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November 6, 2018 — California General Election

City of Napa
Measure F - 2/3 Approval Required

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Election Results


21,263 votes yes (72.07%)

8,241 votes no (27.93%)

100% of precincts reporting (87/87).

31,944 ballots counted.

Transient occupancy tax
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To increase, improve, and preserve affordable and workforce housing in the City of Napa, shall an ordinance be adopted to levy an ongoing transient occupancy tax (hotel tax) of 1% on hotel charges to visitors of 30 days or less, increasing the maximum hotel tax rate from 12% to 13%, with all revenue from the new tax (estimated: $2,100,000 annually) to be restricted to providing programs and services for affordable and workforce housing?

What is this proposal?

Measure Details — Official information about this measure

Impartial analysis / Proposal

Napa City Attorney


Measure “F” was placed on the ballot by the City of Napa City Council, for voters to consider a new Transient Occupancy Special Tax (the “Proposed Tax”) to fund programs and services for affordable and workforce housing. The Proposed Tax would be imposed on all “transient occupants” (people who stay at hotels for 30 days or less) in the amount of 1% of the room rent charged by hotels located in the City limits.

Under existing law, the City imposes a tax on transient occupants in the amount of 12% of the room rent (“Existing Tax”). (Napa Municipal Code Chapter 3.20.)

Under existing law, the Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District assessment is imposed on hotels (and passed on to transient occupants) in the amount of 2% of theroom rent (“Existing Assessment”). (City Resolution No. R2017-019.)

If Measure F” is approved, transient occupants would pay the Existing Tax of 12%, plus the Existing Assessment of 2%, plus the Proposed Tax of 1%, for a total effective charge of 15% of the hotel room rent.

Revenue generated from the Proposed Tax must be spent on programs and services that increase, improve, or preserve the availability of affordable and workforce housing. Therefore, the Proposed Tax is defined by law as a “special tax,” and it is only effective if Measure F” receives a “yes” vote from two-thirds of the voters. (California Constitution Article XIII C, Section 2(d).)

The programs and services on which the Proposed Tax revenue must be spent include: construction of new affordable and workforce housing; conversion of existing market rate dwelling units to affordable and workforce housing; preservation, rehabilitation, or maintenance of affordable and workforce housing; any expenditure on affordable housing that is authorized under Napa Municipal Code Chapter 15.94; or acquisition of real property to achieve any of these purposes.

Revenue from the Proposed Tax must be spent on affordable and workforce housing that is rented or sold to households with incomes that are less than, or equal to the following affordability thresholds: “moderate income” (up to 120% of area medianincome (“AMI”)), “median income” (up to 100% AMI), “lower income” (up to 80% AMI), “very low income” (up to 50% AMI), or “extremely low income” (up to 30% AMI).

Although voters in the City of Napa will have an opportunity to vote on a similar Napa County measure (Measure “I”), Measure “I” will have no impact on taxes charged in hotels located within the City limits. Measure “I” will only impact taxes charged in hotels located outside the City limits.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of City of Napa Measure F.” If you desire a copy of the Measure, or any documents related to the Measure, you may obtain a copy at no cost to you by making a request to the City Clerk by phone ((707) 257-9503) or email; or visit the City’s website

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Arguments FOR

City of Napa Argument in Favor of Measure F

Arguments in support of Measure F are the opinions of the authors.

Measure F shares with our tourists the cost of housing that is affordable to the local workforce, including the employees in the hospitality industry.
Many employees can’t afford to live here which has made traffic worse and filling jobs moredifficult. Measure F increases the Transient Occupancy Tax (“TOT”) which overnight hotel guestspay, from 12% to 13%, and sets aside the additional 1% for workforce housing projects, programs and services that benefit people in the City of Napa. The revenue cannot be used for any other purpose.

Together with Napa County Measure I, also on your ballot, we expect to raise nearly $3.2 million annually for housing ($2.1 million in the City of Napa, $1.1 million in the unincorporated County). The funds would be collected locally to create an ongoing, sustainable funding source for housing, a long-standing goal of the community.

We can use these funds to help make housing more available and affordable for our working residents. This includes expanding housing opportunities for Napa families who are being priced out of the housing market. Funding could be used to expand and preserve rental housing as well as to provide first time homebuyer assistance.

Housing availability and affordability and traffic congestion are linked. Programs and projects that increase the supply of workforce housing in proximity to employment centers in Napa help ease traffic congestion.

All five Napa cities and the county are asking voters to increase TOT by 1% for housing, a collaborative solution to a countywide problem.

A “Yes” vote on Measure F is a yes vote for workforce and affordable housing and less traffic.

/s/ Jill Techel Mayor

/s/ Scott Sedgley Councilmember

/s/ Kathleen Dreessen Reynolds
CEO, Napa Valley Community Housing

/s/ Sara Brooks
General Manager, Napa River Inn

/s/ Harris Nussbaum Concerned Citizen

— Napa County Elections Office

Arguments AGAINST

There is no argument against Measure F

— Napa County Elections Office
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