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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de OaklandCandidato para Alcalde

Photo de Cat Brooks

Cat Brooks

Executive/Community Organizer
40,760 votos (25.7%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Ensure that all Oaklanders thrive, by providing immediate support for unhoused residents, building truly affordable housing for all, and creating living wage jobs that treat employees with dignity.
  • Invest in community-rooted public safety, including redirecting overtime allocations toward community mental health care, education for our youth, and job training programs.
  • Create a progressive, transparent, and community-centered government that works equitably for all of Oakland.



Profesión:Executive Director
Executive Director, Justice Teams Network (2017–current)
Radio Host (on hold for campaign), KPFA (2016–2018)
Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild - Bay Area Chapter (2016–2018)
Executive Director, Youth Together (2014–2016)
Commissioner, Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) — Cargo designado (2012–2014)


University of Nevada Bachelor of Arts, Performance Theater (1998)

Actividades comunitarias

Founder/Executive Director, Anti Police-Terror Project (2014–current)
Playwright, Lower Bottom Playaz (2013–current)
Board Member, Youth Together (2016–current)


I am the Executive Director of the Justice Teams Network, a statewide network of organizations working to change the way in which law enforcement engages communities through advocacy, organizing, communications, and policy. I am also the former Executive Director for the San Francisco National Lawyers Guild, a mother, a wife, an organizer, and a proud resident of Oakland, California who has dedicated the last two decades of my life to working on a myriad of social justice issues including housing, land use, education, and public safety.

Until I stepped down to run for mayor, I leveraged my role as co-host of KPFA’s morning news show "UpFront" to bring the work of justice and equity into a public forum that not only served to educate the public, but also to activate them in moments of engagement and resistance.

I have an extensive background in fighting for educational equity. One of my first orders of business as the community liaison for The Education Trust, West, was to play a leadership role in a campaign that made the A-G curriculum the default curriculum for OUSD, ensuring that every child graduates with the ability to apply to a state school. This experience has anchored my work -- not only as Executive Director of Youth Together, but also on boards and commissions such as the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth. In addition, during my tenure as Director for the National Lawyers Guild - San Francisco Bay Area, I guided an organization that provides legal support for organizers and activists on the frontlines of resistance work.

I have a BA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas I live in West Oakland with my daughter and husband.

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Featured Endorsements

  • California Nurses Association
  • Working Family Party
  • Democracy for America

Organizaciónes (18)

  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, East Bay
  • Our Revolution - East Bay
  • Oakland Rising Action
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
  • Harvey Milk Democratic Club
  • Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action - Oakland
  • Public Health Justice Collective
  • Our Revolution - North Bay
  • Oakland Justice Coalition
  • MooD-ology Photography
  • Head Trips Beauty Salon
  • Evolve-CA
  • Design Action Collective
  • Block By Block Organizing Network (ranked first)
  • Alphabet Rockers
  • Reems California
  • Our Revolution - Contra Costa (dual endorsement)
  • Friends of The Short Cut

Funcionarios electos (6)

  • Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland At-Large Councilmember
  • Shanti Gonzales, Oakland Unified School District 6 Director
  • Linda Handy, Peralta Community College District, Board of Trustees Area 3
  • Cheryl Davis, Berkeley District 2 Councilmember
  • Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Los Angeles District 8 Councilmember
  • Nate Miley, Alameda County Supervisor

Individuos (29)

  • Melina Abdullah, BLM LA/Professor at CSU/LA
  • Rev. Michael McBride
  • Rev. Ben McBride
  • Rev. Dr. Harold Mayberry, First AME Church
  • Rosa Cabrera, PolicyLink
  • Amber Piatt, Alameda County Human Relations Commission
  • Dolores Huerta, Organizer
  • Gus Newport, Former Berkeley Mayor
  • Lea Arellano, Two Spirit Urban Medicines
  • Bishop Keith Clark, Word Assembly
  • Brandon Harami, ADEM - California Democratic Party
  • Courtney Welch, Rockridge Community Planning Council
  • Anne Weills, Civil Rights Attorney
  • Dan Siegel, Civil Rights Attorney
  • Toni Cook, OUSD Director, 1990-1998
  • Blake Johnson, Professor, Laney College
  • Maria D. Dominguez, Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women
  • Tao Anistazi, Anastazi Band
  • Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Ma'at, Africans Deserve Reparations Now!
  • Sarah Pritchard, First Congregational Church of Oakland
  • Rev. Debra Avery, Justice House*
  • Nichola Torbett, Second Acts and First Congregational Church of Oakland*
  • Carol Robinson, Second Acts
  • Rev. Dr. Liza Rankow, One Life Institute
  • Servant BK Woodson, Sr. Bay Area Christian Connection
  • Minister Cherri Murphy
  • Alex M. White, 2016 D13 Delegate for Bernie Sanders
  • Glen Katon, Civil Rights Attorney
  • Jakada Imani, The Management Center

Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de League of Women Voters of Oakland (3)

Describe measures you would take to address the issue of homelessness in Oakland?
Respuesta de Cat Brooks:

I will immediately work to get every single unhoused person off the streets and into transitional housing. To do this, we need to look at alternative housing options like tiny homes on public land, city-owned warehouses that can be partitioned and equipped with toilets and showers, and closed school buildings that can provide immediate shelter.

After the passage of Prop 10, we will develop and pass a radically progressive rent control policy that includes rent control on all units. We will close landlord loopholes and also work to pass a resolution similar to Measure F in San Francisco that ensures every person facing eviction has a city-funded attorney to accompany them through the process.

We will purchase and refurbish blighted and rundown properties and ensure they are converted to low-cost/workforce housing. We will also work to grow land trusts in the City to ensure people with lower incomes have the ability to secure permanently affordable homes.


We will ensure that new developments are geared toward providing low-income/workforce housing, and that any market rate development comes with inclusionary zoning and community benefit agreements. Finally, we will impose a tiered real estate transfer tax that makes it less lucrative for people to buy and flip properties in Oakland.

How would you address the problem of adequate funding of public employee pensions?
Respuesta de Cat Brooks:

Our failure to adequately fund public employee pensions must immediately be remedied. The decision to continue to allow for a budgetary shortfall with respects to these health care retiree pensions does not show the type of respect or appreciation for our city’s workers that they deserve.


Kicking the can down the road guarantees a future crisis in which city workers will be pressured to renegotiate their pensions due to the city’s own mismanagement - that is unacceptable. Instead, we need to recognize that we have a responsibility to allocate the necessary funds and do so during the 2019 budget cycle. There are too many moving parts to speculate where exactly that money would come from at this time - if I become Mayor, what I can guarantee, however, is that we would get it done - I would never set up workers to be left without the proper funding for their health care plans during retirement

There are structural problems in the way buildings are inspected in Oakland.  How would you go about changing the fire and building inspection programs to ensure that inspections are completed?
Respuesta de Cat Brooks:

Oakland has fallen far behind in fire safety inspections, putting our community at increased risk. We have a backlog of building inspections (including inspections for non-fire-related issues), making it harder to open or operate a business, delaying project completion, and sometimes passing over hazards.  As Mayor, I will make these changes:

  • Filling vacant positions in vegetation management and fire inspection.  Much of California experienced devastating fires over the past year, and Oakland is at high and growing risk. With vacancies and under-staffing in vital positions, this problem is increasing the risk of a devastating fire. We must have the personnel needed to inspect for overgrowth and debris that increase the risk of fires. We need both to improve clearing brush and other hazards from publicly-owned land, and improve the timeliness of inspections and follow up to ensure clearing privately-owned properties. These are budget-funded positions and as Mayor I will both ensure that these positions are filled and address retention in the department in order to improve public safety.

  • Building inspections.  Oakland’s current system has made it possible for seriously dangerous buildings to go uninspected (Ghost Ship), while in other cases, even when there has been an inspection and hazards have been identified, they remain unrepaired (2551 San Pablo Ave). At the same time, some small, non-hazardous businesses are inspected over and over again. I will change our inspection system, to reduce the continuous re-inspection of places that are abiding by safety requirements, saving time, money and hassle for small businesses, directing those resources to properties that are more likely to be at risk, making sure that ALL properties are inspected. The current  practice of relying on the recording of business licenses to identify which properties to inspect allows for some properties to be overlooked entirely. This means risks are not caught in time to prevent tragedies like the Ghost Ship fire. I will immediately include a geographic tracking system, that covers all properties, even those that are vacant and those without a current business license. I will also expand and improve our response when hazards are detected, so we not only find the risks, we also ensure they are fixed. We will consider all options to improve public safety.

  • Combining and coordinating inspections.  Currently, people working on a project or building may encounter multiple inspectors from multiple departments, scheduling multiple appointments and sometimes giving different and contradictory feedback about what actions the person has to take for their property or business. As Mayor, I will work with the administration to streamline this process and ensure coordination among the different departments so that property owners will get one coherent list of required steps after the inspection.

In addition to inspection processes, it must be noted that Oakland Fire Department is woefully underfunded.  We need to invest more city resources and ensure that the department has the what it needs to keep up with these inspections. Any conversations about public safety must include the participation of our fire department.

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Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

I believe that the most impacted should lead the way; that when we lift those community members who have historically and oppressively been at the bottom - the entire ship rises.  I believe that leaders are chosen by the people and not self-appointed which is why I entered this race only after hundreds of Oaklanders asked me to run. I am deeply concerned about the direction in which our City is headed. As the recent Equity Indicators Report demonstrates, Oakland is failing to provide all of our community members with equitable opportunities to live, work, and thrive in Oakland. The disparity is most painfully evidenced by the fact that while there are 6,000 people who are sleeping in the streets every night, this administration has repeatedly failed to take the actions necessary to reduce that number.

I am running for “Sara” - the 28 year old unhoused Black woman who clung to me and sobbed and pleaded that I not forget who I am fighting for. I am running because when I look at my 13 year old and her friends who are being raised in this City, I know that they might not be able to call it home in a few short years. I am running because I believe deeply that we can grow and develop Oakland in a way that works for everyone. We can provide shelter for every unhoused person through alternative housing models, we can pass progressive rent control, we can have safe communities by investing in prevention instead of just criminalization, and we can bring businesses to Oakland that increase our revenue and provide quality jobs for our community members. For all of these reasons, I am answering the people’s call to run for Mayor of our great City.

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