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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de UplandCandidato para Miembre, Consejo Municipal, Distrito 3

Photo de Gino Filippi

Gino Filippi

City Council Member
980 votos (25.45%)
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public safety, supporting law enforcement.
  • Public works improvements including streets, trees, sidewalk.
  • Addressing homeless issues by coordinating with law enforcement and Upland's Community Restoration Team (CRT)



Profesión:Upland City Council Member, Winery Consultant
Winery Consultant, Self-Employed (2010–current)
Council Member, Upland City Council — Cargo elegido (2010–2018)
Co-owner Joeseph Filippi Winery, Joeseph Filippi Winery (1975–2010)


Chaffee College AA, Business (current)
Upland High School High School, General Education (1977)

Actividades comunitarias

Chairperson, City of Upland Police and Fire Committee (2016–current)
City Representative, Upland Public Library Board of Trustees (2012–current)
Board Member, Upland Community Housing, Inc. / Coy D. Estes Senior Apartments (2011–current)
Board Member, Foothill Freeway Corridor Committee (2014–current)
Board Member, Inland Empire Resource Conservation District (2014–current)



Gino has a lifelong dedication to the improvement of the Inland Empire and the city of Upland, where he was born. Gino is committed to the city of Upland’s government, business life, library, police, fire and housing. Gino has lived this commitment as an elected Upland City Council member, business leader, community volunteer, successful preservationist and local wine writer for over 30 years.

Gino was first elected in 2010, with a promise to help uproot a threat to Upland’s present and future: official corruption. As the reform candidate in that important election, he offered an alternative to old ways of doing business at City Hall and he continues to do so today. His leadership is universally recognized as consistent, forthright and totally committed to Upland and its residents.

Council member Gino Filippi serves on several city committees, regional boards, commissions and task forces to advance and protect the interests of Upland residents and businesses. He is a tireless supporter of the Upland Public Library and all of Upland youth sports.

Under Gino’s leadership the City Council has worked diligently to fix a broken financial model. Today Upland is no longer in danger of financial collapse due in large part to Gino’s constant attention to the financial future of our great city.I am strong advocate for public safety (police, fire, paramedics, and public works). I have leadership experience which has been very helpful when things are tough. I have demonstrated that I am an excellent listener and handle concerns of residents without delay. I’m easily accessible and work hard to bring timely results. I know the job better than any of my opponents. There is more work to do for the benefit of all Uplanders and with your help I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities.



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Organizaciónes (2)

  • Upland Police Officers Association
  • San Bernardino County Fire

Funcionarios electos (2)

  • Janice Rutherford
  • Curt Hagman

Individuos (1)

  • Vice President Cucamonga Valley Water District, Luis Cetina

Creencias poliza

Filosofía política

Building a greater sense of community is essential to moving forward as a city.
Council Member Filippi has long supported a broad community-based partnership aimed at improving the health, safety and well-being of our entire city.


Council Member Filippi is “Committed to Community” having served on the Upland City Council for 8 years, working diligently on important issues including Public Safety (Police, Fire/Paramedics, Public Works) which are vital to our community and quality of life. Gino continues to be an advocate for Unified School District, Upland Public Library, Upland Housing, Parks and Upland Youth Sports. Upland offers excellent shopping and housing opportunities which generates valuable sales tax revenues and helps create local jobs.

This is an exciting time for District 3, Southwest Upland, as we are seeing continued upgrades to our professional office and retail areas including Mountain Green Shopping Center which has brought Aldi Grocery Market, now under construction and on target to meeting their expected opening of Fall 2018. Sake Sake Sushi is relocating in Mountain Green Center with renovations now underway. Benevento Furniture has opened and new dining establishments in District 3 include Foxy Noodle and BBQ. Queens Baking Company is scheduled to be open by July according to owner/proprietor and Upland resident Salvatore Mangiafreno. New residential units are under construction at Monte Vista and Foothill in the western section of District 3 as well.

As we look forward, we can expect continued progress and increased efforts of Upland Police working with residents, volunteer groups and local businesses to help reduce crime and homelessness.


Documentos sobre determinadas posturas

Public Safety


Public Safety is vital and the number one priority for our community. Upland is home to 76,684 residents (US Census Bureau 2016).

As the Chair of the Police and Fire Committee, making sure that Upland is a safe place for residents to live, work, and play continues to be Council Member Filippi’s top concern. As costs for providing these services have risen over the years, Gino has faced this challenge head-on and made sure to Keep Upland Safe

The Mission of the Upland Police Department is to maintain public order following established ethical and constitutional guidelines, in partnership with the community, so as to provide a safe and peaceful environment for all citizens. Darren Goodman is Upland Chief of Police.

We must continue to work to ensure responsible management of public services in order to protect quality of life and promote financial stability of Upland. As our city grows, so do calls for law enforcement services. My support of Upland Police Department and the men and women who serve our community each day has never been stronger. We have made progress by hiring additional Officers over the past two years, and I will continue to work towards the goal of increased staffing to meet the needs of law enforcement for our growing city. As with many residents, I am thankful for the results that increased police presence has brought to our parks and schools over the past 12 months,” Ret. Upland Police Chief Douglas Millmore (June 2018)

Currently Upland’s population of 76,884 is served by a police force with 75 full time officers – a ratio of .98 (1) officers per 1,000 residents. UPD currently has four officers in training with a (FTO) field training officer, two in the PoliceAcademy, and five more being processed for the next Police Academy class.

UPD staffing is in line with national trends and at sufficient levels to provide needed police services. UPD also employs five fully trained part-time (Reserve) officers which are not counted but that are available. Most of the cities that Upland is compared have approx. .93 to 1.2 officers per thousand residents. As compared to Upland at .98 per thousand residents.

2017 Upland Police Department Accomplishments include:

  • Five officers attended “Train the Trainer” Active Shooter instruction. These officers in conjunction with the School Resource Officer and Administrative Personnel at the Upland Unified School District provided training for all UUSD Schools Grades 4th through 12th.
  • Reinstated Crime Prevention Unit to provide a consistent level of service to our community in the areas of Neighborhood and Business Watch, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Coffee with a Cop, Citizen’s Academy, School Safety Programs, and various other crime prevention programs and applications.
  • Code Enforcement (CE) initiated an Administrative Citation Cost Recovery Program. Up to date we have recovered $91,000. This program is moving to the next phase of placing liens on the properties of individuals who have refused to pay their overdue administrative fines.
  • New TriTech CAD/RMS implementation. Initial implementation of the system has occurred and department personnel are becoming acclimated to the new system and its processes. This is a huge undertaking for any organization, which requires at least a year to a year and a half to become fully immersed in its abilities and for all involved to become competent in its utilization.
  • We equipped four new SUV police vehicles to provide a better working environment for our officers, especially training officers. These new vehicles provide adequate space for two officers to work safely and efficiently. This action made a positive contribution to improving efficiency and morale.
  • We acquired three new BMW patrol Motorcycles. One was paid via grant funding and the others were replacing older equipment.
  • Replaced all lighting throughout the building with energy efficient LED lights.
  • Solar Panel installation on the roof of the main building with additional solar panels being installed throughout the employee and police vehicle parking lots.
  • Historic Downtown and Metrolink Police Substation improvements. The City entered into a lease with local downtown merchants for a Police Substation to service Downtown Merchants and Metrolink travelers. The substation is scheduled to open for business by August. This item is critical to assisting the City Council with attracting new business in order to revitalize Historic Downtown Upland; additionally, it demonstrates our commitment to the service and safety of the Downtown merchants and Metrolink ridership.
  • Patrol shifts were reinstated to 6 Officers per shift. Other departments of similar size and demographics will deploy the similar number of officers per shift. The minimum does not take into account the field supervisor and station watch commander.

Councilmember Gino Filippi serves as the Chair of the City’s Police and Fire Committee

Videos (1)

— October 11, 2018 GINO FILIPPI FOR UPLAND CITY COUNCIL 2018 – FPPC #1329509

 Gino Filippi has served the city of Upland as a council member for 8 years. While serving on the city council we have made great strides in moving Upland forward with better police and fire protection, balancing the city budget, addressing homeless issues, improving our streets and public library. Gino Filippi, Committed to Community!


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