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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

Ciudad de CarlsbadCandidato para Alcalde

Photo de Matt Hall

Matt Hall

Mayor City of Carlsbad
29,558 votos (51.2%)Winning
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Mis 3 prioridades principales

  • Public Safety
  • Enforce the voter-approved Growth Management Plan
  • Preserve our unique Carlsbad quality of life



Profesión:Business Owner; Mayor of the City of Carlsbad
Business Owner, Self Employed (1970–current)
Mayor, City of Carlsbad — Cargo elegido (2010–current)
Member, Carlsbad City Council — Cargo elegido (1994–2010)
Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Carlsbad — Cargo elegido (1998–2000)
Member, City of Carlsbad Planning Commission — Cargo designado (1990–1990)


Palomar Junior College Some College, Business (1968)
Vista High School High School Diploma (1966)

Actividades comunitarias

Board of Directors, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) (2006–current)
Member, Innovate 78 (2010–current)
Administrative and Finance Committee Member, San Diego County Water Authority (2016–current)
Vice Chair, Legislation and Public Outreach Committee, San Diego County Water Authority (2016–current)
Member; Rotarian of the Year (2000), Rotary Club of Carlsbad (1992–current)


The Early Years

Matt Hall is a third generation San Diego North County resident. Born and raised in Vista, California, Matt loves to talk about his “great family” and having grown up on a ranch his father purchased, and a home his family built from scratch.

"My dad purchased ten acres, and planted avocado trees," Matt said, “But every year, my father would take my mom and my three siblings out on family vacations.” Once the family ranch house was completed, Matt’s grandparents became part of the household too.

While attending Vista High School, Matt worked full-time at a Shell gasoline station near his house. “I learned a lot about running a small business in the automotive service industry,” he said. In addition to a small regularly salary, Matt also earned tips. “I could out-sell and out-pump anyone else working there,” Matt will tell you proudly.

Matt was a born mechanic, and while in high school, built his own sand-buggy. He also learned to water ski on Agua Hedionda. At age 14, he was largely on his own, but by 16 was living independently when his parents moved to San Diego.

Matt stayed in Vista to work and finish high school.


After High School

Matt graduated high school, got married, and then went to Palomar College. Part way through college in 1967, Matt received a draft notice. In January of 1968, Matt was inducted into the U.S. Army at age 18.

The Army Years

Matt went to boot camp at Fort Ord and was then sent to Fort Riley. “It was a fun experience,” he recalls. He went to school, took courses and got promoted. After a mere 11 months, Matt was classified E5. This was an unusual accomplishment for someone with less than a year of service.

​During his time in the Army, Matt was always on the road. His job involved working on heavy equipment fuel and electrical systems. Eventually, he returned to Ft. Riley, and was put on base waivers. With 6 months and 13 days to go in the Army, Matt was sent to Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, a fellow soldier got caught in a piece of heavy equipment. Matt tried to save him but was unable to. The soldier perished.

It was in a similar scenario, 45 days after arriving in Vietnam, that Matt got hung up on a conveyor system, and was seriously hurt, having sustained major injuries to his back and torso. He was hospitalized for several months, first in the Philippines, and then Japan, before going home to the States.

Matt received a Purple Heart and was recognized for injuries sustained while performing hazardous work in support of the war. According to Matt, "I have never recovered from the injury. It took four months before I could walk, was in a wheelchair for a while. It was a slow process, and I still feel it."

After the Army and Vietnam

​In January of 1970, Matt turned 21, and his tour of duty came to an end. At that time, Matt was "running scenarios” of what he wanted to do.

"I always wanted to be in business for myself, and that was my drive," said Matt. As it happened, a business came up for sale in Carlsbad in 1970. The business was a tow company that had contracts with the city and state. The business also handled the majority of private calls in the area.

"I invested every cent I had, and went all in," said Matt. "I took all the money I earned from the service and put it into that business." Upon buying the business in 1970, Matt moved to Carlsbad.

"I rented a one-bedroom apartment on Ocean Street and lived there for six months," said Matt. "From then on, I knew that Carlsbad was going to be my home."

After six months, Matt bought the property next to his business, built a home, and lived in the Barrio for the better part of a year. According to Matt, "It was a panhandle piece of land that I bought from Mr. Sanchez.”

​While still in his 20’s, Matt continued to invest in the Barrio. “I bought the property and flower business across the street, and then the property where El Torito market is located.” According to Matt, “Almost all the people who helped build my home and run my business lived in the Barrio.”

The Community Involvement Years

​"In 1976, a member of the city council member came up to me and told me I needed to get involved," said Matt. At the time, Matt and his wife were raising two daughters. Nevertheless, it was clear to him that participating in the city's future was fast becoming a calling.

"Thelma Hayes and I were put on the city's Redevelopment Committee, and I remember becoming good friends with then Mayor Mary Casler," said Matt.

"While on the Redevelopment Committee, the City Council appointed me to the Planning Commission, and I later became Chairman." During this time, Matt also became a Lightning Soccer Coach.

In 1991, I went to lunch with a few locals, and they posed a challenge. “We want you to run for council,” they said. Shortly thereafter, Matt took his first shot at running for City Council but lost. The loss, however, did not dissuade him from running again. His drive and his energy level kepthim focused, and in 1996 was elected to the Council.

In 2010, Matt ran for Mayor and won. In 2014, he won a second term.

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Featured Endorsements

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  • Carlsbad Police Officers Association

Organizaciónes (4)

  • San Diego County Apartment Association
  • Solamar Estates HOA
  • North San Diego County Association of Realtors
  • Chuck Collins & Associates

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Preguntas y Respuestas

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters San Diego North County (1)

Do you support increasing the housing density in Carlsbad? What other options might there be for improving the City's supply of affordable housing?
Respuesta de Matt Hall:

No. Carlsbad has had an award-winning affordable housing plan since 1994. We have built more affordable housing than any other city in the county, with the exception of the city of San Diego.

Carlsbad has a Growth Management Plan. In order to create more housing within the city, it will require community involvement to revise the current plan.

Preguntas de The League of Women Voters North County San Diego (2)

Do you approve of the City's current approach to addressing the problems of homelessness in Carlsbad? What specific changes, if any, would you make?
Respuesta de Matt Hall:

Carlsbad has an award-winning homelessness response team and plan. The plan has proven to be extremely successful, with other cities emulating our approach, and I would continue to follow that plan.

Do you advocate any changes to Carlsbad's current policies regarding recreational and medical cannabis businesses? Please explain.
Respuesta de Matt Hall:

I support our current plan, which restricts both recreational and medical use of marijuana. We are awaiting guidance from the state of California to further implement its laws and policies, by which we will abide.

Videos (5)

— October 9, 2018 Matt Hall for Mayor 2018 – FPPC#1295370

Carlsbad public safety is my #1 priority. As your mayor, I feel strongly about providing law enforcement with the tools needed to keep our community safe. 

Councilmember and retired police officer Keith Blackburn knows first-hand how critical leadership is with matters of public safety and appreciates the city's unwavering commitment to law enforcement that keep Carlsbad families safe.

— October 9, 2018 Matt Hall for Mayor 2018 – FPPC#1295370

Retired Carlsbad Police Chief Gary Morrison attests to the importance of a collaborative team when public safety is at stake. 

"Public safety is a team sport," and as Carlsbad's Mayor I remain focused on providing strong vision and leadership so that our local fire, lifeguards and police have the tools they need to protect our beautiful community.

— October 9, 2018 Matt Hall for Mayor 2018 – FPPC#1295370

Kim Blaylock, retired Battalion Chief for the Carlsbad Fire Department (CFD), understands the value of leadership when considering public safety for our residents. Over his career, he saw the CFD grow substantially, improving response times and increasing deployable assets for the benefit of Carlsbad residents. Public safety is my number one priority. I will continue to ensure that all of our local families are able to safely enjoy our wonderful community.

— October 9, 2018 Matt Hall for Mayor 2018 – FPPC#1295370

There is a reason why our city looks and feels different than some of our neighbors. The Growth Management Plan, which I have strongly supported, put conditions on how and where building can occur. It requires developers, not taxpayers, to pay to improve public facilities, like streets and parks.

Thanks to city staff, private citizens, and council members whose support has ensured a better quality of life for all residents.

— October 9, 2018 Matt Hall for Mayor 2018 – FPPC#1295370

Education is one of the cornerstones of our community. I am committed to collaborating with schools, businesses, students, and families to give our future generations the very best opportunities.

Thank you to Carlsbad Unified School District Board President Ray Pearson for your endorsement and testimonial.

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