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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Ciudad de San DiegoCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 7

Photo de Jose Caballero

Jose Caballero

Small Business Owner
6,339 votos (17.32%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Enact rent control. Support small businesses while raising the minimum wage. End homelessness in San Diego.
  • Fix our streets and infrastructure. End corporate subsidies, and say NO to public money for the Chargers stadium.
  • Fund and implement the Climate Action Plan and water conservation measures. Develop a river park corridor through Mission Valley.



Profesión:Small Business Owner, Veteran
Owner, True Empire Productions (2015–current)
Campaign Manager, Kevin Beiser for School Board 2014 (2014–2014)


San Diego State University Bachelors of Arts, Political Science (2014)


I was born and raised in a small town in Texas where I learned the importance of strong family values and love for my country. After high school, I was accepted into the prestigious Naval Nuclear Power School, where I became a nuclear engineer for the United States Navy.  I served honorably in the Navy for six years.  Four of those years I was based here in San Diego as a reactor operator for the USS Ronald Reagan. I did four deployments in the hostile waters of the Gulf, in support of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

After leaving the Navy, I went to the exceptional San Diego State University to receive my degree in political science.  During college I started truly getting involved in our community.  For example, I have been a mentor for under-privileged youth and have organized multiple environmental cleanups across the city.

I also became politically active, to ensure progressives across this city become elected.  My most recent achievement was as Campaign Manager for Kevin Beiser’s successful citywide campaign for school board.  I successfully managed and executed what was required to win that citywide campaign.

I am running for City Council from District 7 because I love this city. I have lived here for 10 years now, and I see a city full of amazing people. But we face many challenges, particularly in our economy, environment, and transportation system. I am a progressive democrat. Together we can change those challenges into opportunities to create a stronger, more resilient city that leads the nation in tackling tough issues.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Kevin Beiser - San Diego Unified School Board trustee

Organizaciónes (8)

  • San Diego Young Muslim Democrats
  • Green Party of San Diego County
  • Pacific Beach Democratic Club
  • Uptown Democratic Club
  • La Jolla Democratic Club
  • La Mesa - Foothills Democratic Club
  • Veterans Democratic Club of San Diego
  • San Diego Progressive Democratic Club

Individuos (4)

  • Sue Braun - Former San Diego Unified School Board Trustee
  • John Hartley - Former San Diego City Council Member / Clean Elections Campaign
  • Derek Casady - Organizer for Climate Mobilization / President of the La Jolla Democratic Club
  • Masada Diesenhouse - Organizer / Administrator of

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-San Diego River Park

-Livable Streets

-Sustainable Development

-Fiber Internet

-Sustainable Infrastructure

San Diego River Park

We are standing up against the public subsidy for a new stadium for the Chargers. I will push the city to create a river park that would including the stadium land. The Park would go from the Qualcom area, through Mission Valley, to River Walk Golf Club and Fashion Valley. The park will serve as a place for people to recreate, relax, and bring their kids. In addition, it will protect our waterways, plants and wildlife. From the stadium site itself, I propose partnering with SDSU to build more classrooms and a smaller stadium for their use. The rest of the park will be devoted to the river and public recreation and education.

Livable Streets

In 2014, 88 people died in San Diego County after they were hit by cars while walking in our city. These deaths are avoidable, and it is completely unacceptable that we have not taken more aggressive action to create livable streets. I will fight for a network of barrier bike lanes and covered biking parking areas. I will fight for pedestrian overpasses over major roads, instead of dangerous crosswalks. I will fight to create plans and funding for a subterranean light rail system. We can avoid all street mortality's of pedestrians and bicyclists, and should make that a priority. Encouraging walking and bicycling is good for the environment, good for public health, and good for the construction jobs that revamping our streets will create.

Sustainable Development

San Diego also has the potential to support hundreds of well-paid jobs in solar energy and sustainable development. We need to build neighborhoods powering neighborhoods, and build a set of infrastructure that places power and money back in the hands of residents, instead of utility companies. We can do this through installing rooftop solar panels, green roofs, and sustainable infrastructure. I will encourage the City and County to partner with existing solar training institutes to provide trainees with well-paid entry-level jobs building solar infrastructure for the City and residents. We will also pursue sustainable building codes. All repairs we do to city streets and parking lots, and all new construction, should be permeable asphalt that will reduce runoff and conserve water.

Fiber Internet

It’s no secret that when it comes to streets San Diego has a rough ride. We were recently ranked 8th worst in the nation for our roads, costing each driver $843 a year in maintenance costs. Currently, we are charged exorbitant rates from internet companies for basic internet services. We can do better.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently decided that cities can set up municipal internet services, which means San Diego could join cities from Seattle to Baltimore in setting up our own system. We can deliver lightning fast fiber internet. The downside to this is it requires ripping up streets to install. However, our streets need repair anyway, so we can install services at the same time. We can prioritize public places such as libraries, schools, and parks, and eventually expand basic service to every home for free, as Google Fiber has done in Kansas City. The cost could be tied to internet fees, so residents get additional services instead of profits going to big companies like AT&T, Cox, and Time Warner Cable.

We have the potential to lead the charge in the state of California for providing the fastest and most affordable internet, and use that money to help pay for our crumbling infrastructure.  Let’s stand as a city and take ownership of our internet and fix our roads in the process.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Creating sustainable infrastructure ties into all of our priorities. Installing solar energy panels throughout the city brings high quality, high paying jobs to the area. Repairing roads and parking lots with porous asphalt reduces runoff, storm-water pollution, and flood damage, while also repairing our roads and making San Diego a better place to travel. Increased public transit infrastructure reduces congestion, improves ease of access around the city, and serves lower income communities. Green buildings require local building materials and so support jobs here in California. For all these reasons, all of our new buildings and infrastructure should be built in the most sustainable way we can. Sustainable infrastructure is simply the right thing to do.

Ending Homelessness


This shows how we are going to strat solvining the issue of homelessness

Ending Homelessness  

Not only do renters struggle, but too many people find themselves without a home at all. Worst of all, an estimated 17% of people homeless in the City of San Diego are veterans, who served our country honorably but are now left to fend for themselves on the streets. Nationally, as many as 50,000 veterans are homeless in January. In addition, in San Diego, 23% of our homeless population suffer from chronic mental illness. We can do better. We can end homelessness. For example, Virginia recently became the first state in the nation to effectively end veteran homelessness; Las Vegas and two cities in New York state have done the same. It is time San Diego steps up to do the same, for all people. I will fight for a program to find, house, and provide social support to any homeless person in our city.

In addition, I will follow the example of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the city recently implemented a program to end pan handling. Instead of punishing people, the city sends a bus from street corner to corner to find people and employ them for the day in service of city projects. At the end of the day, when people collect their pay, they can be connected with social services to identify and address any underlying issues that resulted in the person being on the street in the first place. A program like Albuquerque’s results in a cleaner, more beautiful city. It inspires people by giving them a sense of pride from doing something meaningful. It gives an opportunity to connect people in need with services. It’s just the right thing to do.

Economic Justice


Peoeple in San Diego need someone to stand up for the people without a voice.  I will ensure that Economic Justice is a prority!

Economic Justice  

Our economy just isn’t working for too many people. Too many of us are working two, or even three jobs, just to pay the bills and get by. Parents are left with no time for their children, or children go hungry as families are forced to make tough choices. Enough is enough! It’s not right, and we can do better.

Raise the Minimum Wage

As City Councilman, I pledge to fight to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour for employees of every company that wants to do business in San Diego. Major cities such as Portland and Seattle have already done so, and seen their economies grow as a result. We can too. More money for employees means more people will buy that little something extra and stimulate our economy. Raising the minimum wage is good for the economy, and good for working class families across the city. Enough is enough – it is past time to have a living minimum wage!

Start Rent Control

Average rent in San Diego county is over $1500 a month, and has been increasing by between 5 and 20% per year. Meanwhile, wages are growing by only about 1 to 2% locally. New luxury apartment buildings are being built, while countywide we still have a backlog of demand for affordable studio and one-bedroom apartments. The vacancy rate for apartments in San Diego is about one third of the national rate of 7%, and San Diego is fast becoming one of the most expensive places to live in the country. This discourages people from moving to our city; precludes home ownership for most workers; and creates congested roads and transportation issues as people are forced into long, difficult commutes.

I pledge to fight for city-wide rent control. Too many families cannot find stable housing in the neighborhoods they want to live in, or families are pushed out of apartments where rent goes up at rates far faster than inflation. I will support the formation of tenant associations and the building of low-income housing in multiple use communities. I will push the county to double the number of apartment units approved per year, so we can meet the estimates of what the county needs to keep up with demand. No family who pays their rent on time every month for a year deserves to be kicked out of their home just so large property management companies can increase their profit margins.

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