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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of Villa ParkCandidate for Council Member

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Chad Zimmerman

2,065 votes (27.8%)Winning
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • My top priority is Safety. I will work to ensure and continue the protection of residents to the full extent possible; against crime, hazardous roads, or any other threats to our residents' well-being.
  • I will work to provide fiscally sound leadership - including the replenishment of our reserves and the prudent use of our limited budget.
  • Return civility to our City Council. Council has to be professional and respectful to each other in a positive and courteous manner that can set an example for the families in our community.



Technologist, Verdant Services, Inc. (2010–current)


California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Bachelors of Science, Computer Science (1996)

Community Activities

President, Villa Park Rotary Club (2017–2018)
Tribe Chief, Shawnee of the Star Nation - Indian Princesses Longhouse of the Orange Skies (2016–2017)
CubMaster, Villa Park Pack 850 Cub Scouts (2011–2015)

Who supports this candidate?

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Individuals (6)

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  • Marc Hurd
  • Bill Baker
  • Robert Frackelton
  • Eliott Brender

Political Beliefs

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Candidate Q&A


Some questions and answers posed from Villa Park residents - many were featured in the Candidate's Forum at City Hall.

o How long have you been a resident of Villa Park?

Since October, 2007

o How have you already been volunteering or serving in the city?

I started volunteering in my community when I was in High School and joined the Interact Club (which is the younger arm of Rotary International).  Since then, I have allocated some of my time to giving back to community organizations and when I moved to Villa Park, I begin participating in our community right away. For several years I was CubMaster to the scouts of Villa Park Pack 850 which was a monthly commitment, plus Den meetings and camping trips. I was Chief of my daughter’s Indian Princess Tribe. I joined Villa Park Rotary and served as Villa Park Rotary President. I am still involved with all of those organizations, and I am ready and able to volunteer my time to the City of Villa Park.

o Why did you decide to run?

I decided to run because I love the Hidden Jewel and want to give my time and energy to do what I can to make it better.  I believe that we need a council member who is not part of any faction, one who doesn’t have any allegiance to other council members.  Specifically, there were two City Council Meetings that convinced me to become a candidate. At the October 24, 2017 City Council meeting, the arguments made by the entire council made it obvious that no true discussion among the entire council was possible and that consequently, new members are required.  Two months later, on December 19, 2017, the council nearly broke down in an argument about the 2018 calendar, which required only the smallest of compromises to resolve. I am able to see issues from different perspectives, come up with new ideas, and very often find common ground when two sides cannot agree on an issue.

o What do you hope to accomplish as a city council member?

In addition to supporting the values of our city, I would like to help bring about a change in dynamics among the city council that would facilitate a return to civility in our City Council. Specifically, I believe that Council Members should not only be professional and respectful to each other, allowing for a collection of different viewpoints to combine with the City’s best interests at heart, but also to do so in a positive and courteous manner that can set an example for the families in our community.

o How do you plan to involve residents in the decision making process in our city?

I would like to encourage more residents to provide input to the City Council, and I have seen a couple of strategies that have proven to be effective.  One is to host a pre-council meeting, where items on the agenda can be explained and explored in a public forum which allows better understanding of implications behind changes to ordinances.  This preparatory meeting could have attendees in-person and could also include online questions.


o What do you believe to be the significant issues facing Villa Park, and what is your position on those issues?

I think the ongoing primary issues are to ensure the protection of residents against crime and to provide fiscally sound leadership.  I support the Sheriff’s Department and the Fire Authority in their efforts to keep us safe. I also support the City in maintaining a balanced budget that includes no new fees or taxes to residents.  However, we face an uncertain issue in dealing with future infrastructure problems as we did with the Mesa/Henderson Storm Drain and I think we should be putting more into our reserves to cover contingencies.


o What policies, procedures, ordinances will you, if elected, advocate to be changed, and what changes do you suggest?

I am not advocating any immediate new Villa Park City Ordinances.  I would like to provide input on the budget process to foster a more robust discussion of our city’s needs and spending priorities. I believe that the newly adopted changes regarding Accessory Dwelling Units as well as changes regarding Short Term Rentals should be amended to allow for extenuating circumstances that would warrant an exception.  These changes were made without any accommodation to residents who had been fully lawfully compliant until the council reversed course to put the new laws into place.

o What thoughts do you have, if any, to improve the appearance of Villa Park (e.g. roads, beltways, public areas, entrances to the City, etc.)?

When the City is able to upgrade the greenbelts to make them beautiful, especially while using a minimum of water, our whole city benefits.  Our property values go up, and our outlook on our city improves. I think the City has a responsibility to all residents to maintain the public areas to a degree that matches the efforts made by homeowners, or in some cases more so.

o What Villa Park Committee would you most want to be involved with and why?

While I would be comfortable working with the City/Schools Advisory, or with the Community Development Committee, I would be most interested in working with the Budget and Finance Committee because I would like to provide input on capital improvement projects and believe I could add value in reviewing the city’s investment policy.

o Many Villa Park residents feel that there has been too much divisiveness on the City Council. How will you be a part of the solution?

I would strive to bring compromise and respect back to our council, and to do so from a position of neutrality.  At the very minimum, I think each City Council Member should try to understand the ideas and opinions of the other four.  Each member is elected by a portion of the population to represent them, and when their objections are disregarded, so are the wishes of our residents.

o Do you support safe & sane fireworks in the City of Villa Park?

Yes.  The revenue generated by these sales goes directly back to our community through the charitable organizations that are selling the fireworks.  Moreover, Safe And Sane fireworks provide an alternative to purchasing illegal fireworks.

o One of the issues recently faced by the city was short-term rentals. What is your position on how the city has handled the matter? How would you handle the matter?

Short Term Rentals don’t fit with my view of  the Hidden Jewel and the feel of our community. I would encourage homeowners to live in our city and foster a stronger sense of community that we all love.  However, I do not think that City Council should create laws to force its citizens into behaviors, and I would prefer to work on alternate solutions to prevent the problems associated with Short Term Renting.  At the very least, I would also have set up a provision for homeowners to get a permit for short term rentals under some circumstances. If the existing ordinance had been amended to allow for this it would have delayed the implementation by only one month and been more reasonable to impacted residents.

o If you received a $150,000 grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?  

The city has dipped into our reserves in the last year, taking $140,000 from the Infrastructure Reserve and $180,000 from the Capital Reserve to balance our budget while paying for the storm drain repairs at Henderson Way.  I am in favor of replenishing those reserves, and a $150,000 grant would cover less than half of what was used just this last year. Our reserves are invested so that they grow, which means that every dollar put in works harder for the city. Keeping our reserves healthy is very important to ensure that we are able to fund the necessary infrastructure repairs and capital improvements to those common areas that are currently rundown and unsightly.

As an alternative (if we couldn’t just put the grant into our reserves), I would advocate that some of the grant be allocated to events that benefit the entire community.  Our Villa Park Picnic is a great event to bring everyone together, as are our Villa Park Summer Concerts. Allocating a grant towards providing many years of community events like those could encourage increased community engagement.  

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