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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Los Alamitos Unified School DistrictCandidato para Miembre de Junta

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Connor Swan Smith

2,827 votos (7.2%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • I want to increase the board's involvement and interaction with the teachers and students of the district.
  • If Measure G does pass, I want to ensure the new funds it raises for the district are spent properly and responsibly.
  • I want to make certain that all programs are effective at bettering our students and fostering the welcoming atmosphere that exists and belongs in this district.



University of California Irvine Currently a Sophomore, Education and Vocal Music double major (current)


My entire life, I have lived in Seal Beach and attended public school in Los Alamitos, from kindergarten at McGaugh Elementary to the graduating class of 2017 at Los Alamitos High School. I love this area, I love this district, and I am passionate about education, which is why I am currently double-majoring in education and music at UC Irvine.


Being a recent student and future teacher, I can speak to the students’ experience and the educator’s point of view, representing a perspective that is missing on the Board. I want to get students excited about education and show them how important it is to be involved.


I started at the high school in 2013, and by that point, there was already a trend toward making the school more and more locked down, and yet somehow it felt less safe. Not only does this make the school feel less welcoming, but it requires significant additional spending.


Previous Boards would visit the students far more often. As a member of the Board, I aim to not only bring that back, but to be even more involved in learning about and addressing the specific needs of the district.

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Dear Voter,


My name is Connor Swan Smith and I’m running for Los Alamitos School Board. My entire life, I have lived in Seal Beach and attended public school in Los Alamitos from kindergarten at McGaugh Elementary, to the graduating class of 2017 at Los Alamitos High School. I love this area, I love this district, and I am passionate about education, which is why I am currently double-majoring in education and music at UC Irvine.


I am running because there is a huge disconnect between the current board and the teachers and students. Having been a student in the district very recently, I feel that I’m in a perfect place to help rebuild the relationship between the two. I’m still extremely connected to the district because many of my friends and my sister are still currently students, and I am still in contact with many of my former teachers. Yet I’m also just far enough out of it to see it from the perspective of someone who just lives in the district.

Speaking as a student, I can tell you that previous boards visited the schools and the students far more frequently. This is a huge deal because that is how the board knows what is going on in the district. Not only are they not actively finding out what is needed for effective learning, but they aren’t making sure that the programs (and funding) that are already in place, are working at the levels they should be.


A prime example of this, is the heightened security that has been implemented in the schools, and especially the high school. The schools did not have a security issue, and yet security measures have steadily been increased, whereas it took about a full year for it to be realised that the High School had a vaping problem, including in classrooms during instruction, and for any meaningful action to be taken to solve it.


An out of touch school board hinders instruction and wastes money. That is why I plan on increasing school visitation and making sure I always know what’s going on in the district and why I hope you vote to elect me to the Board of Education this November.


Connor Swan Smith


Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Measure G


Veiws on the event of Measure G passing.

Measure G is a measure on the ballot this year that proposes to raised property taxes by 30 dollars per $100,000 assessed property value per year. This would authorize a total of 96 million dollars in bonds to the district. The measure is written to allow the district to use that money for a wide variety of purposes that could easily pan out in several ways that completely differ from each other. Because of this, it is extremely important who ends up on the board this election in the event that Measure G passes.


It is important to note that the last similar measure, Measure K, which passed in 2008 was supposed to fund a remodel of the high school among other things, however this was not done, and now Measure G is supposed to correct that error. Yet all the current members of the board excepting Diana Hill were on the board when Measure K was passed.


It makes no sense to let the same group try again with even more money. It needs to be used frugally and only on the necessities, so we will not soon need to ask for more.


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