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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
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Partido Republicano del Condado de Monterey — Partido RepublicanaCandidato para Comite Central del Condado, Distrito 5

Photo de Jeffrey Weston Gorman

Jeffrey Weston Gorman

Small Business Owner
5,026 votos (10.51%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • My goal is to reinvigorate the original spirit of the Republican Party - Freedom and Fairness.
  • Republicans freed the slaves and voted in the 19th Amendment for Universal Sufferage - we should be proud!
  • My only priority is to encourage and support great candidates like Casey Lucius to improve our political system!



I was born and grew up in Monterey.  After Monterey High, I went to Berkeley for college, working each summer to pay bills.  Upon graduation, I began a career in San Francisco using my education in government policy to analyze Latin American debt restructuring, European monetary policy and the various effects on interest rates, debt levels and bond prices.  One noteworthy period during that time was the 1994 "Contract with America" congressional election.  Up until that time, interest rates had been climbing and a new term "Bond Vigilantes" was coined.  The day of that election, the interest rate environment changed, a new congress was sworn in, and serious negotiations were begun to balance the Federal Deficit.  Another noteworthy experience of my early post college years was an internship at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  At that time, President Clinton was planning to give China "Most Favored Nation Status" and put them on the fast track (ahead of Yeltsin's Russia) for World Trade Oranization membership.  Major mistake.

In 1997, I determined to move home to Monterey.  I had a vision of making a family and reconnecting with my roots.  I began work in the Financial Advice, personal investing services business.  While it has been a rocky road in the investing world, 2009 proved to be a good time to found my own sole proprietorship in my chosen profession.  I maintain my office in Downtown Monterey.  I live just up the hill with my wife, daughter and two dogs.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política


I went from Monterey High School to UC Berkeley's College of Chemistry in 1986.  I knew Lincoln was a Republican, Reagan was a Republican and the Soviets' way of running the world was backward.  Arriving at UC Berkeley, I was in for a culture shock in at least three ways.  First, I was a small town kid from Monterey suddenly in the Bay Area Metropolis and ill prepared.  Second, while I literally slept through Monterey High, Berkeley required studying.  But third and most importantly, I heard many complaints against the United States.  Some of those grievances were legitimate but nearly all were subject to hyperbole, distortion and deceit.


During my time there, as the cold war was ending, I could see that the enemy of freedom was far from vanquished.  When I was one year old, the United States put a man on the moon, yet 50 years later we still cannot feed the poor.  In places like Mogadishu, the problem isn’t “globalization” or “capitalism,” it is tyranny.


If elected to serve the Monterey County Republican Party, I pledge to work through tired days of overbooked schedules for candidates who will be honest and sincere about the direction this community needs to head.  The financially successful are not the problem.  The hardworking “bureaucrat” is not the problem.  The lack of new ideas, the stifling of dissent and the cozy cronyism of a one party state is the problem.


The Republican Party here and throughout California has an important role to play in checking the power of the Democrats and offering constructive solutions to our burgeoning problems.  I believe we Republicans can and must challenge the Democrat Party’s philosophy, eliminate any distortion and lead our towns and our State on the true course toward freedom.


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