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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de RichmondCandidato para Consejo Municipal

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Courtland "Corky" Booze

6,494 votos (8.64%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • City Budget--When elected, I will complete The Terminal #1 Development which will help the lagging City Budget.
  • Crime / Public Safety--When elected, I will work with the Police Department and work to furnish them with the tools they need with a priority on cameras.
  • Jobs--When elected, I will address re-opening the doors of communication with UC Berkeley on the Richmond/Berkeley Global Campus Project.



Profesión:Teacher / Businessman
Businessman, Self-Employed (1971–current)
Council Liaison to the Richmond Housing Authority Advisory Commission, Richmond City Council — Cargo designado (2011–2015)
Council Liaison to the Recreation & Parks Commission, Richmond City Council — Cargo designado (2012–2015)
City Councilmember, Richmond City Council — Cargo elegido (2011–2015)
Vice Mayor, Richmond City Council — Cargo designado (2013–2014)


S.F. State University Administrative Credential, Counceling, V.A. Administration (1977)
U.C. Berkeley Extension Standard Designated Subjects (SDS) Credential , Vocational Education (1973)

Actividades comunitarias

(Lifetime Member - 54 Years), NAACP (1961–current)
Member - 10 Years, Moose Lodge (2006–current)
Member - 5 Years, Black Elected Officials (2011–current)
Member - 5 Years, California Black Caucus (2011–current)
Community Leader, Tent City Peace Movement (2006–2008)


I am a graduate from  Berkeley High School. My education was continued at U.C. Berkeley Extension and S.F. State University receiving certifications and teaching credentials in Counceling, Education, Vocational Training and Veteran's Programs.  I ran my family's business for many years in Berkeley, CA before becoming a self-employed businessman.  I relocated from Berkeley and moved my automotive business to Richmond.   I am an auto-mechanic and have taught auto mechanics to others (especially the youth).  I have been active in politics since the administration of the late/former Governor, Pat Brown.  My parents worked on his campaign and I followed and have never stopped fighting for equality and justice for ALL mankind.  I was successful in helping the residents of the Hacienda (Richmond Housing Authority) Development become an organized Resident Council get them relocated from  the squalor they were living in.  They are all now relocated to more decent, safe and sanitized environments.

I ran for a seat on the Richmond City Council in the 2010 campaign and was successfully seated in January 2011.  I worked hard at securing employment for Richmond residents. After loosing the 2014 election as an incumbent, I never stopped working in the Richmond community.  I have always availed myself to the public and to anyone who calls upon me for assistance.  I have never refused to help anyone!  Actiivism is one of my great qualities with core values that cause others to call on me.

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Organizaciónes (1)

  • Plumbers & Steamfitters Union-Local 342

Funcionarios electos (2)

  • Alameda County Supervisor, Keith Carson
  • Mayor, Dan Remono, Hercules, CA

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I am motivated to write and present my view(s) on the social issue of low-income households not having adaquate health care in America.  The need to expand affordable health care by employers, hospitals, insurance companies as well as government is necessary and needs improvement.  There are serious medical (physical and emotional) problems affecting the health of families.  Those who are really suffering are affected because they are unable to afford health care.

Insurance costs have increased to limits that have become unaffordable in impoverished communities and households.  Even moderate household incomes have a difficult time without health-care being subsidized.  With the rising costs of health insurance, I ask myself "what can low and moderate income families afford"?  Insurance companies charge more and offer less to the American consumer / household.

The point I wish to make is that health care is badly needed (for everyone).  It is not a privilege, it is a human and civil right. My observation is that insurance companies charge more and offer less to consumers as well as medical providers.  The population of people most affected who cannot and do not have affordable health care are those with conditions such as: high blood pressure; heart disease; strokes; asthma; diabetes; depression and cancer.  Dental care has also become unaffordable.  There are many more, but these are the ones I've focused on that really affect children, women, the elderly and disabled.  There are more children with diabetes and more women dying of cancer than there were 40 - 50 years ago!

Families struggle today to meet the high cost of health care premiums often causing them to neglect other family priorities.

Another element that is sad and I consider it a form of discrimination is when families are refused insurance and health care due to age, gender, pre-existing injuries and other illnesses.  Again, health care it is a HUMAN RIGHT not a privilege! I'm familiar with a family friend who lost her insurance coverage for health care because she had an aneurysm burst on her brain while she was on her job.  The costs to save her life caused the insurance company to disqualify / dis-enroll her as well as raise the company's insurance costs until they were forced to pay the increase or find another carrier.

Without adequate coverage or supplemental programs, our children and youth will continue to grow unhealthy.  Low and moderate income families will continue struggling to prioritize health care within their family budget(s).  Our elderly and disabled cannot and will not receive the "quality of life" necessary.

America (local, state, national) should continously look at and recommend "Health Care Reforms".  The American Health Reform Act seems beneficial to many Americans from the low and moderate families. I base my statement on the family and friends who have stated to me that they are now experiencing a "sense of relief".  

There are many kind hearted people who have donated / bequeathed money to hospital foundations for patients who could not afford health care that would increase or and edtend their life.

It should be the role of all elected officials (local, state, national) to view, review and get involved in the health care of their constituents.  We don't have to be on any special committee to do this.  We just need to recognize that health care is a Human Right and do all we can to meet "that" need of those less fortunate than ourselves.  I surely intend to!


Documentos sobre determinadas posturas



Most voter / citizens see government as being ran inefficiently and non-effectively.  When "Core Values" are implemented, seen and observed, then government and it's leadership can be respected.

For many decades, citizens declare government leadership and spending as wasteful.  To bring a sense of restoration to all levels of government, “Core Values” are necessary and important.

“Core Values” must first be implemented, seen / observed and demonstrated by Government Leaders.  Citizens must see “equality” and fairness from it’s leaders.  We live in troubled times where human dignity doesn’t seem to be respected.  Human trafficking is on the rise, deaths are inflicted on unarmed citizens.  There is really nothing new under the sun.

The “Core Values” that mean a lot to me are: Liberty, Equality, Individualism, Respect, Responsibility, Credibility and Integrity.

Liberty:  I believe ALL people should be free to think, speak and act

Equality: ALL people / citizens MUST be treated fairly with no discrimination.  They should have a say in how government is run with no interference.

Individualism: I believe that ALL people / citizens should be in control of their own lives and make decisions without any interference or influence from any organization or government.

Respect: I believe that ALL people are individuals and are important.

Responsibility: I believe that all government leaders as well as citizens should admit their mistakes without passing blame on others.  We all should admit what we cannot control.

Creditability: A sense of being trustworthy and dependable must be returned and restored to our communities, state and nation.  All leaders should be credible servants and should see themselves as servants and not giants!  The same people you meet while you “climb the ladder”, you will meet them as you “come down the ladder”.  When one lacks creditability, they are in a downward spiral.

Integrity:  Government leaders as well as citizens MUST be committed to their calling, work or tasks undertaken when serving in their leadership role Good governance must be enacted in unity with responsibility! When government (leaders, councils, supervisors) work in unity involving “the people” democratic principles and core values can and will be seen promoting a system of values among both groups for the good of both.

Public satisfaction of government and government officials is a MUST.  If “the people” have no confidence and see no “core values” in a candidate, they will not vote for you.  Voting gives “the people” a say in how their government runs things. America has an interest in the core values of its leaders because that leader and his or her vote determine the livelihood of “the people”.  People want to be assured that the leaders they are voting for have a genuine interest that will help the community and not hurt it.  One of the reasons “Core Values” are so important is because they promote genuine leadership and will produce genuine constituents.  Today, due to corruption and inefficiency, communities face many challenges.  Constituents are already challenged with poverty, lack of medical care as well as environmental and transportation issues.  Leaders are not effective in their endeavors unless and until they demonstrate core values.  Communities will then begin participating.  There must be “unity in the community”.

Effective “core values” can and will reduce and or eliminate a lot of criticism and will assist politicians from being critical of each other.  It will also keep “the people” from being so frustrated with government and its leaders.

I have based my Opinion Paper  of “Core Values” on the values I have been raised with and instilled in me from childhood.  I prepared this paper from discussions I’ve had with family, friends, people I’m around on a daily basis and people I meet.  I have always had an interest in what “the people” think about government, its leaders and why they think people don’t/won’t register to vote.  The answer I receive is “my vote doesn’t count”  or “I don’t trust politicians..they do more harm than good”.  Positive public perception declines when elected officials have no “core values”.  It is my endeavor to continue to dispel these thoughts. I want to see government leaders extend their “core values” to “the people”!  Once “core values” are honestly extended, there can and will be a reduction of public criticism.

Government is ran for the benefit of ALL people regardless of their race, creed, color or culture. Discrimination is so unfair.  A clean heart  and pure hand is a must for any and all leaders from the Church House to the White House.

Core Values help inspire others (colleagues, community, family, friends).  When demonstrated, they can make lives better and they bring success to and for those who had lost all hope in government and its leaders.


I conclude by stating a fact.  “Core Values” are essential in any kind of leadership. They help make effective and valid decisions.  Promoting “Core Values” will lead one into “Brotherly Kindness”, temperance, meekness, and most of all “SELF RESPECT”!

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