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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

Anaheim Union High School DistrictCandidate for Trustee, Trustee Area 2

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Harald G. Martin

Retired Police Officer
3,409 votes (22.7%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • School safety - I am proposing the every school has a "community based" police officer on campus every day school is in session. The officer will work with schools to identify issues and problems BEFORE they become deadly to students and staff.
  • Create an "Oxford" on every school campus. AUHSD's Oxford Academy is a contender for being one of the best schools in the country. Every student should have access to an Oxford type education at their home school.
  • Diplomas must have REAL meaning. We do no favors for the students or our communities when a student with a D- average is given a diploma upon graduation. That is a failure of the system and must be corrected.



Profession:Retired Police Officer (Anaheim PD)
I am a retired police officer with 30 yrs total service in law enforcement, United States Army (as a military police officer for 3 years) City of Pomona Police Officer for 2yrs City of Anaheim Police Officer for 25 yrs. (1975–2004)
I have been elected to the AUHSD Board of Trustees twice and was once, Anaheim Union High School District and Anaheim City School District — Elected position (1996–2004)


My AA degree was from Fullerton College; My BA and MPA Degrees were from Cal State Fullerton University I have an AA Degree in Police Science, a BA Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Public Administration, Criminal Justice and Public Administration (1988)
Fullerton College / Cal-State University Fullerton Associate Arts degree in police science. Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Master's of Public Administration, Criminal justice/law enforcement. Administration of governmental entities, such as school boards or city governments. (1984)

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

What I hope to accomplish if elected


Eleven ideas I will work to implement in the AUHSD for the betterment of our students and community.


  1. SCHOOL SAFETY: I want a full time police officer on EVERY campus for security and to act as a community liason and problem solver. The officer will work with school principals to identify issues and problems BEFORE they become deadly to our students and staff.




  1. CREATE AN “OXFORD” ON EVERY CAMPUS: Students should not have to be driven to the Oxford campus in Cyprus to get an exceptional education. EVERY campus will have an “Oxford” type program for those who can perform to the standards of such a program.

    Many of our schools suffer a “brain drain” by sending the best and brightest students across town and thereby lower the ranking of all of our schools. While it is very nice to have one of top schools in the country, it should not come at the expense of every other school in the district.




  1. CREATE A SYSTEMIC CHANGE TO EDUCATION THAT BENEFITS EACH STUDENT: The educational system we now use is mired in the last century. We still put a group of students together to learn a particular subject matter without serious regard to how much the student already knows, how fast they learn or how slow they learn. This puts fast learners at a disadvantage because they are held back while at the same time it puts slower learners at a disadvantage because they can't keep up. Wtih the use of technology, we can create an educational program that doesn't hold anyone back that can master the subject matter quickly, while at the same time we can provide assistance to those who are having difficulty. Imagine a student that is a math wiz but does poorly in history. A program could be designed so that an 8th grader could be doing 10th grade math, but only 7th grade history. The goal would be to provide additional help in history




  1. RE-INSTITUTE THE 2.0 GPA REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION: Students with D- grades are harmed when they graduate or are promoted from grade level to grade level with such a poor grade average. With the combination of item #3 students could progress in their good subjects and get extra help where they are doing poorly.

  2. AN AUHSD DIPLOMA MUST HAVE REAL MEANING: An AUHSD diploma should certify to the world that those who hold it are ready for additional higher education or are competent in the work place. It should be a certification that the individual holding it has met or exceeded the standards o




  1. SCHOOL TO WORK: The real truth in education is that not all students are prepared or geared to go to college. We need to create many more educational avenues for those students that will be headed to the workplace rather than to college. There are many places where specific specialized training is needed more than a degree in some esoteric subject matter. It's our job to help meet the needs of each student and thereby help the entire community.





    I want to expand the JROTC program in the district to every school, including the junior high schools. This program is invaluable in helping students understand what respect is and how it is obtained.




  1. TRANSPARENCY OF HOW THE DISTRICT IS RUN: Through technology, I want not only parents, but all taxpayers to have access to the district budget and to be able to obtain multiple data items from that budget so they can see exactly how and where THEIR money is being spent.

  2. CHARTER SCHOOLS: A demand for Charter Schools in a district does not come out of thin air. It is a recognition that the DISTRICT is NOT living up to the educational standards demanded by the parents. This comes about due to a board of trustees and a superintendent that are more focused on issues that benefit the “system” rather than benefit the students. Parents don't demand Charter Schools when the educational needs of the students are truly being met.


  3. DECLINING ENROLLEMENT DUE TO STUDENTS TRANSFERRING TO OTHER DISTRICTS: Many students are transferring to other districts for the same reason as Item #9 above. Parents think their children are not getting the education they should be, so they are trying to benefit their children by moving them to another district.




  1. REAL EDUCATION AND RAISING STANDARDS: I want to get back to making education the primary purpose of going to school. I want to emphasize the things that work and get rid of things that don't work. I want to use FACTS to make decisions, not feelings.


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