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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of San ClementeCandidate for City Council

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Dan Bane

Business Owner
12,184 votes (16.3%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Stop the SR-241 Toll Road at Oso so that it does not bisect our community and force the TCA to pay down its bond debt and go out of business as long-promised.
  • Prioritize public safety by providing our Sherriff’s deputies with both the personnel and resources they need to do their jobs.
  • Bring critically needed emergency medical services back to San Clemente.



Profession:Business Owner/Attorney
Partner/Attorney, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP (2008–current)
Citizen Representative, OCTA Citizen Advisory Committee — Appointed position (2013–2015)
City of San Clemente Planning Commissioner, City of San Clemente Planning Commission — Appointed position (2009–2010)
Citzen Representative, San Clemente General Plan Advisory Committee — Appointed position (2009–2010)


Pepperdine University Juris Doctor, Law (2007)
University of Missouri-Columbia Bachelor of Science, Business/Finance (2003)

Who supports this candidate?

Organizations (1)

  • Association of Orance County Deputy Sheriffs

Elected Officials (6)

  • Senator Pat Bates
  • Councilwoman Lori Donchak
  • Assemblyman Rocky Chavez
  • Councilman Steve Swartz
  • Former Councilman Jim Evert
  • Former Councilwoman Susan Ritchsel

Political Beliefs

Position Papers

Position Statement


This paper covers my positions regarding major issues affecting San Clemente


Dear Neighbor,




My wife and I have tied the well-being of our family to the well-being of San Clemente.  As the lead attorney in the lawsuit to stop the Toll Road, I’m running for City Council because this election will define the future of our City.  It’s that important.




As your San Clemente Planning Commissioner, I worked tirelessly to preserve the village character that sets San Clemente apart, while supporting needed economic prosperity and local job growth.




As your City Councilmember, my first priority will be the careful and responsible use of your tax dollars.  I will also focus on solutions-based leadership that keeps our neighborhoods safe and our beaches clean.  Common sense solutions are needed that deliver safe neighborhoods for families to live, vibrant commercial districts for businesses to flourish, and accessible, first-class beaches and trails for all residents to enjoy.




San Clemente MUST: (1) stop the SR-241 Toll Road at Oso so that it does not bisect our community; (2) make public safety a priority by providing our Sherriff’s deputies with both the personnel and resources they  need to do their jobs; (3) continue to address the impacts of sober living homes on residential neighborhoods: (4) get our City's skyrocketing litigation budget under control; (5) demand regional solutions to address the growing transient problem; (6) promote the adaptive reuse/preservation of historic resources; (7) find a way to bring critically needed emergency medical services back to San Clemente; (8) create an environment for our local businesses to thrive; and (9) demand that our state and federal representatives find a permanent storage facility for the nuclear waste being stored at SONGS, far away from our beach community. 




  • No Toll Road Through San Clemente:  I will continue to fight to stop the toll road at Oso Parkway.  I’ve actively led the fight to keep the toll road from bisecting San Clemente by litigating against the TCA’s proposals in court; by helping to draft legislation to stop the toll road at Oso Parkway (AB2796); and by going to Sacramento to testify in support of SB382, which would have stopped the TCA’s efforts to extend the toll road and forced it to finally make the toll roads free as long-promised.  There will be no toll road through San Clemente and I will hold the TCA to its promise to pay down its bonds, make the toll roads free, and to finally go out of business as intended. 

  • Focus on Public Safety:  Public safety must be a priority, especially in light of the bad decisions coming out of Sacramento which jeopardize the welfare of our local neighborhoods.  I will focus on: (1) providing more sheriff's deputies to address the exponential growth in calls for assistance (San Clemente has among the highest calls per capita of any city in Orange County), (2) updating the San Clemente substation with the tools and equipment our deputies need to effectively and efficiently do their jobs; (3) bolstering our depleted Retired Senior Volunteer Program ("RSVP"), and (4) working with neighboring cities and public agencies to take advantage of economies of scale to share public safety resources. San Clemente has 45 sheriff's deputies patrolling 19 square miles, while Dana Point has 41.25 deputies for half the population, and patrols only five square miles.  And Dana Point does all this while paying over $2 million less than San Clemente on police services.  We must do better to ensure San Clemente remains one of the safest cities in the nation. 

  • Regulation of Sober Living Facilities:  Beyond proactively and consistently enforcing our local ordinance (to the full extent permitted under the law), I will work with other cities in California (and in other states like Florida where sober living homes are a significant issue) to lobby our federal representatives to amend the ADA and FHA in a manner which allows cities to effectively regulate sober living homes in residential neighborhoods to protect the residential character of our neighborhoods. We must also ensure that local residents needing assistance with substance abuse get the help they need in a safe, compassionate environment.

  • Fiscally Responsible Budget:  I will focus on fiscal responsibility and ensuring resources are devoted to areas we need it most.  Our yearly legal fees are 250% what they were just three years ago and climbing.  While legal and administrative fees have significantly increased, spending on police services have not kept up with the increased demands.  San Clemente may have the lowest officer to resident ratio of any beach town in America.  I will focus on reprioritizing our budget without increasing taxes.

  • Homeless:  The homeless problems of today are not the problems of even 20 years ago.  I will work towards regional solutions which help those wanting assistance to get off the streets while giving our law enforcement personnel the resources they need to ensure the City’s laws are fully enforced and the public welfare is maintained.  I will also demand that the hundreds of millions of dollars the County of Orange has stockpiled to address homelessness are immediately deployed.

  • Historic Preservation/Adaptive Reuse:  San Clemente is 90 years old and is built from the vision of Ole Hanson.  We need to preserve and protect his vision and our town by promoting and encouraging the adaptive reuse of these resources in a manner that preserves the historic/architecturally significant nature of these buildings.

  • Loss of Emergency Medical Services:  The loss of our local hospital has left a huge void in emergency medical services in San Clemente.  I will work to bring much needed emergency medical services back.  But I’ll also find a way to ensure that the City does so without the risk of losing the $42.5 million “spot zoning” lawsuit MemorialCare filed against the City.  My legal background is important to fight the TCA, and it’s important to manage a solution to the loss of our hospital, and the huge lawsuit our City now faces.  A loss of this lawsuit would be devastating to our community.  The cost to a family of four would be about $2,500.  There is a better path.

  • Local Business:  Local businesses are the life-blood of any community because of the jobs and sales tax they provide.  San Clemente city government is notorious for making it hard to do business here.  We need an environment where businesses can thrive and are not held up by permitting delays and heavy-handed regulations.  In order to fulfill the City’s mission of “maintaining a safe, healthy atmosphere in which to live, work, and play,” we must reduce the burden of red tape that threaten to bury our local businesses.

  • No Nuclear Storage:  I support a decommissioning project that returns the San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station (“SONGS”) site back to its natural condition as quickly as possible.  Nuclear waste does not belong at the beach, or anywhere near the eight million people that are within 20 miles of the nuclear waste.  I will never support any long-term storage of nuclear waste at SONGS, or anywhere near San Clemente or our coastline.  Neither interim nor long-term dry storage of nuclear waste was ever contemplated at SONGS.  It is imperative that the citizens of Orange and San Diego Counties demand a permanent solution from our state and federal representatives, even as San Clemente finds itself at the center of this issue.  Until then, we must ensure that SoCal Edison is held to the highest standards in ensuring the safety of all residents living near SONGS, including appropriate radiation monitoring and mitigation measures. 




I want San Clemente’s reputation as a warm and welcoming beach town to be reflected in my service as a Councilmember.  I will be an approachable and attentive steward of our town’s vision for the future and will work to ensure that your voice is heard. It is time for consensus building and solution-based governance.


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