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June 5, 2018 — Elecciones Primarias de California

Ciudad de Chula VistaCandidato para Consejo Municipal, Cargo 2

Photo de Steve Stenberg

Steve Stenberg

Retired Firefighter
2,521 votos (24.2%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Supporting the hiring of more Police Officers and Firefighters to keep our community and school children safe and secure.
  • To bring more businesses and jobs to Chula Vista to generate revenue to help pay for city services and infrastructure. Simplify the process and timeline to starting a new business.
  • Implement strict regulations on the Chula Vista marijuana industry.



Profesión:Retired Firefighter & Small Business Owner
Co Owner, Third Avenue Alehouse (2015–current)
Defensible Space Inspector, CAL FIRE DEPARTMENT (2014–2017)
Fire Captain, San Diego County Fire Authority (2009–2012)
Firefighter EMT-D, Relief Engineer, Secret Security Clearance, Federal Fire Department San Diego (1991–2009)
Security Police Supervisor, Patrol Dog Handler, SWAT Marksman, Secret Clear, USAF and USAFRES (1975–1992)


Southwestern Junior College A.A., Criminology and EMT-D (2005)
Federal Law Enforcement Academy, Glynco, GA Immigration Officer, Immigration and US Law (1985)
Lackland AFB Security Police Academy, Texas. USAF Security Police Honor Graduate, Patrol Dog Handler, Air Base Ground Defense. Secret Security Clearance, Law Enforcement, Security, Patrol Dog training, Nuclear Weapon's security and Combat Training. (1982)

Actividades comunitarias

Member, American Legion Post 434, Chula Vista, CA (2018–current)
Volunteer, First United Methodist Church, Chula Vista, CA (2009–current)
Volunteer up to President, Magnificent Seven Race Team (1975–2004)
Spec-Ed classroom volunteer, Chula Vista Elementary School District (1984–1987)
Member: Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Explorer Scout, Boy Scouts of America, San Diego County Branch (1964–1975)


The following is a brief outline of my background. 

 As a retired firefighter, former law enforcement officer, military veteran, and small business owner, I bring a broad base of experience to the table. I grew up in Chula Vista, my wife is a teacher here, and we raised our family here. Our children graduated from Hilltop High School. Our grandchildren are growing up here. Because of this strong and deep connection with other Chula Vistans, I can relate to them, and they to me. It’s a special, unique bond. I will draw upon my lifetime of experiences to give back to the community that I love and to which I owe so much. 

 I am not a career politician. I have no hidden agenda to use this position as a stepping-stone. Chula Vista is my home - always has been, and always will be. My goal is to make Chula Vista an even better place to live and raise a family. I want to preserve and protect our sense of community for our grandchildren and our great grandchildren. I am a life-long Chula Vistan, a family man, who has the qualifications and experience to relate to and represent the citizens of Chula Vista. I would be honored to earn your vote.


(Use of photograph in uniform does not imply endorsement by Cal Fire).





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Featured Endorsements

  • CSM and Federal Firefighter Bud McLeroy, US Army Reserve / Federal Fire Department San Diego, Ret.

Funcionarios electos (2)

  • Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox, Ret.
  • Chula Vista Mayor Shirley Horton, Ret.

Individuos (3)

  • Division Chief Robert Scott, San Marcos Fire Department, Ret.
  • Chula Vista Police Department, Police Chief Rick Emerson, Ret.
  • Dr. Mark Barraza DDS, Chula Vista, CA

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I want to protect and preserve the sense of community that we have always felt living here in Chula Vista.  I want the citizens of Chula Vista to live with this same sense of community. Of pride, security, family, friendships. A place where anyone would be proud to call home.

We’ve had some growing pains. There are also some big decisions and important issues that must be addressed in order to provide a good home for future generations. However these decisions cannot be made without taking in a broad view and allowing the voices of all Chula Vistans to be heard. I am a moderate and I like to look at all the information before making a decision on anything.  

- For the last decade, Historical Downtown Chula Vista - Third Ave Village was like a ghost town. Nothing was going on down there. No one visited Third Ave anymore. 

Our family took a chance and opened a small business on 3rd Ave. We won the Mayors Award for Neighborhood Revitalization.  “If you build it, they will come”. We wanted to bring Third Ave back to life. Today, it is bustling with activity. 

We need to do the same for other areas of West Chula Vista as well. Let’s revitalize Broadway, F St, E, and others. There is so much hidden charm and potential in these forgotten neighborhoods. We want our children, our grandchildren, and their children to experience that same sense of community that we have always enjoyed. I want to ensure that our community remains a safe and great place to live for all Chula Vistans.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Public Safety


Public Safety staffing and the need for more police officers and firefighters.

Chula Vista Police Department is approaching crisis. Currently the Police Department has .82 officers for every 1000 citizens of Chula Vista. The national standard is 1.2 officers per 1000 citizens. Chula Vista is 132 officers short. What does this mean to you, the citizen? It means response times for the Police Department for 911 emergency ( Priority 1 and 2 ) calls average 7 minutes or longer. They should be 6 minutes or less. Priority 3 and 4 calls are often handled by a police report taken in person or over the phone, hours after the complaint was called in. Our Police Department is stretched thin, even as the city has grown larger every year since 2008. We must staff our Police Department with enough officers to properly protect our citizens against the threats that are all around us.   The City of Chula Vista has grown 25% since 2008. The Fire Department is 44 firefighters short based on this growth. Their 911 call response time should be under 5 minutes, but are often 7-9 minutes, or more with cross-town calls.   This isn’t about earning large salaries and benefits as reported. It is about providing a level of fire and medical safety that our citizens deserve when in need. If Measure A should pass, I will work hard so that the revenue promised for increased staffing of the Police Department and the Fire Department will ONLY go toward increased staffing of these two departments, to make Chula Vista a more desirable and safer place to live and raise a family.If Measure A should not pass, my aim will be to find the money to bring staffing levels up to where they should be. As a small business owner, when the budget is down, we just dont write blank checks, hoping more money will come in. We work the schedules, see where cost savings can be implemented, and find the revenue to make our businesses work. Without having to raise the price of the products sold to the consumer. I will use this same technique too, when dealing with the budget, to ensure we live in a safe community that we can all call home.



Fostering economic development in Chula Vista. 

Fostering economic development in Chula Vista is crucial to our city's well being. Attracting large and small businesses increases revenue and helps pay for increased city services, such as Police and Fire parks and recreation, public works, sewers, street and sidewalk repairs. Starting more businesses creates positions for our citizens to work at, thereby reducing joblessness and poverty. Small businesses such as ours breathes life into our community.

When others warned against and laughed at our idea of opening a new business on Third Avenue, my family and I opened a business there, helping to spark the revitalization of Downtown Chula Vista's Third Avenue Village. For our hard work, we were awarded the" Mayor's Award for Neighboorhood  Revitalization". Chula Vista needs someone like myself that can foster new businesses and build employment oppurtunities like we have done for our employees at the Third Avenue Alehouse.   Using that same visionary drive, I will push hard to also revitalize the rest of west Chula Vista, which includes Broadway. We will work toimprove the look of our business districts, and build a bicycle and pedestrian friendly Broadway for our families and tourists to enjoy. Along those same lines, guiding the redevelopment of F Street, from the Bayfront to Third Avenue, is crucial to bringing guests to Third Avenue and from Third Avenue to the Bayfront hotel and businesses.   The Bayfront project will launch in 2019. This is located in District 2. I will watch it closely to ensure it is finally built out completely and efficiently for the enjoyment and use of both our local citizens and tourists to our fine city, Chula Vista.



Chula Vista was once known as the Lemon capital. We do not want to replace that as the Marajuna capital.

MARIJUANA AND CHULA VISTA   Chula Vista was once known as the Lemon Capital. We do not want to replace that with being known as the Marijuana Capital. I will work hard for regulating the Marijuana being grown and sold in store fronts. At the same time, the black marketing of illegal drug sales will not be tolerated, and I will work toward strong regulations of the legal store fronts and mobile marijuana delivery services in Chula Vista. My commitment to you, is that I will protect our children, families, and our city from becoming overgrown with marijuana fields and storefronts. Keeping our community and school children safe in these challenging times will be my first priority.

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