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November 8, 2016 — Elección General de California

City of Temple City
Measure AA - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

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8,781 votos si (86.35%)

1,388 votos no (13.65%)

100% de distritos activos (16/16).

City Government Accountability Act
— undefined

Shall the Temple City Charter be amended to do the following, none of which grant the City new powers: prohibit Councilmembers and Commissioners from accepting City contractor or lobbyist gifts without full reimbursement; establish stricter Councilmember contribution and gift restrictions; impose overall limit of four terms for Councilmembers; prohibit City contractors, lobbyists, and employees from serving on City commissions; prohibit Council candidates from accepting City contractor or lobbyist contributions?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

If adopted, the Temple City Government Accountability Act would amend the 

Temple City Charter to codify gift and campaign regulations, to codify a

limitation on eligibility for city commissions, to modify the current codified

 regulation of councilmember terms by creating a definitive term limit, and to

make technical changes.

The Act would amend the definitions section of the Charter to define the term

“Contractor” to include almost all entities with an existing contract or agreement

to provide the City with goodor services or with an interest in or expectation of

obtaining such an arrangement. It would define the term “Developer” to include

persons, entities, and their agents who are seeking a specific plan, zone change,

development agreement, density bonus, subdivision tract map, or conditional use

permit for a sensitive use (i.e. adult business, massage parlor, etc.), or an

industrial or commercial use having a building area of 20,000 square feet or


The Act would prohibit sitting councilmembers and candidates for city council

from accepting campaign contributions from Contractors or Developers as

defined. The Act would further prohibit sitting councilmembers from accepting

any gift from a Contractor or Developer as defined. The Act would extend these

contribution and gift prohibitions to cover appointed city commissioners and

members of other official city bodies. The prohibitions would be in addition to

and in excess of state law requirements found in the Political Reform Act and

Fair Political Practices Commission regulations, which allow gifts and

contributions to be accepted up to an amount set by the regulations. The Act

would prohibit Contractors and Developers, as defined, and all of their

employees from being appointed to city commissions. It would also prohibit city

employees from being appointed to city commissions.

The Act would replace the current rolling limitation on councilmember terms

with an overall limitation of four terms. Currently, an individual is ineligible to

run for city council if he or she has been elected to two consecutive terms.

Eligibility is restored after that individual is out of office for two years.The Act

would change this by limiting an in dividual to four elected terms on the city

council, whether consecutive or not, after which he or she could not regain

eligibility to again run for office. Because this is a new and stricter limitation on

service than currently exists, it would apply prospectively to all current

councilmembers beginning with the first time each is elected following adoption

of the Act.

Finally, the Act would replace the term “councilman” with the term

“councilmember” throughout the Charter.


Office of City Attorney




Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

One of the Strategic Goals recently adopted by the City Council is to have

GOOD GOVERNANCE. In other words, determine the best way to assure the 

Cityhas honest, ethical, experienced and transparent leadership. In 2010 the City

Council took the first step in this direction by establishing the City Council and

Commission Rules of Order and Protocols.

This proposed Accountability Act now seeks to codify a number of the Protocols

 in to our City Charter. It will forbid City officials and appointed commissioners

from accepting gifts or campaign funding from contractors and developeras

defined in our Protocols. These changes will ensure that City decision making

not only complies with, but WILL EXCEED, California law and avoid even the

appearance of impropriety.

Temple City is not an islandWe are an integral part of the County of

Los Angeles, the State of California and numerous regional organizations. It is

important for the City to be in a position to influence the policies and compete

for funding provided by these political bodies and their numerous agencies.

To be effective, Councilmembers need to be knowledgeable of the many issues

being dealt with in these other organizations. This takes significant time

(often years) studying issues,building relationships and eventually moving into

leadership roles of these organizations.

Regular turnover of City Councilmembers due to short term limits, makes it very 

difficult, if not impossible, to be very effective on behalf of our City. This Act

recognizes the importance of MAINTAINING TERM LIMITS while modifying

the way in which the limits work, in order to allow Councilmembers to better

work for the good of Temple City.


Former Mayor







Argumento EN CONTRA


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