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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California
Distrito especial

Ramona Municipal Water DistrictCandidato para Director, Division 5

Photo de Gary Hurst

Gary Hurst

Ratepayer's/Taxpayer's Advocate
974 votos (31.49%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Eliminate sewer and water subsidies so customers "pay for what they get, and get everything they pay for."
  • Implement replacement cost analysis so capital expenses are proportional and predictable from year to year.
  • Protect public interests by stopping those with conflicts of interest from participating in decision-making on matters where they have conflicts.



Harvard Business School MBA (1972)
Cornell University BS, Engineering (1970)


20+ years experience as water company director and officer before moving to Ramona.

Harvard MBA and Cornell BS in Engineering.

Designed and installed dozens of information systems, including public sector fund accounting.

Chief operating officer at multiple publicly-held electronics corporations.

Fellow of American Production and Inventory Control Society.

20+ years experience as Homeowner's Association director and officer before moving to Ramona.

Authored dozens of commentaries and letters to the editor published in Ramona Sentinel.

Director and officer of multiple corportions.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Those who benefit from a service or the availability of a service must pay their proportional share, but no more, in accordance with California Constitutional requirement added by Propositon 218.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Objectives, Solutions, and Fiduciary Qualities


1.  Eliminate district subsidies of special interests by:

     Reforming charges, fees, and rates so customers pay for what they get and get everything they pay for,

     Implementing replacement cost analysis so annual water system finances like the separate systems they are physically, and

     Excluding those with conflicts of interest from participating in decision-making related to those conflicts.

2.  Ensure revenue sources grow at rates matching fund costs to sustain district finances without boom/bust cycles.

3.  Respect ratepayers and taxpayers by providing direct email between directors and constituents, weighing customer testimony at hearings equally with all other          testimony, and conducting hearings when most people can attend.

Manage the costs of potable and other water systems in separate funds so costs are not mixed and potable water customers do not pay for Ramona dam and lake, the "Malone account," the irrigation water distribution system, etc.

Reduce water rates to the price paid to County Water Authority to acquire water.

Determine fair and predictable annual capital expenses required to sustain fire/emergency, sewer, and water funds using replacement cost analysis.

Sell recycled water at the alternative source of supply price - County Water Authority - as recommended by Local Area Formation Commission.  This offsets the expense of recycling the water and reduces annual homeowner sewer assessments by nearly $300 per EDU (typical household).

Customers aren't getting everything they pay for, and paying only for what they get.  To do this, finacial reports must be restructured to:

     Separate funds for potable and other water systems,

     Show the subsidy effect of sweetheart deals by reporting discounts from published water prices, and

     Prevent "unfunded liabilities" by reporting currently accrued costs of contracts and long-term liabilities.

Some customers subsidize others.  To prevent this, water rates must be equal to the price paid to County Water Authority.

Recycled water cannot subsidize private ventures and must be sold at published rates.

Capital replacement and improvement expenses currently vary widely from year to year.  Replacement cost analysis must be used to calculate these expenses fairly and consistently.

I am the candidate in Division 5

     with the experience, knowledge, and skills required to implement reform of charges, fees, rates, and fianancial reporting,

     with no track record demonstrating indifference to ratepayers, taxpayers, and Prop 218,

     opposed to public subsidies of private ventures, and subsidies of one group of customers by another group,

     with no interests in conflict with the public interest and can represent constituents on all issues,

     that will restore the public trust and the role of Directors as leaders of public policy, and

     with the integrity to comply with all laws.

It will be my honor to represent the public interest to reform district finances.  More information on Facebook and at

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