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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California
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Candidato para Director

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Chuck Toombs

918 votos (15.11%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • We must ask our community what kind of public services it wants and what it is willing to pay for them. We need to examine alternative costs for current services or determine if other, different services can be delivered more efficiently.
  • We must deal with upgrading the condition of our local community center and the local public safety building, and we need to find funding to make recommended repairs to enhance their safety.
  • Despite our Board's obligation to defend against claims against the District, when possible, we should find ways to settle such claims reasonably. We need to manage access to use of our legal resources to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política




I have served on our police board for 8 years: 3 ½ years as president, 6 years as chair and member of its finance committee, and 2+ years as chair of its park committee.




I bring incredible experience to this position-experience that we need now at this critical time as we plan for our future.




        I fought to keep our local police department, making our community the 5th safest community in California. We really are doing very well-folks. 




        I have vigorously pushed for increased traffic law enforcement, making the streets safe for our kids.




        I helped negotiate our current police contract with no net cost increases – all raises were offset by new officer contributions to health and pension benefits.




        I supported a reasonable state of the art franchise agreement with our waste hauler. If we want to add on services, such as composting, we must negotiate with the waste hauler for them!




        I co-wrote the guidelines for our citizen-driven Ad Hoc Committee to look at alternative ways to provide community services.




This election is a mandate on what the future of public services will look like for years to come as we decide whether or not to retain local police services, whether to continue with a combined GM/COP, and whether to manage our public services and tax dollars under one roof.


Regardless of our personal opinions on local issues, we must ask our community what kind of services it wants and what the community is prepared to pay for them. I fully intend to ask our community for guidance on its future, with polling and as necessary with an advisory vote.  It is unreasonable for a three-person majority of this Board to speak for all 5,000 residents in our town without fully considering the wishes of the entire community first.




And we have key issues we must face up to.  I do however want to share my personal views with you on three key issues now.  




A. Should we contract out?




I do not believe that contracting out is reasonable.  




         The cost savings may be illusory because replacement agencies charge more than we do for salaries and benefits.  And they have the same volatility in pension and health benefits costs. The only savings comes from reducing the number of officers on the street.  




         We will still need to buy vehicles and equipment and pay rent for a local office for the police.




         We have continuing pension plan liabilities for past services of between $2+ million and $9+ million based on when we pay them down.  




         We will lose control over future cost increases. 




B. Unification of the Police and Fire Districts




We should unify all public services (police, fire and emergency services) under one roof to better manage our tax revenues and to establish community wide budget and tax priorities.




Every adjacent community manages police and fire services under the control of a single city council, and city mayor or city manager and we should too.




We need to start thinking about what is best for our community…ultimately that is a community decision.




C. Separating the role of General Manager and Chief of Police




Separating the GM/COP position is admirable and I would love to see it occur. However the District has had one GM/COP for the past 60 years primarily because of the cost savings of having one person do both jobs and then report to our board which has ultimate authority over that job.




Ultimately all of these issues involve a determination on what kind of community we all want to live in and what we are prepared to pay for it. We as a community need to make that collective determination.






We have achieved a good police contract. We are ranked as the fifth safest city in California.  We are working to increase traffic safety to keep our kids safe.  We have a sustainable long-term waste hauler agreement. We have reached out and embraced the diversity of our community in our decision making.    




We have tough decisions we collectively must make as we decide how to deliver and manage sustainable community services.  We also have other issues to decide, such as the need to provide for a decent and safe community center and public safety building.  Above all else, we must find sustainable models for all of these services to insure that we can continue them all for the benefit of our community.




We must work together to reach these goals with respect, fairness, and cooperation.  We must find consensus out of so many different points of view. We are up to the task—I know it.




Democracy is messy, it is vital, and it does involve sharp elbows.  For the most part we get it right and things work. When we get it wrong and do harm, we all suffer.  I ask for your vote at this critical stage in the future of our town and I promise to walk with our community into the future. 




If you want to learn more, please like me on Facebook @


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