Commerce (2017–current)
Recipient, CSUEB's 40 Under 40 (2018–current)
Organizer, Women's March, Bay Area (2017–current)
Recipient, SF Business Times' Most Influential Woman in Bay Area Business (2017–2017)


Tragedy struck my family, leaving me in foster care before I could tie my own shoes. Yet in every family, culture, and language I lived with, everyone simply wanted an opportunity to succeed and provide for their family. 

I’m an organizer, non-profit director, and a working-class American who earned an MBA in Hayward. 

I’ve worked on the ground with people in desperate need of housing, mental health and food security services; and in the boardroom with service providers. 

I’m dedicated to the community and my experiences prove I’m ready to lead Hayward to a stronger and brighter future for ALL of HAYWARD. 

I’ve served as a non-profit director for multiple non-profit boards (Abode Services, Tri-City Volunteers, etc.) that focus on community. I’ve worked to ensure housing for low and extremely low-income individuals, provide seniors programs to stay active, have immigrants get involved in the community through civic engagement, and to support victims of domestic violence as they find safety and re-start their lives.

I have background in policy, technology, business, and organizing. Currently, I serve as a Business Information Technology Consultant for Santa Clara County. I have successfully saved the County millions of dollars in enterprise-wide agreements with technology contracts with Microsoft, Adobe, and many more.

Recently, I was honored to be named one of San Francisco Business Times’ 2017 Most Influential Woman in Business, highlighted in San Francisco Magazine’s “The Resistance” Issue, named 40 Under 40 by CSU East Bay,  as well as an American Graduate Champion by KLRU via a grant by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting for my passion for education. I’m als the recipient of the Unity Award by CA State Senator Bob Wieckowski and Inspirational Woman of the Year by Assemblyman Kansen Chu - to name a few.

I was also selected to be a part of the White House Roundtable of Afghan American Leaders. As a proud American, I pride myself on hard work, community building, and creating opportunities for everyone and especially for those in need.

B.A. in Political Science


Who supports this candidate?

Featured Endorsements

  • Supervisor Richard Valle
  • Assemblyman Bill Quirk, Ash Kalra, Rob Bonta

Organizations (7)

  • Alameda Labor Council
  • Our Revolution National (Sole Endorsement)
  • East Bay Women's Political Alliance (Sole Endorsement)
  • Alameda County Democratic Central Committee
  • Black Women Organizing for Political Action (Sole Endorsement)
  • Asian Pacific American Democratic Caucus of Alameda County
  • CA Young Democrats (Sole Endorsement)

Elected Officials (3)

  • Congressman Ro Khanna
  • Senator Kevin DeLeon
  • Superintendent Delaine Eastin

Individuals (1)

  • Labor Legend Dolores Huerta

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Aisha Wahab for Hayward City Council is for the community. 

The campaign has refused to take corporate, developer, or landlord contributions. 

There is no conflict of interests. The priority is making the best decision for the ALL the People of Hayward. 

Position Papers

Housing for All at All Income Levels


Affordable housing has become the single biggest crisis in the Bay Area and the entire state. Hayward can make simple policy changes to ensure all Hayward residents have a roof over their head. 

I believe in Housing For All. 


  1. Housing At All Income Levels (for renters & buyers)
    1. Increase the affordable housing percentage for all new development (currently 7-10% while San Francisco just increased theirs to 20%). 
      1. In fact, Hayward has approved a project with ZERO Affordable Housing assigned to it. We can do better. We need to do better.
    2. Down Payment Assistance Programs for First Time Home Buyers
      1. The hardest part of buying a home for working people is the down-payment. We can partner to provide a down-payment assistance program for Hayward residents as a priority to house Hayward residents. 
    3. Re-Establishing Rent Control (30 years ago Hayward had 22,000 rent controlled units, today less than 1,600 units or less than 1% of the population)
      1. Hayward is 1 of 15 cities in California with Rent Control. We have a population size of over 160,000+ people. Safety nets are just another way to tackle the housing crisis in the Bay and in Hayward. 
    4. Smart Development to address traffic, protect our environment, preserve our neighborhood character. 
      1. Many Hayward developments have bypassed an Environmental Impact Report. In fact, Hayward City Council approved a new development when the entire Planning Commission VOTED NO. We can't just build to build. We need to be intentional with our development, use of land, and impact to our city. 
      2. We must ensure all new developments complete an Environmental Impact Report (land, trees, shoreline, creek), and a Community Impact Report (traffic, schools, population, etc.). 

Contrary to many rumors, none of these points reduce equity in one's home, cost the city nor residents any expense nor additional taxes, and these are simple policy changes that can be done immediately. 

Economic Development for All of Hayward


Economic Development (small businesses, jobs, retail) has mostly been focused in Downtown Hayward. We are a large city and need to focus on economic development throughout Hayward. 

I was named by San Francisco Business Times' as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business and I can make a huge impact in Hayward. 

Economic Development For All (small businesses, job seekers, shopper, student)
  1. Fill vacant storefronts & properties 

    • We must fill our vacant storefronts and create shared workspaces in our city. There is no need for empty buildings, in downtown and all of Hayward.

    • We must support entrepreneurs launching their business. From small business loans to easier permitting process. Hayward needs to be business-friendly. 

    • We must work with all community groups to ensure a strong and comprehensive business community. Currently, we have the Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Business Alliance, and the Downtown Business groups, we need to come together.

  2. Spend within the City’s means to balance our budget and raise our emergency reserves.

    • Currently, our City Reserves are at 14% but required to be at 20% of the City’s Budget.

    • Even in Fiscal Year '19 (an economic upward trend), we are estimated to take almost $6 million from our Emergency Reserves. This means that the budget has been mishandled, we don't have a truly balanced budget if we are taking from our savings. 

    • We must increase our revenues. We can do this by easing the permitting process for businesses and encourage businesses to move into Hayward

  3. Fair & Living Wage for workers

    • One full-time job should be enough. 

    • K-College/Trade Schools must be a priority for Hayward to embrace being an Education City.

    • The City needs to form stronger bonds with the local school board and the multiple colleges.

      • This has not been the case for today’s City Council.  From lawsuits and negative comments, we must move together as a COMMUNITY to work together and uplift Hayward. 

  4. Expand business focus to ALL of Hayward 

    • With a diverse community, we can partner with other organizations to create an incubator program

      • East permitting process

      • Reduce fees for businesses

      • Provide small business loans with 0% interest for the first year.

    • Ensure a business focus for ALL of Hayward. 

      We are in the 21st Century, we need to stop delaying business growth and promote a proactive approach to business. We took nearly 2 years to award permits for the cannabis industry (it is the law of the land) yet we have had a budget deficit for years. We delayed granting a contract to create and expand our broadband network, wasting time and opportunity to encourage 21st Century Businesses to come to Hayward. We need to do better and we can do better.

Public Safety & Regional Leadership


Hayward needs to be a leader. We have the potential to be an innovative leader in the Bay Area. As a person that has been endorsed by local, Bay Area, and State leaders, I know how to partner with others to ensure we are leading the way. 

Public Safety For All
  1. Improve Response Times

    • The number one complaint amongst Hayward residents was the slow response times.

    • We need to increase support to public safety officers to ensure they improve their response times.

    • We need to audit and make improvements to all the calls that are received based on the data for the past 2 years.

  2. Strategic policing based on data and community input 

    • Data is being collected daily, we need to ensure we expand bike patrols throughout the city.

    • We need to see the most common types of crimes and ensure we protect our residents and shoppers.

  3. Increased training for public safety officers

    • Additional training to Peace Officers in the areas of mental health, de-escalation, communication & other social responses

    • Our police force are not only there to enforce the law but they are a part of this community. Additional training is valuable.

  4. Develop a Chief Advisory Panel

  • Regularly held Chief Advisory Panel made up of citizens and open to the public.

  • The Chief of Police and Fire should hear directly from the public what is happening in their neighborhoods.

  • In certain parts of the city, crime is not reported, we need to change the idea that people aren’t listening.

  Regional Leadership
  1. Partner with Other Agencies

    • Hayward cannot move forward alone, we need to partner with others.

      • Banking institutions for home/business loans

      • Transit Organizations for increased pedestrian access throughout the city (seniors and students would benefit most)

      • Housing Organizations to ensure subject matter experts house our homeless

      • Much more to increase funds for infrastructure projects and business opportunities.

  2. Partner with our local schools (ensure a pathway from K-College/Trade School) 

    • We need to embrace that we are an Education City

    • We need to partner with labor organizations to ensure we have a skilled workforce.

    • We need to partner with our schools to ensure an easy admission policy for Hayward students.

Hayward can be much more than any other city in the Bay Area. We just need to pursue this vision and not let uncertainty stop us.

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