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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de American CanyonCandidato para Consejo Municipal

Photo de Jason Kishineff

Jason Kishineff

637 votos (5.79%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • I want to ban the spraying of glyphosates (RoundUp) in public places, like schools, parks and public walkways.
  • We need to end our participation in the tourism district, which was created in 2010. We give 2% of our hotel raxes to promoting tourism up valley, and what do we get for it? More traffic.
  • I'd like to introduce Participatory Budgeting, including residents in the decision making process via a suggestion period, public assembly and final voting.



I moved to Napa, from Los Angeles, with my family, when I was 9 years old. I went to Napa High and Temescal. At Napa Valley College, I studied drama and physical science, but did not finish college at that time, finally achieving a technical certificate to be a pharmacy technician until injuring my back. I am now a 48 year old homemaker and father of three boys. I know what its like to struggle each month.

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Funcionarios electos (3)

  • Richmond Council Member Gayle McLaughlin
  • Vallejo School Board Member Ruscal Cayangyang
  • Napa Valley College Trustee Amy Martenson

Individuos (1)

  • Suscol Intertribal Council Director Charlie Toledo

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

My political philosophy is that I will never accept donations from corporations, so that I am, and will remain, beholden only to the people of this city, and not to special interests.

Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

The Tourism District


I believe that this program shouldn't be funded by tax dollars at all, but by the businesses involved. We could be spending the money in better ways.

The Tourism District was created in 2010. It did not make the Napa Valley the world-class tourist destination that it has been for a long time. The budget grows every year. The projection I saw said $10 million for this year, with the CEO making a salary of more than $330,000 a year. This is all paid for with 2% of the hotel tax (the Transient Ocupancy Tax, or TOT) on every hotel room. And the reality is that American Canyon is NOT the tourist destination that Napa is. Let's start building a better city for us and our families, not for developers hoping to make money.

Participatory Budgeting


Participatory Budgeting is democracy at its best. Vallejo is a great example of Participatory Budgeting at work.

For a period of several weeks, people will be able to submit ideas for how to spend some of the budget. This will be followed by a people's assembly, where people can vote on which 5 or 6 ideas should be on the ballot, which will be followed by a final voting period.

The Farmer's Market


We need to bring the farmer's market back. We should be trying to create an environment which encourages a healthy lifestyle and provides a local gathering place.

The farmer's market was previously hidden by a large building, and then moved out to Benton Way, where it was even more hidden. It isn't a surprise that it wasn't successful. We can do better! Let's put the market right there on highway 29. I am told the Walmart parking lot is city property, so there should be no problem putting it right on the highway, at the west side of the lot.

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