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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de ColfaxCandidato para Consejo Municipal2 Year Term

Photo de Marnie Mendoza

Marnie Mendoza

Appointed Incumbent
311 votos (51.15%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Safety is my No. 1 priority is public safety including fire and policing as well as public works to keep the waste water treatment plant operating as efficiently as possible,
  • Seniors - I would like to finish our Emergency evacuation of our disabled and Seniors that was started in 2016. Youth Enrichment Center, I would like to finish the Youth after-school center
  • Fiscal Responsibility to ensure the city budget is developed wisely and monitored to reduce wasteful expenditures. Your tax dollars must be used as efficiently as possible.



Profesión:First Responder / Emergency Medical Technician
Mayor Pro Tem, City of Colfax (2016–current)
Colfax Mayor Pro Tem, City of Colfax — Cargo designado (2016–current)
Colfax Vice Mayor, City of Colfax — Cargo designado (2016–current)
Mentor Coach, Bay Area Scores (2003–2006)
Office Manager, Frank Stangl MD (1997–2001)


San Francisco City College Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency management (2006)
Fresno City College Certificate, Emergency Medical Technician (2002)

Actividades comunitarias

Volunteer, American Red Cross (2003–2012)
Training, San Francisco Paramedics association (2003–2012)
Volunteer, N.E.R.T San Francisco Emergency Response Team (2003–2006)


In 2013, I identified Colfax as a destination for tourism for the Chiense Railroad Workers Monument and I worked hard to get stop #4 here in Colfax for the bus tour, which started July 15, 2017.                                                    I sit on the Executive Board and I am major proponent of the proposed Chinese Railroad Worker Monument at the Gold Run rest stop. I serve as the local representative along side of Auburn's Retired Mayor Mike Holmes on the project.                                                  I believe our city can prosper from its completion by next year May 2019,  as the Chiense history has now been written into the history books and people from all over the world will come to our area to experience the history of the Chiense and there contributions in building the Transcontinental Railroad.                      I would like to build on this project and turn Colfax into a Old West destination one weekend a month where Stagecoaches, live gun fights, music, dancers and gold panning can be experienced and families can enjoy a Old West theme destination.

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  • Former Auburn Mayor Mike Homes

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Mendoza announces run for Re-Election


Marnie Mendoza, appointed incumbent and current mayor pro tem, has officially announced that she is running for the two-year seat on the Colfax City Council in the November election. Her No. 1 priority is public safety including fire and policing as well as public works to keep the waste water treatment plant operating as efficiently as possible, a news release said.

“Mendoza has pledged to ensure the city budget is developed wisely and monitored to reduce wasteful expenditures. Your tax dollars must be used as efficiently as possible,” said the release.

She has worked to build a bridge between city hall and the schools and has proposed the development of a Youth Enrichment Center in Colfax to urge more civic involvement by students.

Economic development is important for the future of our city. With a new hotel being proposed it can become an economic driver to increase tourism in our historic city. She is a major proponent of the proposed Chinese railroad worker monument at the Gold Run rest stop and believes the city can prosper from its completion by next year.

Marnie Mendoza can be contacted at

1.  Have you settled down after the excitement at the last council meeting?

“Yes, although I’m still in shock. I’m overwhelmed with joy. I was surprised at the people who spoke on my behalf at the meeting. I didn’t expect that and I’m humbled and grateful.”

Whether or not I won the seat, I knew I would still be working to keep Colfax ‘moving forward.’”


2.  Your work as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in San Francisco is impressive. How did that prepare you for your role as a city representative?

“I transported critically-ill veterans from their homes in Fresno to veteran’s hospitals in San Francisco. I never wanted to drive; I always wanted to be in the back caring for them, many of whom needed constant care during transport.

 My grandfather was a captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He was a lead bombardier on B17s. I was raised to be proud of his service and to respect the country’s servicemen. That led to my EMT training.

Doing for others, looking at the bigger picture, going the extra mile, I got as much if not more out of my work for the patients and it showed me how what I did was bigger than a paycheck.”


3.   What drives you to do so much volunteering?

“Being a mother. Being a ‘parent volunteer’ was a natural extension of being a mom. Helping in the classroom was the least a parent could do and it opened my eyes to how many ways parents could assist teachers and act as mentors to the students. It grew from there. As my children grew up and their world got bigger, my volunteering got bigger.”


4.     Which volunteer project are you most proud of?

“I’m so excited about the Chinese Memorial in Gold Run. The founder of the project, Steven Lee, entertainment commissioner of the city and county of San Francisco, wanted the contributions of the Chinese railroad workers recognized and he tapped me to bring the project to the Placer County Board of Supervisors. The response was positive from the very beginning. And the Soroptimists joined with me on the project in 2015 in conjunction with Colfax’s Railroad Days.

 This bit of our history isn’t sufficiently covered in our history books. Completing the Transcontinental Railway connected the country; people and supplies were able to cross the country and played a huge role in California’s economic development and success as a state. So this memorial is important on a national level.

 This memorial will be geared toward children. We hope it will be a magnet for classes and a learning experience for those who aren’t familiar with the story of the Chinese railroad worker’s role in its construction.”

5.     What do you think is the most pressing issue facing Colfax now?

“Our infrastructure. Our streets with their potholes are unsafe.



6.     If you could wave a magic wand, with money not being a concern, what civic improvement would you make for Colfax?

“I would love to see more civic landscaping, more clean-up of empty lots, less trash and more plants and flowers. There are so many wonderful historic buildings in this town; the land around them shouldn’t detract from them. The Colfax Garden Club does a great job downtown but the I-80 areas would be my focus.”


7.     As a mother, what is the best thing about Colfax for children?

“Our schools. I know the high school is recognized state-wide. That and the elementary have great programs to ensure student success. The high school has a program where students are ‘reading buddies’ to the younger students. Our high school also has terrific sports and drama departments. Everyone from the principal to the janitors work to make sure every student becomes the best they can be.”


8.  And what concerns you most for Colfax’s children?

“We need more city-sponsored athletic and enrichment programs. Programs that empower creativity and will help guide our youth to a productive adulthood.”


9.     Any ideas on how to bring “get-off-the-freeway-to get-gas” visitors into downtown?

“I would like to see a visitor’s map of Colfax showing anyone who pulls off for gas or coffee places of interest in downtown. We have a lot of history here, railroad history, great old buildings, our statue of Schuyler Colfax, our gazebo. How about drinking your coffee in the gazebo?

 Two maps could be even better, one for eastbound and westbound visitors.”

10.  Which is more important, getting new residents to move here or getting current residents to shop here?

“Both are important. Growth is necessary for economic health but you have to walk a line between encouraging growth and growing so big you lose the small-town feel of Colfax, which is why so many people chose to move here.

 I would also like to see the city limits expanded. That way everyone with a Colfax address would feel their voices would be heard on all issues on our ballots.”


11.  Let’s talk about the skate park. Is it the best use of city funds? Any ideas about where funds could be spent to occupy Colfax’s youth other than a skate park?

“I’m excited about the skate park. I think it would be a great recreational park for Colfax’s youth. There are a lot of issues to be addressed before it is built but the council will address those issues and I think it will provide our youth with a recreational and social center.

 I would also love to see a swimming pool in town. Everyone from toddlers to seniors could benefit. The little ones could take ‘drown-proofing’ and swimming lessons and the seniors would have low-impact exercise available. That would be a win-win.”


12.  You were asked at the last City Council meeting if you thought Colfax needed fewer but larger events. Please expand on your answer, giving examples of events you’d like to see.

“I’d like to see more regularly-scheduled events that would bring people to Colfax every Saturday or every Tuesday night. Foxey McCleary scheduled the summer’s Art Walks on the third Friday in June, July, August and September. Our Farmers’ Market starts May 18. People could mark their calendars months in advance and be committed to attending.”


13.  Lastly, any message for Colfax residents?

“Ever since I had my first child, I had to look at the world with a parent’s eyes. What can I do for her to make her the best person she can be? What can I do to make the world the best world for her? Now that my children are grown and pretty much on their own, I’m still thinking what needs to be done?

 My two great passions are children and seniors. How can we build strong, confident people? Children need to be empowered, supported and guided toward successful adulthood. And our seniors deserve respect and their memories should be preserved and handed down to future generations.

 Being chosen for the City Council isn’t about me. It’s about Colfax and its residents. Lots of groups and individuals have great ideas and a willingness to put in the work. What is needed is someone to ‘connect the dots’ so to speak, to get everyone at the table to turn thoughts and wishes into action. I’m only one person but together we can accomplish anything!

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