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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
Party Committee

Partido Demócrata del Condado de Contra Costa — Partido DemócrataCandidato para Comité Central, Distrito 2

Photo de Carolyn Ruth Phinney

Carolyn Ruth Phinney

Member, Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Providing assistance to Voters, including how to register to vote & vote by mail; bringing information to voters about candidates & issues, including informing voters about the endorsed candidates of the CA Dem Party (CDP), issues & ballot measures &
  • Helping Democratic candidates get elected, especially those endorsed by the CDP & supporting Democratic elected officials to get their message out AND helping pass ballot measures endorsed by the CDP
  • Making a real difference in the community to help achieve environmental, social, racial & economic justice by fighting for causes that advance these and other Democratic values.



Profesión:Research Psychologist, Scientist, Teacher, President of Non-Profit
Elected Member, Contra Costa County Democratic Party Central Committee — Cargo elegido (2010–current)
Elected Precinct Captain, Democratic Party of State of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) — Cargo elegido (1996–1999)
Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1991–1993)
Lecturer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (1986–1991)
Lecturer, Harvard University Extension, Cambridge MA (1985–1985)
Teaching Assistant & Associate, University of California, Berkeley (1982–1984)
Research Assistant, University of California, Berkeley (1979–1984)


John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA Entrepreneurial Leadership Certificate, Entrepreneurship, Business Startup, Leadership (2011)
University of California, Berkeley Ph.D., Behavioral science: Cognitive and Personality Psychology, Research Methodology, Assessment (1986)

Actividades comunitarias

President, AgLantis (501c-3) (2012–current)
Executive Director, CoCo San Sustainable Farm (501c-3) (2012–current)
Member, Lamorinda Democratic Club (2000–current)
Community Organizer, Democratic Party Organizer, Actively involved as an organizer in many Community Organizations and Non-profits and Democratic Party Organizer(since 1990) (1980–current)
Field Organizer/Created County Official Democratic Party Slate Card Program, Contra Costa County Democratic Party Central Committee (2010–2010)


I was blessed to have the privilege of obtaining my PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in Personality and Cognitive Psychology in 1986. The critical thinking and research skills I gained have changed every aspect of my life.  I am an expert learner and problem solver, no matter to what I turn my attention.  Nothing has been more transformative in my life than my education. For that reason, I believe fantastic public education is one of the most important places for public investment.  I have taught and conducted research at the University of California, Berkeley; Harvard U Extension and then the University of Michigan.  

In 1990, I became a whistleblower in science in what was to become a nationally publicized case. I have spent 25 years counseling whistleblowers in science and fighting for the protection of young scientists, and testifying to commissions, etc.

Being a whistleblower on a corrupt system made me a lifelong political activist. In the Democratic Party, I am a leader, a voice who is listened to and respected. I am in my second term on the Contra Costa County Democratic Party Central Committee.  I also held elected office in the Democratic Party in Ann Arbor, MI.

In 2014, I received the first ever Distinguished Democrat Award from the Contra Costa County Democratic Party for my service to my community and party.  

Awards and recognitions for my public service include:

2015                Contra Costa Leadership in Sustainability Award

                             Board of Supervisors of Contra Costa County


2015                Nominated by Supervisor Federal Glover for 2016 East Bay Innovation Award                     East Bay Economic Development Alliance


2014 & 2015    Nominated for Leadership in Sustainability Award • Sustainable Contra Costa


2015               Assembly Certificate of Recognition: Presented to CoCo San Sustainable Farm  

• California State Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla


2015                Hall of Fame  • Democratic Party Contra Costa County


2014                Distinguished Democrat of the Year Activist Award, Roosevelt Awards Dinner 

• Democratic Party Contra Costa County


2014               Certificate of Special Recognition • Congressman Jerry McNerney


2014               Certificate of Recognition • The City Council of the City of Concord


1997-1998       Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award

 • Ann Arbor MI School District


1987                Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, University of California, Berkeley


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Organizaciónes (1)

  • Evolve

Funcionarios electos (5)

  • Assemblywoman Nancy Skinner, California Assembly
  • Amy Worth, Orinda City Councilwoman
  • Supervisor Federal Glover, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors
  • Michael R. McGill, Chair Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board; Board Central Contra Costa Sanitary District
  • Tim, Farley, Contra Costa Community College Board

Individuos (3)

  • Sarah Genn Butler, Trustee of Orinda Union School District; Member, Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee
  • Jim Donnelly, Vice-Chair Democratic Party Central Committee
  • Igor Tregub: President, East Bay Young Democrats; Co-Chair California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I am proud to be a Progressive Democrat, who believes in being fiscally prudent, but always socially responsible for the well-being of the weakest in our society.  

Environmental, Social, Racial, and Economic Fairness are my top priorities for investing my time and supporting candidates and issues.


WOMEN'S & MEN'S RIGHTS. I am pro-choice and strongly support women's rights, equal pay, and equal treatment for both men and women. Men's rights must be equal too, and there are areas where this needs improvement (child custody). Women deserve equal pay for equal work. Now, women on average work more than 3 months for free every year before they start being paid, if you are matching their salaries to men's.

I have been a gay rights activist since the 1970s.  I have strongly support marriage equality and believe that we will not rid ourselves of the bullying and suicides of young gays until we give gays and lesbians equal rights in all areas. Separate is not equal. The marriage contract is a basic human right, as is the right to make all other contracts. LGBTQ Rights are human rights and basic equality is fundamental.

EDUCATION. I believe that a GREAT education is a right of all children and we must pay for this for all children, or pay later in prisons and crime.  Federal and state governments must subsidize higher education to greatly reduce or make free the cost of community college and university so that the cost is not a barrier.

PRESCHOOL. Universal preschool would provide every child a "head start" and frees both parents to be fully employed, lifting families out of poverty.  This experiment was tried during the necessities for women to work in WWII and was hugely successful and brought women fully into the workforce, instead of with minimum wage part time jobs.  Universal preschool would also help women achieve EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK, because they would not be forced into part-time low paying jobs and could stay on track for promotions and career advancement.

HEALTH CARE FOR ALL. We must have some sort of universal health care. We can not have a health care system where so many are sick and dying due to lack of basic preventative health care. It's immoral. Obamacare has provided access for millions.  We need more innovation to bring down costs, while still paying doctors enough that they can stay in business. We need to bring down the costs of drugs by having drugs be part of Medicare and having large purchasing power of Medicare.  We can bring down the costs of hospitalization with better checks and balances so medical errors are reduced, which are one of the major costs to the system. (Some hospitals have introduced checklists like pilots use and greatly reduced medical errors.)


Every human deserves a safe place to live that is affordable. We need to make a real effort to increase affordable housing, reduce homelessness to only those who will not live within shelters. and provide public safety for everyone.  Nutritious food is a human right and one which I spend my days working to provide. See


We must invest in our children at young ages and even in utero with nutritious food for their moms. We must invest inutero to grave and keep our criminal population to a minimum. When arrested we must invest in diversion programs like Kamala Harris' Clean Slate Program and rehabilitation.  Revenge may feel good, but it doesn't work.  Retribution must be replaced with science based rehabilitation programs.  No one should grow up knowing there is a significant chance they will spend much of their life in prison.  Our minority youth need early support and we can save money on prisons, which are societal disgrace.


There is no problem more urgent that Global Warming.  Our children and grandchildren are being left an overheating planet. My current work focuses on REVERSING Global Warming by teaching farmers and others how to SEQUESTER CARBON in their SOIL. Organic, regenerative soil practices are the only method of reversing global warming. We must sink carbon back into our soil by protecting and fostering the growth of the soil microbes that use atmospheric carbon and sink it into soil. 


I do not believe that throwing money at problems without careful analysis is a good idea. Too often, thinking is not done.  However, we do need to spend money on infrastructure, public transportation, great schools and pre-schools, medical benefits for all including dental, and nutritional poverty.  There is no excuse for 1/8 to go hungry in America and for 25% of our population to suffer from poor nutrition.  These problems are solvable.  


Nothing is more important to the future of the United States than a strong Middle Class. I believe Unions helped create the great Middle Class that my parent's generation created and our country thrived because unions thrived. Of course, like anything, there can be abuses. However, we must support workers rights and good middle class jobs that built the Greatest Generation and needs to build the next great generations.

You don't need to know more than that about me!

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Reducing Nutritional Poverty While Protecting the Environmental and Providing Hands-On STEAM Education


We will be providing free or very low cost produce to schools and the food bank.   We will grow produce on 15 acres of unused sanitary district surplus buffer land, using recycled water, otherwise discharged into the Bay.  This recycled water is high in nitrogen & phosphorus, providing free fertilizer.  The Food Bank is a mile from the farm & will pick up the produce and use existing systems to distribute the produce to their clients and schools.  We are deploying under-utilized resources to grow produce, nearly eliminating four of the major costs of food production with a low carbon footprint: LAND, WATER, FERTILIZER, and TRANSPORTATION.  Every aspect of science & engineering touch a farm. Art also has a place on a farm. We teach African dance and Recycled Art. We feed, educate, train for green jobs & protect the environment with this quadruple bottom line, replicable solution.



The CoCo San Sustainable Farm which is a project of AgLantis TM, a 501c-3 non-profit.


It costs $1 a day to feed a child a salad and 35 cents to feed a child pizza.

It costs $1 a day to feed a child a salad.  Most schools cannot afford that. The Contra Costa Food Bank cannot get enough fresh salad vegetables because they are highly perishable and unavailable locally.  We will be providing low cost sustainably grown produce to schools, the food bank, and the community.

We will grow produce on 15 acres of public buffer land and in a high-tech Agra Tech solar light greenhouse (144' X 42'), using recycled, agricultural-grade water, which is otherwise discharged into the Bay.  This recycled water is high in nitrogen, providing free fertilizer.  


Nearly 1 trillion gallons of reclaimed water are discharged into the greater San Francisco Bay waterways each year. UC Davis estimated the water shortfall in the CA Central Valley to have been 2.1 trillion gallons this past year.  We threw about half that much water away in the Bay Area alone.  This water is high in nitrogen which is bad for the Bay, but great for agriculture, providing free fertilizer.  With one more treatment is it perfect for agriculture and certified by the State of CA for Ag.

The Contra Costa Food Bank is a mile from our farm and will pick up the produce and use existing systems to distribute it to schools and clients, providing transportation. CSAs on the farm will provide low cost produce to the community.

Hence, we are deploying under-utilized resources to nearly eliminate 4 of the major costs of food production: LAND, WATER, FERTILIZER, and TRANSPORTATION. 


We have dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of this food by growing and delivering locally with natural fertilizer and other sustainable methods.

One of the goals of the farm is to educate.  Every aspect of science touches a farm such as physics, soil science, hydrology, meteorology, and nutrition.  We are working with local schools and community colleges and other groups to provide students and the rest of the community hands-on opportunities to learn science, technology, engineering and math learned in an inquiry based context on the farm. 


The farm will be an incubator for green jobs. We will partner with other local businesses to showcase their products and teach aspects of jobs related to these industries.

The environment will also benefit because we will be rebuilding barren soil, plant crops that sequester carbon and clean the air and increase ground water.  We also reduce the major types of carbon pollution associated with food production:  FOSSIL FUEL- BASED FERTILIZER and TRANSPORT.  

Sanitary districts in San Francisco Bay Area discharge as much as a trillion gallons of water in a year into the Bay waterways.  They also have thousands of acres of buffer land.  Our business model is scalable and once proven, can be replicated with other sanitary districts to utilize these precious resources and greatly reduce nutritional poverty.



AgLantis is a California non-profit public benefit corporation,501c-3 . (Our EIN is 46-463443-0.) The work we are doing on the CoCo San Sustainable Farmnow has a triple bottom line – social, economic and environmental.  This farm is a model for healthy, fresh, sustainably produced, local produce and education for the community. 


An apple a day will not keep the doctor away.

But a salad a day might!





Personal Biography


I am a Berkeley PhD, behavioral scientist, a mom, and President of a non-profit urban farm which focuses on reducing nutritional poverty and hands-on STEAM education.

My Background

I was born and raised in the Chicago area and moved to California for my doctoral studies in Cognitive and Personality Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. I taught at Berkeley as a grad student, then Harvard Extension (night school) and then at the University of Michigan. I am retired.

I had two children the last 14 months of graduate school (there is never a good time if you are an academic)! In 1985 my first child Ryan was born in Berkeley, then I moved to Ann Arbor, MI for a position at the University of Michigan while I finished my dissertation. In 1986, my second child Tara was born. My daughter is currently in graduate school obtaining her PhD in Political Science. My son obtained his M.S. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Cognitive Science.

I was a teacher and researcher at the University of Michigan until I became a whistleblower in what became a nationally prominent science fraud case. Subsequently, I have worked with Congressional Subcommittees, testified to a Congressional Commission (the Ryan Commission), testified to the National Academy of Sciences, and been an outspoken widely publicized activist in science, speaking out about science fraud and particularly on the protection of young scientists from exploitation by senior scientists.

In Ann Arbor, I volunteered extensively in the schools when my children were young and won the Ann Arbor School District Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award in 1997. I was also a Girl Scout Troop Leader for several years.

Although I was a "lab rat" early in adulthood, my activism in science involved me in politics. I have been a political activist and organizer in the Democratic Party and the community for 20 years. In the 1990s, I served as a publicly elected Precinct Captain and Convention Delegate for the Michigan Democratic Party. In 2010, I was elected to the Contra Costa County Democratic Party Central Committee. I immediately became the Field Organizer for the county party and under my leadership and the help of many we delivered nearly 10% of the Official Democratic Party slate cards that were delivered in CA (nearly 200,000). (Our county party had never delivered such slate cards before.) Our work in this county probably made the crucial difference in electing Congressman Jerry McNerney and Attorney General Kamala Harris, as our county produced unexpectedly high votes for each of them in very close races.

In 2007, I founded the Michelle Obama Fan Club on Facebook to influence the national Presidential elections by turning people out to vote. We have over 50,000 members in our group and our Page has over 200,000 LIKES!

Currently, I have initiated a project working with Board and Staff at Contra Costa County Central Sanitary District to use some of the approximately 30-200 million gallons of recycled water they throw away every day into the Bay to instead grow organic fruit and vegetables on 15 acres of buffer land. The plan is to donate these fruits and vegetables to local schools to provide healthier lunches for children and to the Food Bank for distribution to those in need. We have a 1/6 greenhouse donated to grow hydroponic vegetables year round.  When in full production, we expect to grow over 100,000 pounds of produce per year. The farm also provides environmental education and we will be working with students to provide hands on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math education when we are fully operational.

I believe that Democratic leaders need to make a real difference in their communities if they want to attract new voters to the Democratic Party and to turn out to vote for Democratic candidates.


Thank you!!



Videos (2)

Primary goals of AgLantis and the CoCo San Sustainable Farm is to protect the environment by teaching sustainable living practices, especially organic, regenerative, agricultural and gardening practices and to work to reverse global warming.

Carbon sequestration in soil is the only known way to reverse global warming.  AgLantis (501c-3) offered classes on our urban farm to teach people how to protect increase soil microbes and thereby sink carbon in their soil.  These include organic soil management, keeping soil covered with cover crops or other crops, using integrated pest management to reduce death to soil microbes and other beneficial insects and animals, and permaculture which is a philosophy and set of principles for growing plants which has been used to regreen desert lands because it is so powerful.

Sequestering carbon in soil is the only way to reverse global warming. We must protect soil microbes which utilize atmospheric carbon dioxide and sink it into the soil. This event was organized by Dr. Carolyn Phinney, the President of AgLantis, to teach the community how to protect their soil with cover crops and integrated pest management. The greater Bay Area throws away about 1 trillion gallons of treated waste water that could be recycled and reused.  The CoCo San Sustainable Farm will demonstrate the value of recycled water by growing Salads for Schools and the Food Bank on 15 acres of public buffer land. Growiing fresh produce locally reduces the carbon footprint of food.  We reduce four of the major costs of production by using essentially free land, free water, free fertilizer (the water is high in nitrogen and phosphorus), and free transportation (from the Food Bank).

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