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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de FolsomCandidato para Consejo Municipal

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Aaron Ralls

Father/Business Owner
6,790 votos (8.96%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • To ensure Folsom residents are made a top priority.
  • Infrastructure improvements before continued development.
  • Keep Folsom safe.



My name is Aaron Ralls. I am a 30 yr Folsom resident, father to 3 children ages 18, 15 & 12. I own two small businesses in Folsom and I have been married for nearly 20 years to my high school sweetheart. I graduated Folsom High School as will my kids. I have been a Folsom Baseball and Soccer coach for both of my boys for years. I am extremely active in the community. I work hard and I invest my time to help others throughout this town. 

While debates about the definitions of roadways raged online, I worked to rally support, for Roger Gaylord's last minute efforts to improve our traffic standards. He was successful in helping to author a policy that raised the bar, and will improve our roadways for DECADES. This is one of three important areas I'm campaigning to impact. I was also VERY vocal during our planning commission meetings in regards to our traffic issues. Meanwhile, many others seemed to have no problem with impacting our Level of Service (LOS) in regards to traffic as long as construction raged on. 

Homelessness - I've walked among several encampments trying to understand this very important problem. I have not published or advertised these outings. I have learned that it isn't as simple as providing food, clothing, shelter, or all three. Although I have given free haircuts, shaves and even helped to get one homeless man a job in town. Most of the ones I met are self admitted drug addicts and ex felons with NO desire to better their situation. I have also spoken with businesses that are affected by them. Drunken encounters, damaging businesses, leaving garbage, fights, vulgarity, theft, drug usage etc. So let me be crystal clear, my main focus is the good people of this town who are negatively impacted by this type of behavior. Encampments can grow and attract even more homeless when free food is simply handed out regularly. Experts like the ones at HART not only care for those in need, but work towards providing necessary rehabilitation, counseling, medical care, and integration training. I do however have a problem with these centers providing overnight accommodations in various areas only to open the doors in the A.M. and have them strolling thru our neighborhoods. I have met with and received phone calls from neighborhood groups upset with this. 

Dynamic problems need dynamic solutions. Number 17 in the nation isn't good enough, for me, and for our families. I want Folsom to be number 1. 

I want to address our recycling center, since it is a critical part of the local homelessness problem. There is no good reason that our local recycling facility should look like an open-air soup kitchen, in the Walmart parking lot. (Security Guard had to be hired within the last few months due to many issues arising from the homeless population.) Our recycling center should be easily accessible for our residents and everyone should feel safe going there. 

Finally, no outside influences over local resident influences. A good community means higher property values, which also means that it is desirable to build new projects here. It has never been more important to insist on projects that will benefit existing residents. That's what I have been doing on the Planning Commission, and that is what I will do on the City Council. 

I am one of the only candidates that did not seek endorsement from any of the large Political Action Committees as I did not want to be beholden to outside interests. Theses groups certainly do not have the best interests of the city at heart, only their own pocket books. I will not sit idly by and watch this city be manipulated by outside interests.


I hope you'll consider voting for me, I will continue to work hard for us all and be a voice of the people.

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  • Roger Gaylord

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Filosofía política

My political philosophy would be that of an american patriot.  Too often party lines blur what is simply the best for our country.  I do not see myself ever aligning completely with one group or the other, there is simply too much going on in this world we live in to do that.  With that being said I pride myself on doing what is best for the overall good of the community even at the expense of being unpopular with certain groups.  When elected I will take my sworn oath serious and always do what is right.

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