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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

City of Fort Bragg
Measure AA Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

1,546 votos si (59.55%)

1,050 votos no (40.45%)

100% de distritos activos (19/19).

2,596 boletas electorales serán contadas.

Tot Increase
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Shall Ordinance No. 924-2016 amending portions of Chapter 3.12 of the Fort Bragg Municipal Code to increase the City of Fort Bragg's existing Transient Occupancy Tax (a bed tax paid when overnight visitors rent a room) from ten percent (10%) to twelve percent (12%) to fund public services and maintain public areas, effective April 1, 2017, which proposed rate increase and amendment is anticipated to raise an additional $400,000 per year in revenue and which will continue until repealed by the City Council or the city voters, be adopted?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

City Attorney

The City of Fort Bragg City Council has placed Measure AA on the ballot.  The measure asks the voters whether the City should raise the current Transient Occupancy Tax (“TOT”), also known as a bed tax, by two percent (2%).  Measure AA would also require City staff to issue an itemized report detailing the expenditures made from the additional funds.  If approved by a majority of the voters, the increase would become operative on April 1, 2017.

The City of Fort Bragg currently imposes a TOT at the rate of ten percent (10%) of the rent paid by guests to occupy a room or space in a hotel or other similar accommodation (“hotel”).  This measure would increase the TOT to twelve percent (12%).  The TOT is not paid by a Fort Bragg resident unless the resident stays at a hotel for less than thirty (30) days.

Measure AA is a general tax and may be used for any general governmental purpose.  All revenues would be placed in the City’s General Fund.  Measure AA requires the City’s Finance Director to keep account of how the proceeds of the 2% of the TOT added by Measure AA are used and to submit an itemized expenditure report to the City Council on an annual basis.

In order for the City to adopt the amendments to its Municipal Code described above, Measure AA must be approved by a majority of the votes cast by the voters voting on the ballot proposition.

A “yes” vote on Measure AA will authorize the amendments to the City’s Municipal Code described above.

A “no” vote on Measure AA will prohibit the City from adopting the amendments to its Municipal Code as described above.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

Vote YES on Measures AA and AB!  Tourism is a vital part of Fort Bragg’s economy.  Last year, visitors spent an estimated $90 million in Fort Bragg – providing essential support for local shops, restaurants, gas stations, lodging, grocery stores, and other attractions. Measure AA will help sustain and grow Fort Bragg’s tourism industry.


Measure AA will increase Fort Bragg’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) rate from 10% to 12%.  TOT is a tax paid by visitors to Fort Bragg, not local residents. It is a major revenue source for the City’s general fund and helps pay for core services like the police and fire departments, park maintenance and community development. Last year, Fort Bragg’s hotels, motels and B&Bs collected nearly $2 Million in TOT from overnight guests. Measure AA will result in visitors contributing an additional $400,000 per year in TOT.


Many northern California towns that are also tourist destinations have TOT rates in the 12% to 15% range. Increasing Fort Bragg’s TOT rate to 12% will generate funds to invest in activities that support year-round tourism. The City Council’s intended uses of the revenues generated by Measure AA are identified in Measure AB and include: a robust promotional and marketing campaign (including special events and festivals), improved maintenance and security for the Coastal Trail, support for development of the Noyo Center for Marine Sciences as a premiere visitor attraction, rehabilitation of the School District’s athletic fields, and funding for other special projects that support tourism and our community.


All Fort Bragg businesses and residents benefit from the many millions of dollars that visitors spend in our town. By investing in Fort Bragg’s tourism infrastructure, Measure AA will strengthen the entire local economy.


Vote YES on Measures AA and AB for Fort Bragg’s prosperous future!


s/Dave Turner, on behalf of the

Fort Bragg City Council

s/ Kim Queen, Owner

Emerald Dolphin Inn

s/Nancy Cardenas Fowler, Owner

Glass Beach Bed & Breakfast

s/Suhail Ahmad, Owner

Surf Motel & Gardens

s/Jon Glidewell, General Manager

Beachcomber Motel

Surf and Sand Lodge

Beach House Inn




Argumento EN CONTRA


Leer la legislación propuesta

Legislación propuesta

To receive the full text of the ballot measure, please contact:


June Lemos

City Clerk

City of Fort Bragg

416 N Franklin St.

Fort Bragg, CA  95437

(707) 961-2823 ext. 104

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