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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de EmeryvilleCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Louise Engel

Louise Engel

Businesswoman/Urban Planner
1,389 votos (13.63%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Focus on City finances to assure a solid infrastructure with public services to support our growing population: public safety – police and fire; and transportation – streets, transit, parking and innovations - charging stations for electric cars.
  • Support our business community: small and large.
  • Work together on affordable housing to assure a home (renting or ownership) for people of all ages.



Profesión:Business Woman: Consultant/ Project Management
Owner/ President: Consultant and Project Manager, M.P. Dreams, Incorporated (1999–current)
Senior Environmental/ Planning Project Manager, RBF Consulting, San Jose, CA (2005–2006)
Associate Strategic Planner/Engineering Environmental, Port of Oakland, Oakland, CA (1989–2002)
Consultant Contracts, The Clorox Company: Oakland and Pleasanton, California; Cleveland, Ohio (1985–1988)
Senior Planner, Economic Development: Commercial Properties/Airport/Seaport, Port of Portland, Oregon (1980–1983)


American Institute of Certified Planners: Certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners: A.I.C.P., Professional, national certification within the urban (city) planning discipline. (current)
University of California Extension: Berkeley, Davis and San Francisco Ongoing Professional Development, coursework to maintain credentials., Management, Communications, Supervision, CEQA, HazMat, Wetlands, EIS/EIR, NEPA, Legal, Transportation Impacts (2006)
Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA College courses., Cost/Price Logistics & Operations Management (1994)
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA College Courses., Music Recording and Sound Reinforcement (1994)
Portland State University, Portland, Oregon Post Graduate coursework: Urban Planning, Law (land use, environmental and administrative); Boundary and engineering surveying; mapping and aerial photography. (1982)

Actividades comunitarias

Citizen Representative: Emeryville Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, City of Emeryville, Inter-Departmental Committee (2015–2016)
Emeryville Precinct Coordinator: 5 Voting Precincts, Alameda County Registrar of Voters (2016–2016)
Citizen Police Academy, Emeryville Police Department (2015–2015)
Vice President and Board Member, San Francisco Air Cargo Association (1996–1997)
Board Member, Oakland/Nakhodka, Russia Sister City Association (1992–1995)


Louise is skilled as a business woman/ owner of her small, consultant business. During the past 5 years, she provided estate management services to resolve issues faced by a family caring for the health and affairs of an elderly parent. Her business has maintained a license in Emeryville for 20 years.  Louise has resided as an owner within the Watergate residential complex on the peninsula near the Emeryville marina for over 22 years.

Louise has spoken before the Emeryville City Council, and at City Committees, bringing evidence to challenge proposals disruptive to our neighborhoods.

Louise resolved land use and environmental planning issues for Bay Area developments - housing, commercial, industrial, seaport and airport - in prior jobs for over 15 years. Louise managed services provided by teams of companies within the planning, transportation, environmental and engineering fields, as a project manager in both the public and private sectors.

Louise possesses experience successfully partnering with special interest groups, community organizations and governmental entities to achieve community benefits. Three examples follow. For two and a half years Louise was a representative to BART's City/County task force for the connector project from the Coliseum Station to Oakland International Airport. Through the task force work, the project gained Alameda County referendum approval. Transit riders now make a direct connection to the Airport.

Louise managed an inter-agency mitigation project creating an eight (8) acre public use site along Oakland's waterfront. The site contains a public park area, trail connection and natural habitat for migrating shorebirds by San Leandro Bay. As mitigation for a different development project, Louise achieved federal and state agency approvals, plus acquired funding to establish a 70 acre preserve in eastern Alameda County for the "Burrowing Owl", a protected bird species.

Louise is skilled balancing labor and management issues. As a consultant, Louise recently managed a coffee farm, with seasonal labor, for four years for a Hawaii client. In a prior job, Louise participated in labor negotiations as a union representative during contract renewal. The union membership also elected Louise as the union secretary.

Louise is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (A.I.C.P.) and the Association of Environmental Professionals (A.E.P.). Her skill sets give her hands-on knowledge for balancing stakeholder interests in civic affairs.

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Featured Endorsements

  • Emeryville Police Officer's Association

Funcionarios electos (1)

  • Nora Davis, Emeryville City Council, 28 years

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters—Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (4)

If you are elected, what would you like to achieve during your term in office?
Respuesta de Louise Engel:

Focus on City finances to assure a solid infrastructure with public services to support our growing population: public safety – police and fire; and transportation – streets, transit, parking and innovations such as charging stations for electric cars.

Support our business community: small and large.

Work together on affordable housing to assure a home (renting or ownership) for people of all ages.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the city?
Respuesta de Louise Engel:

Maintaining City finances to assure a solid infrastructure with public services to support our growing population: public safety – police and fire; and transportation – streets, transit, parking and innovations such as charging stations for electric cars.

How do you plan to balance the regional Planned Bay Area (ABAG/MTC) goals of Priority Development Areas (PDAs) with local needs of property owners, traffic/parking/congestion problems, and other local concerns?
Respuesta de Louise Engel:

The foundation for an Emeryville response to the regional goals for Priority Development Areas, is to have at the core, the base, Emeryville’s specific, individual, local circumstances in all respects as portrayed through the adopted plans, zoning and ordinances along with City decisions on on-going development approvals.


Considering the disintegration of local infrastructure, how can the city upgrade to meet the current regulatory requirements for clean air, and for clean water discharge into the Bay?
Respuesta de Louise Engel:

Emeryville is in full compliance with regulations pertaining to both “clean water discharge” into San Francisco Bay and air quality standards.

Clean Water Discharge into the Bay: Emeryville is in full compliance.

The City of Emeryville is in compliance with all environmental regulations.   The City just submitted their Annual Report for Emeryville’s Municipal Regional- NPDES Permit. The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) standards and requirements are established by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA.  Emeryville is meeting all the Municipal requirements including the newly-increased trash capture requirement. The City has to demonstrate that the City actions capture at least 60% of the trash that is being generated on the street before it reaches the storm drain system. Along with the federal requirements, the Regional Water Quality Board, for the San Francisco Bay region, establishes a complex set of regulatory criteria. Emeryville must analyze and produce regular reports that demonstrate, to that Board, compliance for discharge to the Bay waters through the City drainage systems.

Air Quality Standards: Emeryville is in full compliance.

As to compliance with air standards, Emeryville has permits for the very few fueling locations (Police and Fire).   Emeryville has up-to-date hazardous materials submittals in California’s State Environmental Reporting System, the CERS, formerly the Hazardous Materials Business Plan, the HMBPs. Where necessary, the City also has submittals for the Spill Prevention Counter Measures and Control plans, the SPCCs. 

Emeryville is a signatory to the U.S. Compact of Mayors and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy. Emeryville regularly reports Green House Gas emissions, the GHG, to both platforms listed as alternatives in that agreement.  The City is on track to meet the Year 2020, 20% Green House Gas emission reduction goal. That goal uses a per-capita measure, given Emeryville's huge population growth in recent years. City Staff will soon be presenting to the Emeryville City Council an updated Climate Action Plan. That Plan puts Emeryville on the path to meeting the Year 2030 goals as well as the Year 2050 targets. 

The information contained in this response to the questions, posed on clean water discharge and air quality, were provided to Louise Engel, by Emeryville’s Environmental Programs section within the Public Works Department, on October 11, 2016.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

A keystone of our community life, my first focus in our town, is Public Safety. It is essential to provide funds and resources for safe streets, neighborhoods, and business areas.  I would support policing based on a “guardian” rather than a “warrior” approach. I also support community policing that works with neighborhood residents to identify problems and to collaborate on implementing solutions meaningful to them. When we are safe, we can take the next steps to build trust and respect among the various cultures and ethnicities that enrich our community.

Safety extends to the City’s infrastructure and environment. We need to continue to provide adequate funds and resources to maintain the town’s services to our homes and businesses, such as streets, water, sewers and transit such as the Emery Go Round. The safety practices of the private service providers need to continue to be monitored—for example, gas and electric. Citywide daily maintenance combines with acquiring additional resources on a regional basis for emergency preparedness.

Our Emeryville community has undergone significant change in recent years. We face pressures for more change to the shape of our neighborhoods, our business sector practices and workforce. As we grapple with difficult issues, ongoing and future, I urge that we “step back” from the rigid “us/ them” corral that sometimes surrounds discussions. The challenge with differing opinions is to establish a foundation of continuing to talk with each other even when we “don’t like what we hear.” Our homes, businesses and jobs are here among people whom we know, whom we work alongside daily.

Working together, giving each stakeholder a “seat at the negotiation table” to devise solutions, we can work through difficulties toward beneficial outcomes. Working together, sharing each of our unique skills and perspectives that is a way to build a strong community – Emeryville – a community of people, you and me.



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