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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of Fountain ValleyCandidate for City Council

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Kim Constantine

8,038 votes (15%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Pay down the unfunded staff pension liability -- much, much faster than the 20 years+ City Hall is planning!
  • No high-density housing of up to 7 stories for Fountain Valley Crossings (the 162-acre newly rezoned to mixed use area just off the 405 Freeway at Euclid/Ellis).
  • The 405 Improvement Project is on for the next 5+ long years and we all need immediate updates. I will help to keep everyone informed.


Community Activities

Civic Member, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce (2010–current)
Member, Fountain Valley Historical Society (2014–current)
Member, Fountain Valley Friends of the Library (2014–current)
Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce (2011–2014)
Ambassador, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce (2010–2014)


From the 9/20/2018 Candidates Forum:

“Hello, everyone. I’m Kim Constantine. It’s my third time running for Council in this city I love so much. I keep working hard for you on all the major city matters. Though my father’s health declined nearly a year ago and he passed on July 15th, I never once waivered from what I believe to be my responsibility to you.

Fountain Valley Crossings (for just off the 405 Freeway at Euclid): Earlier this year, the RECOMMENDATIONS of the Planning Commissioners regarding limiting building height to 4 stories, 2 parking spaces per residential unit, and limiting building length to 200 feet were COMPLETELY DISREGARDED BY CITY COUNCIL when the Council unanimously approved the plan AS IS. Please let that sink in.

The 2017 Planning Commissioner interviews had Council Member Nagel asking candidates their comfort level for new housing of up to 6 stories. In this year’s interviews, AFTER Plan approval WITHOUT those recommendations, Council Member Collins asked them about new housing of up to 7 stories… 7 STORIES. I will ensure these area businesses are not replaced with hundreds of super expensive, Bella Terra style housing. ((Side note: I purposely left out the names of the 2 Council Members in the event)).

The still tremendously defective approved Plan now gives the Planning Director much power over the people, so City Hall doesn’t have to tell us much. Did you know the entire area could easily become new, super expensive housing, and there is no greenspace in the plans, so children would play in the parking lots of existing businesses? Just 1 parking space per new residential unit was approved… no parking structures, either. Lucrative parking is not profitable for the developers who come in, make their money, and leave. I am fine with new housing ELSEWHERE in Fountain Valley, with traditional zoning, if a proposed project is feasible”.

((During the event, I also informed everyone the reality of the 20-year Measure HH sales tax increase is that currently, just a mere 17% of that revenue is earmarked to paydown the unfunded staff pension liability -- the real purpose of the sales tax increase, though the City put fear into people about public safety. Additionally, being the only Candidate who attends the Measure HH Oversight/Advisory Committee Meetings, I learned at the very first meeting, the City says the $11.5+ annual sales tax increase revenue is NOT ENOUGH... and they will seek to extend the tax!)).

And later, in closing:

“I forgot to mention earlier, last I knew, there was an APPROVED “affordable housing” project set for the 2 parcels at Harbor and Warner. I want to thank our Chamber and Dr. Gaynor for tonight’s event.

It is my pleasure to again run for our City Council so that I may best serve our "nice place to live". For years now, I have been consistently working hard for you on major City issues and attending and participating in City Council, Planning Commission, Measure HH Oversight Committee, and the last 7 all-day Strategic Planning Meetings. Other than Candidate Vo, I am the only one who has done that. I am the one who takes a clear, firm stand on many matters.

I will make decisions in the absolute best interest of residents, businesses and visitors to our community, without ties or obligations to unions or special interests. Everyone else up here (minus Tucker) is endorsed so very heavily, I have no idea how they will be able to move. In running on my merits, and caring deeply about the aesthetics of our “nice place to live”, I am not doing new signs or magazine ads and will not buy my way onto City Council. Please see my website: FVCONNECT.COM and thank you so much for your support. I hope to have your vote”.

The Candidate question I posed to Candidate, Planning Commissioner Harper. It drew gasps and rudeness from a few in the audience ;) ...

“The Planning Commission unanimously approved the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan with several reasonable improvement recommendations (in part: limiting residential building height to 4 stories and requiring at least 2 parking spaces per residential unit). YOU seconded the motion, yet when it went to City Council, there was no presentation by the Planning Commission – and not a WORD about those recommendations, though the entire Commission was in attendance. As a reminder, Crossings passed this year, right after that, during the Planning Commissioner interviews, Council Member Collins asked candidates their comfort level with new housing of up to 7 stories. … 7 stories. You are up here now. WHY did you not speak up at the City Council vote? Is your experience there worth anything or are YOU just going to rubberstamp everything if elected to City Council?”

((Later Harper was admonished by the Moderator, Ms. Gann, for inappropriately interjecting the Planning Commission DID read the FV Crossings Plan after I very firmly stated, “neither the Planning Commission nor the City Council read the FV Crossings Plan”. I stand firmly by my correct words)).

Lastly, my 2-minute opening statement was just that "mine" and I took that opportunity just as I did 2 years ago... dutifully informing the public about what they need to know. :)

(( Candidate Patrick Tucker stated, under the approved FV Crossings, the City could easily slip in that nasty 65 foot high electronic message billboard with 24/7 brightly lit national advertising (for by the water tank at the 405 at Euclid/Ellis). What a driving distraction that would be!))















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Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Some of what you may expect from me


Unfunded staff pension liability, Fountain Valley Crossings, the sales tax increase (Measure HH from the 2016 Election), and the 405 Improvement Project,

1.  The 405 Improvement Project is on for the next 5+ long years and we immediate updates!

Yes, the City of Fountain Valley will be impacted for a minimum of 5 years for the 405 Freeway expansion, onramp/offramp work, Fountain Valley bridges going down, street work, freeway and street lane closures, detours, etc.   I will help out in all ways I can, to include getting the latest updates to the people, so they may maneuver themselves around and deal with freeway lane closures, city street detours, Fountain Valley bridges coming down, more traffic on our streets, etc.

2.  Pay down the unfunded staff pension liability -- faster! 

I will ensure the City of Fountain Valley pays down much more unfunded staff pension liability with the additional $11.5+ million dollars annual revenue in Measure HH revenue (the sales tax increase that took effect in April, 2017).  We’re using the money to pay down just a mere 17% of the $85+ million unfunded staff pension debt.   Yes, a mere 17% -- so you know the money is being spent elsewhere!  If we paid it down much more aggressively, we could pay it off in less than 8 years.  LET'S GET THE SALES TAX LOWERED.  The City prefers the 20-year plan – and to then EXTEND the tax, as they’ll be spending it elsewhere!  There has been fallout about the City’s role of putting Measure HH out to the people (since they sold the people on “public safety”, when it was really all about unfunded staff pensions, as then-Mayor Collins somewhat cryptically announced in the November 20, 2017 City Council Meeting and more recently in the August 21st City Council Meeting by Council Member Brothers stating she, “attended the probable cause hearing with the FPPC in Sacramento with the City Attorney”.

3.  No high-density housing of up to 7 stories for FV Crossings. 

I will ensure the longtime and profitable light manufacturing / industrial businesses in the 162-acre Fountain Valley Crossings area are not replaced with super expensive, 6+ story high Bella Terra style housing – and that the area does not become all housing, since the still tremendously defective approved plan now gives the Planning Director much power over the people.  A hotel or two for FV Crossings?  Absolutely, if the project(s) work(s) out.  High density housing of up to 7 stories AND a hotel or two.  No, absolutely not.  I am fine with new housing elsewhere in Fountain Valley, with traditional zoning, if a proposed project is feasible.

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