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November 6, 2018 — California General Election
Special District

South Bay Irrigation DistrictCandidate for Director, Division 4

Photo of Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas

Retired Landscape Contractor
1,164 votes (15%)
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My Top 3 Priorities

  • Trustworthy and transparent (open) government. act with the highest standards of integrity and fiscal responsibiity
  • Increased local water availability and less reliance on imported water. Provide reliable water supply with high water quality and enhance policies that increase water efficiency.
  • Promote water conservation, ongoing maintenance and upgrades that increase local water resources, such as ocean desalination, groundwater desalination and green technology



Profession:Retired Landscape Contractor
Member and Community Volunteer, Crossroads II — Appointed position (2006–current)
Past Vice-President for 5 years, Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association — Appointed position (2006–current)
Executive Board, Chula Vista- Odawara Japan Sister Cities Association — Elected position (1981–current)
Member, South Bay Democratic Club — Elected position (2008–current)
Member, Third Order of St. Francis — Appointed position (1968–current)


San Bernarndino Valley College attended, architecture classes from mentor David Hatfield grandson of Charles Mallory Hatfield "Pluliculturist Extraordinaire" (1971)
St.Thomas Aquinas High School San Bernardino Calif. HIgh School Diploma, Ethics, Moral Principles, Rules of Conduct -Member and Writer on School Newspaper - Chess Club- Lux Et Veritis, Motto (1968)



I was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, anthracite coal mining and industrial city in the center of the Wyoming Valley. I left in 1966 when I was 16 years old to move to San Bernardino, Calif. The most prominent memory I have of Wilkes-Barre is of St. George Maronite Roman Catholic Church and Father David. I was an altar boy and enjoyed serving the Novena to St. Theresa. The Novena to St. Theresa was elaborated to its magnificent highest by Father David attracted thousands from all over the world to his glorious Novena. The church was named after a Christian Roman soldier.  The metaphorical story goes that the villagers were being harassed by a menacing dragon. The dragon ate villagers, destroyed armies and set his sight on a princess in one of the villages. St. George, made the Sign of the Cross and killed the dragon. He received a large amount of money from the king and gave it away to the poor. Father David explained that the dragon is a symbol of wickedness, Satan and evil. The Princess is a representation of truth, virtue and beauty. This story taught me the importance of courage, faith, truth and to protect goodness. I believe the South Bay Irrigation District needs me on the board. I will totally listen and empathized with the ratepayers. I am a stand-up straightforward man, not afraid of anything or anyone. I want only the best the South Bay Irrigation District, Sweetwater Authority, on a right now basis.



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Featured Endorsements

  • Aurora Soriano Cudal - Columinist The Filipino Press
  • Theresa Acerro -Community Advocate
  • Teresa " Terry" Thomas - Professor Emeritus, Southwestern College

Individuals (3)

  • Roy Muraoka -Chairman Chula Vista Odawara Sister Cities Ass. ID only
  • Kaoru "Kay" Nakajima - Pet Stylist -KM DOG CO - Animal Advocate
  • Roy Muraoka - Chairman Chula VIsta Odawara Sister Cities Ass. - ID only

Political Beliefs

Political Philosophy

The customers of Sweetwater Authority are facing future increases in water rates. Four members, Jose Preciado, Jess Van Deventer, Steve Castaneda and Jose Cerda voted to provide health care for the board of directors. Josie Calderon-Scott, Ron Morrison and Teresa “Terry” Thomas opposed the resolution. This is a rip-off of ratepayers’ dollars, a betrayal of public trust, and too much self-interest instead of interest where it ought to be,
The director’s first obligation is to be responsible to the needs of the current ratepayers they serve. How do they justify this?


Certain key current members of the federal government are setting the tone. Using the public good for private gain some public officials think it is their right to rip-off the future ratepayers to make themselves better off. Corruption has become systematic and institutionalized.

This is a letter to editor published in the Chula Vista Star News on Feb. 15, 2018

At the June 15, 2018 meeting of the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, LAFCO, Mark Robak of the Otay Water District stated he was there for consolidation.
Sempra Energy is investing in a marine terminal that will receive, store and deliver gasoline and diesel fuel at its facility a few miles south of Rosarito. A Sempra energy subsidiary has a liquefied natural gas facility at the site now.


A Rosarito desalination plant is being built that would convert 100 million gallons of seawater a day. The amount of fuel needed to do this is huge. Otay Water is committed to the desalination plant along with companies in the Cayman Island, Singapore and France.
Robak has said this project is very expensive. Perhaps he is looking to cannibalize the funds of the South Bay Irrigation District? Since transparency is central to ethical government standards could it be that the majority of Directors at the Chula Vista Water Districts are like the fox guarding the hen house. Where does the loyalty of the South Bay Irrigation District Directors and Otay Water Directors exist with, the ratepayers for water or Sempra Energy.


Jerry Thomas is a Chula Vista resident.                                                       This is a letter to editor published in the Chula Vista Star News on Aug 3, 2018

Position Papers

Diligent study of the issues - South Bay Irrigation District Division 4



 I will always defend the principles of justice. Integrity and doing what is right in every aspect of my life. I will not be influenced by special interest. I believe in the diligent study of the issues and will apply my courage on behalf of our ratepayers





I believe my reputation is the most important human asset I have and working with the ratepayers for the common good. I will always defend the principles of justice. Integrity and doing what is right in every aspect of my life. I will not be influenced by special interest. I believe in the diligent study of the issues and will apply my courage on behalf of our ratepayers




calculated public policy



Social problems are exceeding the community abilities of the local citizens



Homelessness changes are a product of current calculated public policy. Sending prisoners to local jails, such as Chula Vista jail and closing four of the five parole offices in San Diego County has led to an escalating parolee release population. The parole office in West Chula Vista is the only one that remains open throughout San Diego County. The main court ordered substance–abuse counseling program is now located in the closed Jimmy’s Restaurant shopping center on Oxford and Third Ave. The methadone treatment facility is across the street. Board of Supervisors has set-up the only treatment center for the young mentally ill for the whole County in West Chula Vista. All the young mentally ill are being treated at the psychiatric hospital on Third near Moss. The parking lot is filled with mini-buses from all over the county.  The huge escalation of the homeless in West Side Chula Vista is facing and dealing with the failures and risks of our criminal justice system. Neighborhood groups, voluntary organization, charities are blindsided when public policies and officials do not adequately inform them about the projects. The Chula Vista City Manager has failed to notify the people and businesses and is exposing them to profound risk. He has stated that nothing could be done because the county has imposed these programs on Chula Vista. This decision-making is destroying West Chula Vista quality of life and responsible safe-keeping. The people need solutions that address the needs of the homeless, parolee centers, addict treatment centers closer to their current home cities and transportation availability. The Southwest Chula Vista has become an open–air drug market. The impact this kind of activity on this peaceful neighborhood is beyond belief. We have illegal marijuana, heroin, and meth all over. I counted nine illegal West Chula Vista pot shops. They are intimidating the honest, hardworking business people and destroying their stores. I see the drug trash, color containers, next to Castle Park Middle School. It is important to keep this filth away from schools. The number one rule to prevent young people from getting into trouble is- “Lead us not into temptation”. How did we get into this mess and how do we get out of it? The social problems are exceeding the community capacity of the local citizens. Letter to Editor - Chula Vista Star News -written by Jerry Thomas 






Pope Francis cares about migration and jobs


Immigration policy isn'tjust about how to keep people out. It should also be about how to bring people in.


POPE OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI CARES ABOUT MIGRATION AND JOBS Immigration policy isn't just about how to keep people out. It should also be about how to bring people in. Pope Francis born of immigrants to the New


World selected for his first journey outside the Vatican to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa where thousands of immigrants seeking refuge corpses have washed up. He was appalled that few seemed to care about the tragedy. He spoke on an altar which had been a capsized boat. The mass he celebrated was a Penitential Eucharist, one that begs for forgiveness. During his sermon he asked "Who is responsible for this blood." He spoke of Jesus's story of the Good Samaritan, comparing us (he always includes himself) to the Levite and priest who pass by. "We see our brother half dead on the side of the road, than go on our way". He denounced the "culture of comfort, which makes us insensitive to the cries of other people." He said people live now in "soap bubbles" and have "globalized indifference." The first Jesuit pope said "ask for the grace to cry for our indifference, to cry for the cruelty in the world that is in us, that is in those who anonymously make decisions that produce dramas like these." He then went out in a boat and laid a wreath on the sea.


There was a reason why the fate of the migrants stuck him "like a painful thorn in my heart." Years ago Pope Francis grandparents together with their six children including the Pope's father Mario, bought steerage-class tickets on the Principessa Mafalalda the most luxurious ship of her day. It was Italy's Titanic. Five hundred passengers, almost all in steerage-class drowned. Pope Francis family's lucky escape has become part of Pope Francis family's legend.

A few months later he went to another island and celebrated Mass at Our Lady of Bonaria shrine, the capital of his native Argentina is named after. There he spoke to jobless miners, telling them he knew what it was like to suffer from family financial crisis. He had learned "where there is no work, there is no dignity."          Chula Vista Star News letter to editor written by Jerry Thomas 

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