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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

Town of ParadiseCandidate for City Council

Photo of Steven A. Hille

Steven A. Hille

Small Business Owner
4,048 votes (20.48%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Transient issues and the town's lack of enforcement.
  • Skyway safety issues and the disaster its become in both safety and it's negative effect on the downtown areas economy. Going from four lanes to two was a huge mistake.
  • A economic plan to reverse the almost 180 empty commercial buildings located throughout town.



Profession:Small Business Owner
Owner, The UPS Store #5916 (2008–current)
Owner, Quest Cleaning Services (2001–2013)
Manager, Konica-Minolta (2000–2006)
Maintenance, United Artists (1988–1998)


Bandon High School (1988)

Community Activities

Ameatur Radio, ARLL (1991–current)
Local photographer, Steven A. Hille Photography (2014–current)
Founder, Paradise Business & Community (2017–current)


Born in Maui Hawaii to a hard working family, my father taugh me that hard work, morals, ethics, and conviction is paramount to building self character.  My wife and I love travel, and have visited over 30 plus countries.  

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Featured Endorsements

  • Dan Wentland of Wentland Construction
  • Kim Yamaguchi former Area 5 Supervisor

Organizations (1)

  • Local Republican Party (Endorsed)

Elected Officials (1)

  • Mike Zuccolillo

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

Small goverment, less taxes, and more accountability.  You serve with respect for those who come before you.  A fiscal conservative that believes in the goverment serves the community, not the other way around. 

Position Papers

2014 Skyway Road Narrowing


The 2014 (Diet) or downtown road narrowing had unintended consequences and needs to be fixed.

As a candidate for Paradise Town Council, the Skyway in it's current configuration is unsafe. Michael Zuccolillo and I looked at the traffic data information provided by a series of town reports, provided to the public by the Town of Paradise. The report listed two factors, one being severity of injury in an accident and secondly the amount of vehicle accidents. The ratio of severity of injuries dropped (good thing) however overall accident numbers crept up (not good) Naturally anytime you have a dramatic change traffic accidents will rise.  These reports don't take in factors such as 'close calls' i.e. locking of brakes, running red lights, swerving to avoid collisions or close calls of pedestrians trying to cross.


The intended effect of narrowing would have worked if the overall traffic volume (chokepoint) being the Elliott to Pearson section would have had less traffic per day. Problem is during rush out it's too many cars funneling through one section causes a chokepoint. Problem here is we have a good intent and ended up with an overall bad result. The argument that nothing can be done is bogus. Poll after poll here on rants shows people not in favor of the current Skyway configuration. It's simply disingenuous to say it's working when many now avoid downtown and use other arterial backstreets to try to navigate the downtown area.

Yes, I'm unequivocally for restoring four lanes if that means safer passage through the downtown corridor. Imagine if traffic increases in the next few years, this issue will only get worse.   The last variable that has to be taken into account is the almost non-existant traffic enforcement that has been taking place for the last few years.  Look at your local police log, it will show almost all verbals and no written tickets.  This has to change and quick. 


Measure V


Far too long our local goverment has been taxing us to death, while providing no new plan to ween us off being dependent on sales taxes to survive.  


I oppose measure 'V' in its current form. To understand this let's go back to Measure 'C' to understand why?  If the intent of Measure 'C' was to cover public safety over a six-year period, then we could have went with a quarter cent sales tax opposed to 1/2 cent sales tax and had plenty in reserve. Measure 'C' in the first year was projected to bring in $600,000 and in reality, it brought in 1.2 million dollars.

Let me explain why? The town charts show that without extending Measure 'C' to Measure 'V' we would have a budget shortfall of only $200,000 to $400.000. Now mind you the current total yearly budget is around 13 million dollars.  My question is why does the town need so much? Measure 'C' passed with the slimmest of margins. Measure 'C' was also touted as a temporary sales tax.  Measure 'C' was implemented in order for the town to get its fiscal house in order. However, it's now apparent the town is surviving off a long term 'sales tax' strategy vs. economic growth.

I would be in favor of Measure 'V' only with a lower sales tax rate. I would also cut the ten years to four. Accountability is paramount. I'm in favor of having a reserve, but the current tax rate is way overkill for what was promised. The real question is why does the town of Paradise need so much money to fund public safety?   Pardise needs to have a sound economic plan vs. a long term tax plan.  


Economic Revitalization


General ideas of how to re-focus a new ecnomic thinking on our downtown area.  


The underpinning of a good solid economic foundation requires a good mix of planning, co-operation and willing to get out of the thinking that it simply can’t be done.   So how do we go about building, refreshing and strengthening our business sector?

Start with re-zoning the downtown area to a business residential mix.  
Mixed-use makes for three-dimensional, pedestrian-oriented places that layer compatible land uses, public amenities, and utilities together at various scales and intensities. This variety of uses allows for people to live, work, play and shop in one place, which then becomes a destination for people from other neighborhoods. As defined by The Lexicon of the New Urbanism, mixed-use is multiple functions within the same building or the same general area through superimposition or within the same area through adjacency… from which many of the benefits are… pedestrian activity and traffic capture.”  

Do walking tours of down-town, this could incorporate history and what services are available to new and current residences.  This also could attract out of town investors to help refresh buildings and make the downtown more economic attractive.  Smart people that see investment opportunities will start looking at Paradise as a viable place to do business. 


Enforce laws on the books used by municipal codes.  Owners in the downtown zone would be required to meet a standard or look to keep the buildings refreshed.  Encourage building owners spruce up their buildings via local incentives and good communication.   If you own a building in our town but live elsewhere you must follow our rules and make your building presentable. 

Outside development money.  No matter how much we hate it we need outside resources of money inflow.  We can refresh, fix and revitalize downtown without turning it overnight into a large metropolitan area.  We can also for the time being invest in bio-degradable septic solutions to cover us till we get a full functioning local sewer.   Many other countries have done it, and so can we.  

Form an independent economic think tank.  This committee would be made up of many retiree’s who could greatly contribute to our small-town problems.  I have a retired Professor of Emeritus who is a soil expert who I talked to that was willing to jump on board to help.   I’ve seen more common sense from our retired elders than any other source I can think of. 

I can go on and on.  It’s a matter of saying, “We can, and we will!”  Being told it’s not possible is not my way.  Paradise’s future depends on it.  I’m not a major in economics, but common sense and the will to veer away from the fiscal cliff without using taxes to survive.  Using outside capital is vs. taxpayer money is the only sustainable path to success.


Videos (1)

Steven A. Hille — October 8, 2018 Steven A. Hille for Paradise Town Council

A general overveiw of my personal beliefs of who I am and what we need to do to make Paradise a better place to live.  

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