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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Condado de SonomaCandidato para Supervisor, Distrito 5

Photo de Mary "Marion" Chase

Mary "Marion" Chase

Economic Eligibility Worker
475 votos (1.5%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Affordable Housing for both new Home Owners and Renters/Just Cause Eviction
  • Infrastucture and Emergency Services in the Unincorporated areas of the 5th District.
  • Addressing Solutions for those who are Chronically Homeless



Profesión:Eligibility Worker for Medi-cal and CalFresh AKA Food Stamps.
Eligibility Worker II for Medi-cal and CalFresh, County of Sonoma (2013–current)
Pharmacy Technician, Wal-mart (2008–2013)
Pharmacy Technician, Radius Pharmacy New Zealand (2007–2008)
Pharmacy Technician, Sonoma Developmental Center (2003–2007)


Pharmacy Industry Training Organisation New Zealand Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician - 2 year Degree (2007)
Boston Reed and Santa Rosa Junior College Certified Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician (2003)
Santa Rosa Junior College Associate of Arts , General (1985)


My name is Marion Chase, and I am running for Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for the 5th District.  I am a native of the 5th District. My partner & I have owned a home here for the past 16 years.

People ask me “Why are you running? You're not a politician.” My response is “You are right.  I am not a politician.” I am not running as a politician, but rather as someone whose heart and life is here.
My earliest childhood memories involve going out to Doran Beach and Armstrong Woods.  In my 20s and 30s you could find me spending many of my weekends in Guerneville.  I want to preserve all that is beautiful in the 5th District while finding ways to improve our overall quality of life. To accomplish this, we need someone who does not just think outside the box, but someone who doesn’t even see the box. I do not see what can or cannot be done, but rather what needs to be done. I believe the 5th District has been neglected by the full Board and will endeavor to change that.
We are at a crossroads in our County.  I believe we need to seek balance. There are lots of voices representing special interests and businesses. I will be the voice for the homeless – the small business owner – the environment. I believe that corporate entities must be responsible neighbors. I believe growth is important, but not if it comes at the expense of the environment. Wineries and vineyards are an integral part of our District, but we need to assure that they are good stewards of the water resources and streams. Tourism is an essential part of our economy, so we must be sure that our infrastructure can sustain growth in tourism.

I hear “you will make a great Supervisor, once you get more experience.” What does that even mean? If you are like me, you have applied, at some point, for a job that requires certain qualifications or Life Experience equivalent to that qualification. I believe I meet the Life Experience in lieu of qualifications.
I was a Pharmacy Technician for 10 years. I worked at the Sonoma Developmental Center for 4 years. I was also fortunate enough to be hired over the phone to work as a Pharmacy Technician in New Zealand for 1 year. Pharmacy Technicians in New Zealand must go to school for a 2 year program. I qualified by taking and completing all 27 assessments in a 4 month period, while working full time. I completed the process for both a Work Visa and Residency Visa, in order to bring my partner with me.. I have a true understanding of what is involved in working and gaining residency in a foreign Country.

I have worked in Economic Assistance (Medi-Cal/CalFresh) for almost 3 years. I see on a daily basis that there is still income inequality in Sonoma County. There are more than 110,000 people in Sonoma County on Medi-cal. This is the equivalent of the 5th District. Sonoma County has between 12,500 and 13,000 families on CalFresh. These numbers reflect families, not individuals. We have families living out of their cars. We have homeless families split up because they are unable to find a place where they can all live together. I find this unacceptable.
My focus will be Infrastructure, Homeless and Housing.

We need to improve our infrastructure while interest rates are still at historic lows. We need to find innovative ways to pay for this. By investing in infrastructure, we are investing in our Future.
I want to see the Transient Occupancy Tax increased 3%. This revenue MUST be dedicated to the community it came from. If the revenue comes from Guerneville, it must stay in Guerneville. If the revenue comes from Bodega, it must be allocated to Bodega. These funds will then be used for improving roads, as well as Emergency Services for the area.  These special Districts will determine what the priority is for their community.  I recommend this, because communities in the unincorporated areas of the County cannot assess a sales tax. Currently funding for emergency services in the unincorporated districts is based on whether they existed prior to or after Proposition 13. This has led to Fire Stations, only miles apart, having very different funding.  I will push for a daily fee or by the mile fee be charged to all vehicles rented in the County by non-residents. These funds will be dedicated to paying for a Road Preservation Bond. When Recreational marijuana is legalized, we can place a tax on that as well, with a portion of that revenue going towards infrastructure and affordable housing.

We need to bring High Speed Internet access to Guerneville and beyond-to the Coast. Access to High Speed Internet allows businesses to expand. It also improves communication for the Sheriff's Department.

We cannot merely warehouse our homeless into shelters or housing that does not offer resources. There must be services nearby (Mental Health - Counseling) – including a bus line nearby or a dedicated shuttle (run by volunteers) that assures they can get to appointments and services (Employment and Training – Healthcare – Social Services).
We need to work collaboratively with the private sector to create more accommodations - such as the Palms Inn on Santa Rosa Ave. This is a perfect example of what great things we as a community can accomplish, when we work together. We need to take underutilized buildings in the County (including County owned properties) and configure them into affordable apartments to help ease rental shortages. 

What we need is the will to get this done. We need to be more concerned about building ourselves up, instead of tearing others down. We need to be more concerned about doing what is best for our County and the 5th District than what is politically expedient.

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