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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of AnaheimCandidate for Mayor

Photo of H. Fuji Shioura

H. Fuji Shioura

3,024 votes (3.7%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • My first priority as your next Mayor is to put the Armor of God ( Ephesians 6:10-18) on thereby governing with our power of consistent prayer (Ephesians 8:16) to inspire the Holy Spirit for our families, schools, and city-government (Acts 6:3).
  • To remain true to my first priority by protecting and advocating for the inalienable right to life to ensure the health, vitality and liberty for our residents, families and our soon to be born children in Anaheim. Read more at
  • I will diversify Anaheim's economy to ensure modern, sustainable and much-needed revenue sources. For a successful diversification of our economy to work, a real-world technology know-how will be needed to jump-start Anaheim city. Vote FUJI 11.06.18



Founder and President, California School Inc. (2016–current)


Hello, my name is Fuji Shioura, and I am your Independent candidate for Anaheim Mayor on November 6th, 2018. I am the only candidate for Anaheim Mayor with real-world experience in critical technologies affecting our city, state, and country, such as internetworking, artificial intelligence and more. Like the technology sector, I will move fast and hard as your next mayor of Anaheim. I am not your traditional establishment insider candidate. I aspire to be the most forward-thinking, genuine and sincere candidate for Anaheim Mayor for you and our city. I have family and friends that are Republican and Democrats. I am neither because I am an Independent here to get the job done!

So allow me to share some of my expectations, goals, and solutions for you and our families in the most forward-thinking, genuine and sincere way for our great city of Anaheim. Because the election for Anaheim Mayor will be an election that will decide to vote for doing business as usual or disrupting the entrenched special interests status quo establishment of the two-party monopoly of Democrats and Republicans.

I believe in the Constitutional Right to life for our soon to be born children and expectant mothers. I am Pro-Life because for me the right to life for our soon-to-be-born children is a fundamental civil right. I created, a dedicated Internet space for mayoral candidates to work together to promote pro-life city ordinances. As your next mayor, I will protect all of our civil rights.

I also believe and know, that Disney can become an incredible, responsible and courageous corporate citizen by paying a livable wage of $18.00 an hour. Disney can become an exemplary example of a multinational company that is socially responsible. I believe Disney is in the unique fiscal position to pay $18.00 an hour to their cast members, and still make a significant profit for their shareholders, which Disney is legally obligated to do. To be clear, as your next Mayor I will diligently work with Disney to encourage a livable wage increase, but I will not coerce, force, or threaten a valuable company like Disney to pay more than what Disney shareholders decide to spend on their cast members. Disney is a company that produces cable television, publishing, films, music, video games, amusement parks, broadcasting, radio, web portals; As Mayor, I will not allow government overreaches like anti-business ballot initiatives to harm, obstruct or hinder internal affairs, daily operations and hiring of a multinational company like Disney. As Mayor, I will draft city ordinances to make Anaheim the most business-friendly place to start and grow a business to drive job creation, investment and revenue. It’s time to make Anaheim a Right-To-Work city!

I am a dedicated charter school advocate to promote smaller class size, school safety and to give parents like you a choice where to send your kids to school. I believe a parents zip code, race, and income should never determine the quality of education for our kids. In 2014, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla pulled his five kids out of their prestigious school for gifted children and launched the Ad Astra School. If Ad Astra is good enough for his kids, then it’s good enough for your kids. As Mayor of Anaheim, I will fight for parents to have that choice of sending your kids to a public school or a charter school of your choice.

I believe our city, county, state, and country, is a better place because of our diversity. I am proud to be a native Californian born to an immigrant father from Japan. Our city, county, state, and country has been and will continue to be a nation of immigrants.

I am also the only mayoral candidate with real-world experience with AI (Artificial Intelligence), computer programming and internetworking, the backbone of our Internet. Networking is critical because AI combined with robotics will soon disrupt society to create sudden displacement in jobs, our economy and society if not adequately addressed. It is so important to have a technologist like myself in elected office that genuinely understand the magnitude of the impact Artificial Intelligence and robotics will have on our city, county, state, and country in the coming months and years.

As you can see, I am not a traditional, politically correct, or establishment insider candidate. I will move fast and hard to get the job done, and I will be very, very vocal to ensure Anaheim residents like you are well-informed of what is happening in our city. I am here to disrupt our city government to stop doing business as usual. I will modernize Anaheim to become the smart-city of the future that will improve the quality of life for residents, drive investment, and create new jobs. I will upgrade our city government from top to bottom, to guarantee absolute transparency and genuine accountability like never before in our city’s history. It’s time to diversify our local economy, and it’s time to modernize our entire city.

Just as important, I am proud to be you. An ordinary person just like you trying to do the most extraordinary act; to return our city government to what it was meant to be, a representative form of government moved by the people. I have family and friends that are Republican and Democrat alike. I will treat all my family, friends and fellow citizens, documented and undocumented, as fellow Californians first.

To reiterate, I am also an advant-garde technologist, coder committed to modernizing our city, government and our schools. I founded the California Academy of Artificial Sciences at I will promote, support and expand AI in our schools through the digital arts. More on that later because I want to tell what I will do on day one as your next mayor of Anaheim.

On day one, as your next mayor of Anaheim, I will relocate our mayor’s office from the seventh floor in City Hall to the first floor so Anaheim residents like you can have reasonable access to our city council members and me. As Mayor of Anaheim, I will talk to you, not down at you. I will ensure our city government is genuinely transparent and legally accountable to Anaheim residents questions, concerns, and expectations.

I will on day one start to draft city ordinances for public review to modernize, update and amend our Anaheim City Charter to ensure a representative form of city government that our voters want, our democracy deserves, our economy needs to grow and prosper.

The first city ordinance I will personally make on day one will be for all city council members and mayor, to take an oath, affirmation, and promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, under the penalty of perjury at the start of every public Anaheim City Council meetings. This way I as Mayor and our City Council will be encouraged to answer your questions from Anaheim residents like you truthfully. A deliberate intent by a mayor or city council member to make a false and misleading statement to an Anaheim residents’ questions can no longer be accepted as doing business as usual.

Furthermore, I am committed to collaboratively working with our school districts in making smaller class sizes a reality for our students, teachers, and families by opening more charter schools in Anaheim. I will also urge our school districts to have their school district office relocate to our City Hall or relocate inside one of their schools in their school district to start to genuinely listen, understand and learn what students, teachers, and staff want and need to educate our kids adequately. I will also work with parents like you to use the vacated school district offices for fast-tracking new charter schools openings.

I will also address head on the crucial issues like the out of control higher cost of living, a livable wage, job creation, homelessness, immigration, crime, public health, and so much more. My name is F-U-J-I, and I am your self-funded Independent candidate for Anaheim Mayor, and I am here to get the job done

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

  Here are some of my projects to ensure a city government of the People, by the People, for the People of Anaheim for 2019. Department.Technology

I founded the website Department.Technology as a dedicated internet space to inform, promote, and support my personal initiative for the creation of an independent governmental technology agency at the local, state and federal level.

I am proud to be the first candidate running for elected office in United States history to build a Chinese language website with a Chinese character internet address. As your next Mayor of Anaheim, I feel it is imperative our students have the opportunity to learn the Chinese language. Likewise, I will actively invite investors and businesses for cross-cultural investments here in California and in China. It’s time for China to invest in California, and likewise, it’s time for California to invest in China.

California Academy
To ensure smaller class sizes, modernize our schools with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and expand school choice for parents and kids with charter schools and school vouchers!

California Restaurant
Welcome to California Restaurant, my initiative to promote, support and empower our California restaurants with AI (artificial intelligence). AI is disrupting every sector of our society, such as our economy, workforce, government, and academia just to name a few. I am committed to streamlining restaurant applications so they can promptly open for hiring people, increase sales to generate a sustainable revenue for our local municipalities, counties, and state to adequately rebuild our schools, roads, electrical grid, and hire more first responders like police and fire.

To encourage all mayoral candidates, regardless of political party,  to genuinely debate our Constitutional Right to Life (14th Amendment) for our soon to be born children.
To guarantee a well-informed electorate to adequately deter domestic and foreign illegal electioneering.

Elections Services
To make Anaheim a national role model for election reform by bringing reliable, efficient and modern elections services to Anaheim voters.

Elections Email
A dedicated, secure and easy-to-use email service for Anaheim voters to receive election services, and to get accurate, timely and impartial information on all the candidates.

Anaheim Email
Having a dedicated Anaheim Email system for residents, businesses, and city workers will modernize city services for residents, establish credibility and branding for our local businesses; and ensure genuine transparency and real-time accountability. I look forward to learning from your questions, and suggestions.

Anaheim Beer
I created Anaheim Beer for our breweries to have a dedicated internet space to promote, support, and expand our burgeoning Anaheim beer industry that is profitable for investors, beneficial for Anaheim job creation and collaboratively ensures a healthy tax revenue growth for our city.

According to some estimates, Anaheim is 50 percent Latino. As your next Independent Mayor, I will proudly serve and represent all of our residents. Therefore, I created a Spanish language campaign site for our Anaheim residents that use Spanish as a first language. As your next Mayor, I will diligently work hard to hire more police officers to remove violent, dangerous, and repeat offenders from our neighborhoods. Likewise, I will vigorously work to protect our families unity, documented and undocumented. I am establishing a new political party called M.A.R.I.A. (Movimiento-Al-Reforma-Inmigración-Adelante.), translated into English as Movement to Reform Immigration Foward. M.A.R.I.A. also represents my proposal to replace our Monroe Doctrine with an emphasis on security, prosperity, and peace in our hemisphere.

As a Christian and educator, we have a solemn unspoken oath to protect our children, our students, our mothers, and fathers. As an educator that has personally lost my at-risk students to innercity violence, I know this is what my students would want me to do, as they look down from Heaven at my actions, prayers, and campaign.

As a candidate for elected office, I have sworn to defend our United States Constitution, that I take very seriously. I look forward to sharing when, why, where and how my M.A.R.I.A. political party will promote hemispheric security, prosperity, and peace that is in our nation’s best interests.

Position Papers



I am excited to be running for Mayor of Anaheim in 2018. I am just as happy to have personally met many concerned mothers, fathers, and voters that are an in favor of pro-life initiatives like my website called A more well-informed electorate is in everyone's best interest. Voters deserve to know where their mayoral candidates stand on Pro-Life issues. I thank you for your time and consideration. My website is a work in progress, and I invite you to send us your comments, suggestions, and questions to

I, Fuji Shioura, Independent self-funded Mayoral candidate for the California city of Anaheim, affirm the God-given personhood of all human beings from fertilization, without exception. I promise to fight every day for our Constitutional Right to Life for you, our families, and soon to be born children. The most basic Civil Rights is the Civil Right to Life that is inalienable. Willful, deliberate and intentional denial of the Civil Right to Life with the intent to conspire to inflict the death penalty without due process for our most vulnerable, innocent and needy, cannot continue for the sake of justice and ensuring our Constitutional Rights for our soon to be born children.

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