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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Ciudad de San DiegoCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Distrito 2

Photo de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski

Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski

Real Estate Agent/Landlord
847 votos (2.4%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • All housing issues, no more property tax assessments, house homeless now, low to middle income housing, public safety both acts of God and man.
  • Begin regulations after the advent of shared bkes, more dog parks less alcohol, smooth streets now!
  • Stop the spendthrifts at City Hall, begin questioning of outlandish cost overruns in infrastructure contracting



Profesión:Real estate professional, landlord, school teacher
Real Estate Agent, Joseph Dean Klatt Realty, Inc. (1991–current)
Planning Group Member, Clairemont Community Planning Group Member — Cargo elegido (2015–current)
Planning Group Member, Clairemont Community Planning Group Member — Cargo elegido (1991–1994)


San Diego Mesa College AA, Sociology (1991)
USIU Teaching Creditional-emergency, Elementary Education (1988)
SDSU BA, French/Linguistics (1982)
La Sorbonne Certificate, French (1979)
San Diego Mesa College AA, Real Estate (1977)

Actividades comunitarias

Volunteer Clairemont land use and future community plan, Clairemont Community Planning Group (1991–current)
Volunteer lifeguard--Mission Beach Plunge, Special needs children (1977–1977)






Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski was born on Christmas Eve 1953 in the City of Churches, Milwaukee, Wisconsin to an Italian Mother and Polish Father. His Mother lived through the Normandy Invasion and RAF bombings of her hometown in Le Havre, France. Danny’s parents were married in Normandy shortly after the war.


Danny brings an international flavor to the San Diego City Council having travelled the world many times. He believes in unification not division, cooperation not discord and will serve as a bridge to sound government between both political parties. His votes as member of the Claremont Community Planning Group reflect a common sense, reasonable and fiscally judicious politician working in the public trust.


Danny has been dubbed the most interesting and diverse candidate to perhaps ever run for San Diego City Council. You will not be disappointed in his leadership and we cordially invite you to join us.


Thank you, Group of 1000 to elect Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski to San Diego City Council.


¿Quién apoya a este candidato?

Featured Endorsements

  • Former San Diego Unified School Board Member, John DeBeck
  • Ocean Beach Enviromental Icon, Jim Bell
  • Former Liberitarian Candidate for San Diego City Council, Joshua Tomolak

Organizaciónes (2)

  • Papa's Pizza, Moraga Salon, Bay Park Fish, Boy Ho Liquor and Deli, Spice and Soul, Lele's Cleaners
  • The French Gourmet, Arely's French Bakery, Baci's Italian Restaurant, Espresso Coffee, Quality Bikes, Annies Alterations

Individuos (2)

  • Dr. Joe Klatt La Jolla Moot Court Judge and Real Estate Broker
  • Former San Diego City Council Member Floyd Morrow

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de KPBS and the League of Women Voters of San Diego (5)

Should the Community Review Board on Police Practices be given subpoena power when reviewing allegations of officer misconduct? Why or why not?    
Respuesta de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski:

Yes, because community means citizenry and no American is above the law. Besides, it's common knowledge that cultures of secrecy develope inside organizations that prohibit outside observers. 

Should the city eliminate minimum parking requirements for new housing near public transit? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski:

Yes, because parking defeats the whole purpose of public transit. The areas around public transit will be cluttered already so why compound the problem with more cars. This is nonsensical. 

Would you support a tax increase that would fund housing and services to the homeless? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski:

No!!! Proposition 13 is the holy grail for middle income folks struggling to make ends meet. These folks as well as those on fixed incomes cannot shoulder the extra tax burden. Do we want more homeless to help the homeless? The first thing a lifeguard is taught is a drowning swimming will pull him down. Same point with helping the homeless as we will envelope more into homeless camps by increasing taxes!

Do you support increasing housing density in your council district? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski:

Yes, it's common sense! What is the alternative? We need greater density at and near transit corridors. 

Do you support either of the plans on the November ballot that would sell the Mission Valley stadium site? Why or why not?
Respuesta de Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski:

Yes, I support SDSU West because it is common sense to expand this local educational icon west together with some housing and a river park. SDSU has rightfully become a national and local treasure for thousands of students and faculty. The programs at SDSU further benefit our community.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política


Why I am running for San Diego City Council


My fellow neighbors, over 50 years ago my parents brought our family to Clairemont from the Mid-West.  My Mother and Father were old-fashioned God fearing and hardworking simple people. I share their values and believe you do too. I am a candidate for this seat because quite frankly my neighbors asked me to run. I have given Clairemont my heart for the past fifty years and will continue doing so as your Councilperson.


While no rational person would believe that time alone spent in one’s home District will make someone more suited for elected office, most voters would agree that how the time was spent makes all the difference. After volunteering on the Clairemont Town Council and Clairemont Community Planning Group as well as teaching public school in our community, I have chosen to run for San Diego City Council because quite frankly, I have a vested interest in the City I love.


One of my adopted mottos is, “Leave nobody behind.” Too many of us have been left behind in San Diego.  I have a plan to fix our sidewalks so that children and the elderly are free from harm and to lower water rates so that those on fixed incomes and others receive financial relief. I have a compromise plan for Short Term Vacation Rentals which calls for strict enforcement and code compliance laws. These are just three examples of what plagues our City. As a former lifeguard, surfer, long distance swimmer and Ironman triathlete going back 40 years, I will never cease in protecting your public safety including the environmental safety of San Diego. As a former public and private school teacher in my District, I will never waiver in the safe guarding of our most precious resource being our children.  As a former local caregiver, I will never lose hope in the care of our seniors. As a landlord, I will continue to voluntarily reduce rent to the homeless and Veterans. As a real estate professional for over 40 years, I will seek a common ground in Short Term Vacation Rentals and other land use issues.


My campaign is not about elites, political correctness and dysfunctional political parties. My campaign is about you, the common citizen who seeks a better life in the City we all love so dearly.  


I have graduated from all local schools including Marston Jr. High, Clairemont High School, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego State University and Alliant University. My educational background is in French Language, Linguistics, Sociology, Real Estate, Philosophy and Politics. I have a combined total of more than 10 years on the Clairemont Community Planning Group and Clairemont Town Council.


In closing, if you care about our treasures of Mission Bay, SDSU West expansion, perhaps bringing another NBA Franchise to our district, our beautiful beaches and the belief that affordable housing is attainable in our beloved City than you will support my campaign for San Diego City Council. I’m not perfect but expect to be held accountable to your highest standards.  I humbly request your vote in bringing back common sense, moderation, truth and honesty to City Hall.


Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Shared Bikes





Shared Bikes are a wonderful addition to our shared economy offering polution free transportation at a low financial cost. There has been however virtually no advance planning in regard to public safety which concerns me greatly as well as usage numbers in some areas of my District. We must get real with how many folks are using these so called Dockless bikes! 


The Road to Shared Bicycles is Paved with Good Intentions


Our finest City of San Diego has embarked on a sort of crusade in populating city streets with a seemingly endless stream of bicycles in a quest for the common good. But no good deed goes unpunished as evidenced by poor planning, little forethought and a rush to judgement. The City of San Diego has unleashed a bike in a china shop.   


The modern-day bicycle was invented during the Nineteenth Century and has one common characteristic being the expulsion of human energy. It’s safe to say most folks barely have the energy to get out of bed in the morning let alone peddle some heavy big geared bike up a grade larger than nine percent. Let me be perfectly clear that I sincerely wish the greatest success in this pilot program except the jury is out and God knows the long-term viability of these so called dockless bikes.


What about liability issues surrounding errant and dangerous usage on City sidewalks. When I was a kid, sidewalks were for walking. That is why they are called sidewalks. Several hours ago, in my community of Bay Ho a middle-aged woman sporting a 100,000-watt gullwing smile was barreling downhill in the middle of a sidewalk while I was walking home with groceries from Vons. She continued to smile as she almost killed me. So much for America’s Finest City.  I suppose the City Attorneys Office will be receiving some overtime hours. Same scenario in Pacific Beach and everywhere else.


Is this another Pet Rock fad with wheels? The homeless love the dockless bikes to hang and dry out their clothes as I have seen throughout San Diego. I don’t understand why local bike shops cannot rent two wheeled transportation and save this City some grief. It would also keep these small businesses in the black and promote a sense of community pride. Bike San Diego, Circulate San Diego and the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan are all interconnected except the sum does not equal the whole. There is a bike lane in Claremont that is used maybe once every week. Is this what you call efficient use of our tax dollars? Somehow, I don’t see most folks over the age of fifty pedaling away in glee as they catch a city bus.


As a candidate for San Diego City Council representing the beach areas, I have grave concerns about this roll out of shared bicycles. And all this comes from riding a bike in my District for over fifty years, being a thirty-five-year local triathlete including Ironman, having a pro bike voting record on the Clairemont Community Planning Group and a second home in France where I routinely interview French politicians on alternative transportation. Maybe we ought to slow down and  think more clearly as to the future of these dockless bikes?  




My Ballot Statement-- Please Read!


    I am only beholden to you! Danny 








City Name:



Office Title:

(Upper & Lower)


Candidate Name:


Daniel “Danny” Smiechowski


(Use “Block Paragraphs/Justified, Single Space” format. Type within the box using a pitched font such as courier. Word count starts here:)




              My Fellow San Diegans, I have been your neighbor for over 50 years and share your concerns for making San Diego the best city possible. If you desire a politically correct and establishment candidate, please do not vote for me. Here is what I stand for:



   . Public safety both acts of God and man are my primary concern

   . Protect and preserve Jarvis Gann initiative Proposition 13

   . Lower your water bills

   . Affordable housing now!

   . Solve the homeless crisis without taxing you to death

   . Maintain safe and smooth streets

   . Move judiciously with the climate action plan

   . Give neighborhoods more political power/responsibility

   . People over profit

   . Promote/improve public transportation

   . Remove some barriers for small business

   . Fiscal responsibility: increase revenues, decrease debt

   . Treat every citizen with respect in open government

   . Veterans advocate   

   . Less alcohol more dog parks 

   . Build SDSU West

   . Environment, Mission Bay-preserve!

   . Promote common good

   . Libraries, recreation, parks, beaches

   . End traffic gridlock         

   . Old-fashioned Mid-Western values, common sense



 Former “Chair” Clairemont Town Council-Public Safety Committee

           Elected Clairemont Community Planning Group-only no vote against

           luxury homes in Clairemont, voted for affordable housing

           Former volunteer lifeguard Mission Beach,

            public/private school teacher-Point Loma and Pacific



      Graduate: Clairemont High and SDSU-Endorsements 1000 residents









Short term vacation rentals


    This City must stop stonewalling on short term vacation rentals and act now! 

The June 2018 Primary election for San Diego City Council District 2 will prove a cross road in local politics. Do we choose a super majority at City Hall further polarizing our great City or do we seek moderation, compromise and collaboration between all citizens and our elected officials?

In San Diego, we have a new challenge. That challenge is for elected City leaders to respond to the question, "What should we do to resolve the short-term rental dispute?" The elected members of the San Diego City Council have a duty to respond to this issue. When competing rights are at stake, leadership requires we move forward in a constructive effort in responding with clarity to unify all stakeholders.

My suggestion is to propose a resolution which will ultimately require discussion, investigation and your vote.

The resolution will authorize the Mayor to impanel a group of five, seven, or nine members a Blue Ribbon Panel if you prefer, to investigate this matter and report back to the City Council within 6 months of their being sworn in as panelists in order to prepare written recommendations in seeking a resolution to the Short-Term Vacation Rental issue.

Real Estate agents, residents, lawyers and a government official from the City Attorney's Office should be empaneled and given the funds to conduct their investigation and to write their report.

The opposing rights are these: The right of the owner of improved Real Property to rent and lease his or her property to a tenant. Secondly, adjacent Real Property owners have the rights of peaceful and quiet enjoyment, they have the right to expect that the local government protects them against elevated noise levels, destruction of property and for neighborhoods to be reasonably maintained.

This not only includes street maintenance, sidewalk maintenance, a police presence but, also the quietude of a planned single family residential subdivision.

Both proponents of STVR’s and those in opposition to some legal restrictions have waited patiently for over three long years. Let us begin to resolve this matter constructively and collaboratively as equal partners with one goal in making and preserving San Diego’s quality of life for all those concerned. The time has come for action.

Daniel Smiechowski is a candidate for San Diego City Council District 2.  




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