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June 7, 2016 — Elecciones Primarias de California
Party Committee

Partido Republicano del Condado de San Diego — Partido RepublicanaCandidato para Comite Central del Condado, Distrito 79

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John Moore

7,664 votos (8.53%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • More Jobs, change California's punitive regulations that have driven 1,500 companies to other States.
  • More Water, develop long delayed new reservoirs to provide more and less expensive water so the next drought won't cause another shortage. California can gather enough rain in the cyclical wet years to carry through the cyclical drought years.
  • Proposition 13 protects our most vulnerable elderly and fixed income residents. I will fight against all efforts to modify or repeal Prop. 13.

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Organizaciónes (2)

  • California State Republican Party
  • Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association-PAC

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Filosofía política

I am not a professional politician but a retired businessman. It seems clear that the professionals aren't addressing the pressing concerns of our citizens in the 79th Assembly District. Our young families need more economic opportunities, jobs, not fewer. Unfortunately current California legislation has imposed regulations that have driven 1,500 companies to other states and the jobs left California with them. Those regulations must be changed to reverse the flow of jobs back into California.

Our middle and lower income families are enduring sharply increasing costs for the necessities of life, such as water, food, gasoline and electricity. Sacramento has become perversely insensitive to the increasing financial burden its water policies, utility taxes and fees put on the average income earners. Those water policies must be modified for the benefit of middle and lower income residents and food producers, the utility taxes and fees likewise reduced.

Proposition 13 provides security to our elderly and fixed income residents. Yet Sacramento remains tone deaf to their needs and wants to whittle away at Prop. 13 to gather more revenue from those least able to afford it. This is cruel and I won't support any legislation to modify or repeal Prop. 13.

I respect and cherish the Constitution and that includes the 2nd Amendment. Sacramento should focus its efforts on criminal arrest, prosecution and incarceration not law abiding gun owners. It isn't the law abiding who are committing the murders, rapes, robberies and terrorist attacks.

One legislator cannot change laws alone but can give a voice to the forgotten citizens and remind, even browbeat legislators to do their sworn duty to the people that elected them. Several legislators together can change laws. So urge your friends in other districts to elect more like me.

Help us to awaken Sacramento from its insensitivity to the detrimental effects its regulatory policies and taxes are having on our residents.

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