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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
Party Committee

Partido Republicano del Condado de San Diego — Partido RepublicanaCandidato para Comite Central del Condado, Distrito 75

Photo de Debbie Lenson

Debbie Lenson

13,947 votos (10.61%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • to interview and vet Candidates for endorsements
  • to research issues and initiatives, before voting at the County Monthly Meetings
  • to do my best to represent the citizens of the 75th Assembly District



Profesión:retired Dental Assistant/Office Manager former Restaurant Manager, politically active, working on many campaigns
member, San Diego County Republican Central Committee — Cargo designado (2014–current)
director, Community Outreach to Protective Services at Neighborhood Church — Cargo designado (2005–2009)
Chairside Assitant/ Office Manager, Dr. Robert Portillo (1991–2008)
Cake decorator/ Deli/ checker, Lucky's-Albertson's Markets (1991–2000)
Owner Family Day Care, Self-employed (1981–1991)
Manager, Host International LAX (1977–1978)
waitress - Manager, Sambo's Restaurant (1972–1977)


Los Angeles College of Medical and Dental Assistants, Sambo's Management Program, UCLA Extension course Restaurant Manag Certificate for Registered Dental Assistant, , Anatomy, Biology, Business, Accounting (1978)

Actividades comunitarias

Founding Member, program and communications director, North County Conservatives (2008–current)
member, The Escondido Republicans Club (2014–current)
member, Escondido Republican Womens Federated (2014–current)
supporter, Election Integrity Project (2011–current)
Director , Patriots Coalition of San Diego (2013–2015)


I am an LA transplant, came to San Diego 38 years ago. I married a man with 1 boy and then had more 2 sons.  I had a Family Day Care for 10 years while my boys were young so I could be home with them and still have some income.  When they were in school most of the day I went back to work.  My marriage was failing, husband was an alcoholic.  I became a single Mom, working 2 jobs 50+ hrs a week.  Time management was my specialty.  I enjoyed my 2 jobs being back in a Dentist office using my training.  I had become very good at Cake decorating, and was hired by Lucky's Market in the Bakery. I was transferred to another store where Bakery/Deli was together. I loved the creativity of working with the food whether it was cakes, or deli platters.  I excelled at both jobs, becoming the Office manager in the dentist office and promoted to checker at the market.  I became an expert on Dental Insurance, loved the challenge of getting approval for my patients treatment plans. I met my current husband, Bob, in a Christian Singles group. We married in 1999.  I left the market and retired from dentistry when my older brother's health brought him to live with us.  Bob and I bought some dirt and began to build a house 17 years ago, and it's true a house is never finished. 

¿Quién apoya a este candidato?

Organizaciónes (1)

  • California Republican Assembly

Funcionarios electos (1)

  • California Senator Joel Anderson

Individuos (1)

  • Thomas Del Beccaro, Candidate for US Senate

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I am a Conservative.  I was young and dumb and influenced by the late 60's, but when I matured, grew up and began to see how things really are in this world, I changed to being very conservative.  I want less government, I want the freedom and liberty that is guaranteed in our Constitution.  I have been working on campaigns for at least the last 20 years.  I listen to talk radio, read books to educate myself, attend political events.  Do what I can to inform the people around me.  Bob and I were part of a group of people that founded North County Conservatives, and we are still the driving force in that group.  We spend our Friday nights at Cruisin Grand in our booth, gathering signatures for petitions, we hand out information and have books to educate available.  We are called to be Salt and Light in this world to do what we can to make a difference in our community and this world.  We try to encourage more people to get out of the stands and into the game, Being part of Central Committee has given me another opportunity to know what going on in the Republican Party and to represent the people of my district. to sum it up the Bigger the government the smaller the citizen.  I want more Calvin Coolidges and less Woodrow Wilsons.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

The Bigger the Government the smaller the Citizen, No hyphens, we are ALL Americans


We have been given the power, let's use it before it's too late. What kind of American do you want to be?

God has planted in our hearts the desire to be free.  Our founding fathers knew this and stated it in our Constitution, our unalienable rights.  We want to be left alone, and don't touch our stuff!  Our Country has been under attack for a hundred years as the Progressives have chipped away at our freedom.  We are the proverbial frog in a pot with the temperature rising ever so slowly.  They have gone after our Educational system we no longer teach basics but it has turned into indoctrination centers, teaching our children that America is BAD, that Big Government is the answer to all our problems, not to be self-reliant, this is also diminishing our creative/inventive nature. I want to encourage more people to educate themselves, and their children.  We need to turn things around, to stand up to the corrupt system our Government has become.  We the People have to insist on the Truth, whether it is about What happened in Benghazi or Climate Change.  Too many special interest groups are dictating how it is, when it isn’t that way at all.  We are to take good care of this planet, we all want clean air, clean water, but NOT to sacrifice all our liberties in the name of the environment.  There needs to be a balance.  Government is there to keep us safe, not to control EVERY aspect of our lives.  We the People with some common sense thinking need to unite, no hyphens, I don’t care what country you or your ancestors came from, you’re here now, be an American work to keep the American dream available for more people.  Elect good, honest, conservative people, hold them accountable to the promises that they made.  Shrink this monster called government.  We especially need to keep country strong, independent, not giving our sovereignty up to the United Nations.  We are NOT Global citizens, we are Americans! 

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