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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Candidato para Miembre de Junta

Photo de Meredith Meade

Meredith Meade

Community Volunteer
7,618 votos (34.73%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Updating the Strategic Plan: The district's five year Strategic Plan is up for renewal in 2017. The review and update of the Strategic Plan will be one of the board's main responsiblites this year.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Although the district continues to receive incrementally more each year through the LCFF, the funds are insufficient. New sources of revenue must be found while looking at ways to save without cutting programs and services.
  • Educating the "Whole Child": I firmly believe that it is the district's duty to educate the "whole child" which includes intellectual, physical, mental and emotional development and building resilence, compassion and responsibility.



Profesión:Community Volunteer
Past President, Lafayete Partners in Education — Cargo elegido (2016–current)
Secretary, Lafayette Swim Conference — Cargo designado (2016–current)
President, Lafayette Partners in Education — Cargo elegido (2014–2016)
Vice President, Lafayette Partners in Education — Cargo elegido (2013–2014)
President, Lafayette Elementary School PTA — Cargo elegido (2011–2013)


UC Berkeley Bachelor of Arts, History (1993)


As a lifelong California resident, I am a proud graduate of its public schools (K-12 in southern California and UC Berkeley, BA, History 1993) and a passionate supporter of education. Excellent schools are a key part of Lafayette’s thriving community, and I hope to use my knowledge and experience to help deliver our students the best educational experience possible.

My husband and I moved to Lafayette in 1999 and feel fortunate to be raising three children in this special community. I have been involved as a volunteer in the Lafayette schools and community since 2006. The experience I have gained from these roles makes me uniquely qualified to represent you as a Lafayette School District Governing Board Member.

I have also volunteered for local parcel tax campaigns and bond measures, serving as a school site chair in 2011 and a signatory in favor of Measure C, the recent bond measure passed for the upgrade and retrofit of Lafayette’s schools. I have worked collaboratively with representatives from other schools to improve traffic around our schools, helped bring afterschool classes to Lafayette Elementary and advocated for increased crossing guards and more safety measures around Stanley Middle School and Lafayette Elementary.    

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Funcionarios electos (4)

  • Jean Follmer, Lafayette School District Governing Board Member
  • Cameron Burks, Incoming Lafayette City Council Member
  • Nancy Wallace, Lafayette School District Governing Board Member
  • Craig Cheslog, incoming Acalanes School District Governign Board Member

Individuos (8)

  • Karen Mulvaney, Lafayette Citizen of the Year 2011
  • Toni McShane, Past Assistant Principal, Stanley Middle School & Lafayette Citizen of the Year 2014
  • Lynn & Dave Hiden, Past President, Lafayette Homeowners Council
  • Art Kappor, Past Lafayette School District Governing Board Member
  • Mary McCosker, Past Lafayette School District Governing Board Member & Lafayette Citizen of the Year 2003
  • Shayne Silva, Past Lafayette School District Governing Board Member
  • Tom Mulvaney, Past Acalanes Union School District Governing Board Memeber
  • Richard Whitmore, Past Acalanes Union School District Governing Board Member

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Candidacy for Lafayette Governing Board Member


This is adapted from a speech I gave at the Candidates' Forum sponsored by the Lafayette Homeowners Council on September 22, 2016.

I am honored and committed to be running for Lafayette School Board and would embrace the opportunity to serve as a Governing Board Member

The work that I have been doing for the past 10 years has been preparing me for this role. I think I am uniquely qualified for this position because I have an in-depth knowledge of how the Lafayette School District works, the opportunities that they have and the challenges that they face; I have a clear vision and ideas of how our district can move forward and educate our students with a “whole child” approach; and I am a hard worker and know how and where to research, look at possible outcomes and solutions, and implement ideas to get things done.

How do I have an in-depth knowledge of the district? While serving on Lafayette Elementary’s PTA Executive Board, I began working with the parent club presidents from Lafayette’s other schools. We looked at the disparity in funding that was happening at each school site, and working together, we equalized the level of financial support provided to each teacher for classroom supplies, and ensured funding for school libraries to be open during lunch time for students who wanted to access books, games and a quiet space during this time of day. We also worked together with Lafayette Partners in Education to implement our new fundraising model—creating less donor fatigue and a more reliable revenue source for the district. I have led school fundraisers, sat on a “safe routes to school” committee as well as a committee looking at the district’s gifted and talented program. I have visited classrooms to observe the workshop model, and have seen the benefits that our students are receiving from our teachers implementing strategies learned through conferences attended at the Columbia Teachers Reading and Writing College. I have observed the district budget process, and worked closely with the superintendant and assistant superintendent while I was president of LPIE to identify the needs of the district and the best use of LPIE funds.

What is my vision for our district? Anyone who has heard me speak as LPIE president over the past two years knows that I think Lafayette schools are among the best around. Our teachers are top-notch, our instruction is amazing, and the “extras” our district is able to provide, a credentialed health educator, art, music, and electives including Robotics, Wood Tech and Computer Programming at Stanley, are some of the things that make Lafayette schools special. But I also know that we have students that feel disenfranchised, or not able to keep up, and the technology–driven world that we live in makes it hard to navigate as a child and young adult. Lafayette Elementary was awarded a distinguished school award in 2014 and recognized for the work they do with their Assessment Walls. This is a tool that they use to track each student over the course of their time at the school—making sure their needs are being met, they are receiving extra services they may need, and that they are making progress as they matriculate each year. The program was so well-received that it has been adopted at the other three elementary schools. My hope is that the district would find a way to transfer the Assessment Walls to middle school, so that the teachers at Stanley would have the benefit of all of the work that the elementary schools have invested in our students. It will give the middle school teachers a leg up in knowing their students, and allow them to prepare for each child individually, making sure they are receiving the education that they need.

How do I work? I like to roll my sleeves up and delve into issues, research questions. But I also have a wide network to reach out to—I know parents, community members and kids representing all areas of Lafayette, I know many teachers in our district, I know the administrators, I know community leaders, I know the custodians, the district facilities manager. I know people who work in Sacramento who have knowledge of school funding and the problems that school districts face. I know the people that care about our schools.

I was struck recently when I was talking with friends about their time commitments these days. I think every person I know in Lafayette gives back in some way to make our community better—organizing their homeowners associations, volunteering for one of our local nonprofits, coaching one of our many kid’s sports teams, working in their child’s classroom or at a school activity, or volunteering for the city for city council or one of the city commissions. I think this is what makes our town great, it is why our family lives here, and why I am compelled to give back and serve as a governing board member for the Lafayette School District.

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