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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
Party Committee

Partido Democráta del Condado de Los Angeles — Partido DemócrataCandidato para Comite Central del Condado, Distrito 53

Photo de Peter J. Rudinskas

Peter J. Rudinskas

Member, County Central Committee, 53rd Assembly District
5,551 votos (6.59%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Working with staff and other members, to expand the County Democratic Party registration to 2.5 million voters and the annual LACDP budget to $2.5 million in support of year-round voter registration, outreach, and mobilization.
  • To implement a voter engagement program, so your involvement takes place all year--not just at time of election. To seamlessly integrate voter engagement, candidate endorsement, legislative action, platform, issue resolutions, and voter mobilization
  • Aspirationally, to reach participation levels in the 2018 statewide election that approaches or exceeds the turnout percentage in the 2016 presidential election, with outreach funded by the widespread adoption of a $5/month contributor program.



Member, County Central Committee, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (continuously since 1998)

  • Countywide Recording Secretary, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (since 2008)
  • Regional Secretary, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (2006-2008)
  • Assembly District Delegation Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (2000-2002, 2004-2006, 2008-2010)
  • Assembly District Delegation Secretary, Los Angeles County Democratic Party (1998-2000, 2002-2004)
  • Policy (Executive) Committee (since ~2000)
  • Prior service on varied Standing Committees, including Rules and Legal, Candidate Interview, Judicial Interview, among others

Member, State Central Committee, California Democratic Party (first elected in 1999)

  • State Executive Board, California Democratic Party (first elected in 1999)
  • Prior service on varied Standing Committees, including Legislative Action (Co-Chair, 2007-2009)

District-Level Delegate, Democratic National Convention (2004)

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Frequently Asked Questions


All you ever wanted to know about the Democratic County Central Committee (but weren't aware who to ask)

  • What are you running for?

The Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, which functions as the governing board of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party—the nation’s largest county-level Party organization, representing nearly 2.4 million Democratic voters.


  • How many seats are elected?

Each Assembly District in Los Angeles County elects 7 Democratic Party County Central Committee members.  As a result, for this office only, you are able to vote for up to seven candidates for Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee in the June 7, 2016 election per Election Code sec. 7203.


  • Who can vote for you?

You must be a registered Democrat and resident in the 53rd Assembly District to be eligible.


  • Do I need to be a registered Democrat to vote for you?

Yes.  On request, “No Party Preference” (formerly “Decline-to-State” or “Independent”) voters are permitted to vote for a Democratic Party nominee for President in 2016, however the Party Committee contest is reserved to registered Democrats.  (If you vote Democratic, please make it a point to register as a Democratic voter.)


  • How are you elected?

The top 7 candidates receiving votes in the June 7, 2016 election from the 53rd Assembly District are elected to terms beginning on July 11, 2016—there is no runoff for this office in November.  (There will be other important contests requiring your consideration and your vote on November 8, 2016.)


  • Is this a lucrative position?

No.  All members volunteer their time to serve on the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, without compensation.  This is an important public service commitment for us.  It is a privilege to serve as representatives of you, the Democratic voter.  


  • Is this the "smoke filled room"?

No, all our rooms are smoke free.  (That period is long over.)  I represent you, the voter—no one else.


  • What does the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee actually do?

We manage and oversee the day-to-day operations of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.  We register voters and encourage Democrats like you to participate in every election.  We take advisory positions on important policy issues, legislative matters, ballot measures, and candidates for public office.  We charter local organizations and clubs, which are each open to the participation of all Democrats.  We approve a budget and raise funds to help undertake electoral outreach (mail, calls, and in-person contact) in the hundreds of election contests that we participate in during each term.  We help insure that the electoral process is fair to all parties and that every eligible vote gets counted.  We elect Los Angeles County Democratic Party representatives to the governing bodies of California Democratic Party.  In all of the above tasks, our mission is to represent your interests and build our party to be a stronger, more effective organization.


The governance of the Democratic Party is quite appropriately entrusted to the people.   On June 7, 2016, I would respectfully ask for your vote to serve as your representative to the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.

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