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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Asamblea Estatal de CaliforniaCandidato para Distrito 70

Photo de Elliot Ruben Gonzales

Elliot Ruben Gonzales

Propietario de pequeña empresa
9,304 votos (13.4%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Prohibir la fracturación: necesitamos prohibir la fracturación, la acidificación y la extracción extrema. Debemos proteger el agua para las futuras generaciones de la acidificación y la fracturación.
  • Construir viviendas públicas y asequibles: necesitamos mantener la vivienda asequible en el distrito y en toda California. Debemos construir viviendas asequibles para todos aquellos que necesitan casas.
  • Programa de empleo garantizado: hay mucho trabajo por hacer para limpiar nuestro aire y proteger nuestra agua limpia. Debemos garantizar empleos a todos los que desean trabajar, plantar árboles, reciclar y construir una economía renovable que funcion



Profesión:Empresario, activista
Propietario, Vivero del centro (2016–actual)
Comisionado, Comisionado de sostenibilidad — Cargo designado (2010–2018)


Universidad de la Ciudad de Long Beach Certificado en administración de empresas (actual)

Actividades comunitarias

Co-Founder, Stop Fracking Long Beach (2016–current)
Vice Chair, Our Revolution (2017–current)
Coordinator, Urban Paradise (2007–2015)
Organizer, Green Long Beach! Festival (2009–2013)


-Elliot was born in Long Beach and raised in the small town in central Florida. At age 18 he moved back to Long Beach where he began a project to revitalize the Civic Center by hosting community events and installing drought tolerant landscaping and signage.

He currently serves on the city's Sustainability Commission where he has focused on bringing transparency to the city's oil and gas operations and informing the public about fracking and acidizing. Elliot is a committed activist, he currently serves as the vice chair of Our Revolution - Long Beach and is a founder of Stop Fracking Long Beach a group dedicated to placing a ban on fracking in Long Beach.

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (4)

What do you think the State should do to encourage affordable housing for all Californians?
Respuesta de Elliot Ruben Gonzales:

We must public and affordable housing. We need to build sustainably, viewing housing as a human right. We must build public housing,  providing housing at all income levels. Along with housing we must also ensure housing is being built ina way that has a minimal environment impact near a region where there is access to good jobs and transit, which may be guaranteed by the State. We must build housing for all.

According to a "Civility In America” survey, 75% of Americans believe that the U.S. has a major civility problem. If you are elected what will do to address this?
Respuesta de Elliot Ruben Gonzales:

We must engage in our community. The civility issue  stems from a disconnect in active civic engagement. We must engage in politics that are engaging and hopeful. We must actively work with all age levels. I believe connecting around gardens and community projects we can build greater civic engagement which promotes civility and understanding. 

Climate changes, and the shifting between very wet weather and drought, worry Californians. What strategies would allow that your district to both satisfy its water needs and protect the environment? Please be specific.
Respuesta de Elliot Ruben Gonzales:

We must recapture stormwater and replenish our aquifers. We must also gain control over the oil and gas industry. Most Californians are unaware of the copious amounts of water being used in everyday oil and gas operations. This water is permannantly contaminated and injected into underground aquifers, contaniminating them. We must end the privitizaion of all water in the state, starting with the oil and gas industry.

What programs or strategies would you suggest to meet the educational needs of the youngest and most poverty stricken Californians?
Respuesta de Elliot Ruben Gonzales:

We must guarantee a quality education from Pre-k - College. Teachers at all levels, including preschool should be earning good salaries for the important work they do. I believe California's school system should be funded through the state and county rather than local property taxes, this system favors affluence rather than ensuring a quality education for all students.

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Fuente: Análisis de datos de la Secretaría del Estado de California de MapLight.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

  • Committed to 100% renewable energy by 2035
  • Supports a ban on fracking, acidizing and extreme extraction
  • Increase regulation on the sale of water to private companies
  • Zero fossil fuels in agriculture by 2035
  • Living wages for all workers including agricultural workers
  • Guaranteed jobs for all through a job program
  • Building public and affordable housing
  • Enacting Universal Health Care
  • Expanding mental health treatment
  • Quality tuition-free Pre-K through College 
  • Dual immersion education
  • Reducing recidivism amongst incarcerated
  • Preparing CA for climate change

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Progressive Platform


Progressive's don't frack.

We don't accept oil $

We recognize indigenous sovreignty and human rights

We believe healthcare is a human right.

We believe housing a human right.

We call for reforming policing and the criminal justice systems

We call for a jobs program that pays a living wage.

End the war on drugs. 

End the wars.

Progressive's don't frack. We are against fracking, acidizing and all forms of extreme extraction.

We don't accept oil $. The oil companies must pay for the cleanup costs of the damages they have none, not bankroll politicians.

We recognize indigenous sovreignty and human rights.

We believe healthcare is a human right.

We believe housing a human right.

We call for reforming policing and the criminal justice systems - This must be a rapid transition focused on providing justice to communities who have suffered from police violence.

We call for a jobs program that pays a living wage. - This was an idea introduced by Dr. MLK Jr., we must carry out the legace of Dr. King's vision to uplift people out of poverty.

End the war on drugs. 

End the wars.

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— May 15, 2018 Elliot for California

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