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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de ChicoCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Jeffrey S. Glatz

Jeffrey S. Glatz

Business Consultant
6,541 votos (5.56%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Safety - every candidate will tell you this is their top priority, but it should have always been their top priority and it has not been reflected in their support of the police or their public safety voting record
  • Economic Growth - our economy needs to grow, but in the right way. we need to create an environment that is not only business friendly but family friendly and a city that is destination for young professionals
  • Fiscal Responsibility - we can not deficit finance a local government. strong fiscal controls need to be in place which take care of our cities needs but also create reserves in anticipation of typical economic cycles that will happen in the future



University of Texas at Austin BBA with Honors, Double Major - Finance and International Business (1989)


Jeffrey has been a Chico resident for 15 years and lives in the downtown historic area with his wife, Joni German, and their dog, Kipling.   He and Joni have helped raise their 4 nieces and nephews since Joni’s brothers passing about 10 years ago.  He has been a staple at high school football games over the years for their nephews.    

He and Joni moved to Chico from Los Angeles where Jeff was a Producer and owned his own Production Company, producing award winning Image Campaigns and Upfronts for networks such as Animal Planet and Discovery Communications.   He worked on countless television commercial campaigns from Toyota to Diet Coke.  He started his work in the entertainment industry as a financial analyst for TriStar Pictures and then went to work at one of the largest talent agencies in the US.  He worked with the Head of the Motion Picture Department with the likes of Bruce Willis and Danny Glover.   Jeff moved on to be part of the founding team for Planet Hollywood where he was responsible for the acquisition of all the film and television memorabilia for the successful restaurant chain owned by Arnold Schwarzengger, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.    Jeff became a Producer in his own right and started his own Production Company.  He was hired as a consultant by Fortune 50 companies such as ExxonMobil andPepsiCo for his knowledge of commercial film production and managing multi-million dollar budgets.    

Currently, he is a business owner with Joni, in Old River Road.  Old River Road is a leading home décor and accessories manufacturer, whose clients include, and have included; Williams-Sonoma, Frontgate, Nordstrom, Dillards, Sur la Table, Crate & Barrel, Walt Disney, Tommy Bahama and many more.  They manufacture products here in Chico, that are American Made, as well as import goods from overseas that are all designed by Joni.

Jeff grew up in the metropolitan area of Washington DC and had been around politics all his adolescent life.    He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin Business School with Honors in International Business and Finance.  Jeff moved to Los Angeles after graduation and took a job with Merrill Lynch to be an Institutional Trader.  Having a strong interest in the entertainment industry, he shortly moved on to begin his 20 year career in the film and television industry.

His unique background is one of Jeff’s biggest assets for a City Council Seat.  Having lived in large cities most of his life, he chose the uniqueness and small town charm of Chico.  Jeff feels that many life long residents sometimes do not understand the gift they have in Chico.  It boasts one of the largest city parks in the nation, a vibrant and creative community and a small town feel that is so hard to find in America.  He feels we are in danger of loosing this uniqueness and hence we all will suffer if Chico falls into the hands of those that do not understand what they have and allow the continual slide that is affecting all our public safety and destroying the economic foundation that Chico must have to thrive going forward.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I got involved with the idea of running for Chico City Council because I was upset and disappointed in the City Councils we have had over the past number of years and thought I could make a difference.  

While we are on finally on the right track we have a long way to go.  

I have met with many of the city leaders over the past couple of weeks and what I have learned is just depressing and disheartening.  

We are not even close to being at a public safety level that should be acceptable to the public.  Our children are not safe, our students are not safe, our neighbors are not safe.  I do not want to just have an average staffed level at the police force, which we still do not have, but an above average staffing.  I want Chico to be one of the most family friendly and safe communities in America, as it once was.   

I have come to learn that Politics plays a huge role in our local government which is supposed to be and must be non-partisan.  National Political Agendas should not be a part of our community no matter how strongly you feel about them.  Each local community is different and has its own unique challenges.  

If there is one thing i want to leave you with it is the knowledge that i will support ordinances that help our Police in their efforts to acquire additional tools for the safety and protection of your families and community.

I will not make a National Civil Liberties Campaign and the rights of the criminals more important than the safety of citizens like you and me or the family that lives behind us for example, whose house was broken into while their children slept by people who were living in the park.  My wife was attacked by a hypodermic needle wielding drug user hours before a Saturday Movie Night in the Park.  Shootings in areas where our students live.   It all must stop.  Everyone here knows someone that has been a victim of the criminals living in our town.  I would like to ask you to look past national agendas and vote for the candidates that are looking to protect your safety, your families and our communities.  Candidates that also understand Chico is unique, creative and beautiful city.


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