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March 7, 2017 — Local Elections

Ciudad de Los AngelesCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 7

Photo de Connie Saunders

Connie Saunders

Lender Mortgage Subservicer
258 votos (1.18%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • To establish peer review of all codes to ensure they are understandable and constitutional and remedy where not.
  • Handle Homeless, disallow skid row (unhygenic) conditions on city streets, sidewalks and properties
  • Create Affordable Housing without tax increases by facilitating investors with boiler plate models, including expanding what is allowable for 'tiny homes'.



Profesión:Legal Secretary and Real Estate Agent
Realtor, Meridian Capital Real Estate (2010–current)
CEO/ President, National Reconveyance Center (1992–current)
CEO, Community Assistance & Utilization Services Establisment, Inc. Non Profit Corp. dba CAUSE, Inc. (2003–current)
CEO, Foreclosure Freedom Network (2007–current)
Neighborhood Watch Captain, Hansen Hills Neighborhood Watch — Cargo designado (2012–current)


Hubbard College of Administration Organization Executive Course and Flag Executive Briefing Course, Organization Executive Course and Flag Executive Briefing Course (1988)

Actividades comunitarias

Nexdoor Lead, Nexdoor (2014–current)
Anti drug advocate contributor, Several Drug & Crime Rehab & Education including columbia peace deal with the FARC (2001–current)
Interfaith & Community Assistance Advocate, Maseed, World Literacy Crusade, Foundation for a Drug Free World, Roman Catholic Church (1976–current)

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Our US and California constitutions should be simple, but are often ignored.  This can and has gotten the City into trouble.  By way of example, just a few weeks ago Los Angeles City settled a lawsuit by paying 200 Million dollars.   

   This lawsuit settlement (on August 30, 2016) was made necessary due to LA’s failure to provide ways and means for a sufficient amounts of affordable housing.  The biggest problem creating this situation was and still is LA’s archaic zoning ordinances which do not provide ample codes to allow for tiny homes, which could be an affordable housing solution for many of the homeless.

   Homelessness has risen by 20% in the past two years alone and is up to a record high of 26,000 homeless.

   Our district has seen a huge rise in homeless settlements, causing fires and need for hasmet suited teams of people to continually go in to clean up such areas. 

   This is trouble to our residents and encroaches on our rights, and theirs, as so much can be effectively done about this, but isn’t. 

— January 20, 2017

Affordable Housing,  Homelessness, Jobless, Drug abusers, unconstitutional and excessive fees charged for code violations and much more are all easy to fix with pen and ink code and zoning reform.

Our zoning and building codes all need to be modified and organized to be simpler to understand and comply with.  This can include and begin with boiler plate building codes that have been pre-checked for immediate need and if this is done, will get a fast flow treatment at Building and Safety, allowing developers to populate vacant lots economically without all the red tape.



— January 20, 2017

Today I want to propose a “Los Angeles City “Fair Fees Violations” Amendment to take care of the excessive and extortive fees being charged within 45 days of a citation of a violation.

In this example we have 15 days passed for fixing the violation, after which $550 was charged for Non-Compliance Enforcement. 30 days after that 2 times $550 or 1100 dollars was charged as a “Late Charge” totaling now 1650 and added to that is an additional 50% of that total or 825, now totaling $$2475. In addition, there are Code Violation investigation fee of $336, a System Development surcharge and late fee of 70.56 an and a Title Report fee of $42.00 totaling $2923.56, just 30 days late on the fixing deadline!

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