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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

City of Seal Beach
Measure BB - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

7,867 votos si (58.6%)

5,564 votos no (41.4%)

100% de distritos activos (19/19).

Seal Beach Transaction and Use Tax
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To offset significant budget cuts and state takeaways and maintain City services, including community police patrols, paramedic services, fire protection, marine safety/lifeguards, school safety, 9-1-1 response times, and other essential general services, shall an ordinance be adopted for a one percent sales tax to raise approximately $5,000,000 annually until ended by voters, with independent audits to ensure transparency and funds spent only in Seal Beach?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Un voto por el SÍ significa

yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the city to enact a 1 percent general sales tax.

Un voto por el NO significa

no vote is a vote against authorizing the city to enact a 1 percent general sales tax.

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

Seal Beach City Attorney

Measure BB is the “Seal Beach Neighborhood and Essential Services Protection Measure.” If approved by the voters, it would adopt Ordinance No. 1671, the City of Seal Beach Transactions and Use Tax Ordinance of 2018 (the “Sales Tax Ordinance”). Measure BB would increase the City’s existing sales tax rate by 1%, or one cent, on every dollar of taxable sales of goods in the City, and on the taxable storage, use or consumption in the City of goods purchased.

The proposed tax is a general tax. The City estimates that this Measure will raise approximately $5 million per year in new local revenue for use in the City. The City Council’s adopted ballot question states this new revenue would be used for essential services including community police patrols, paramedic services, fire protection, marine safety and lifeguards, school safety, and 911 response times, as well as other general services. California law gives cities the authority to adopt local tax measures like this one, in the amount proposed, with the voters’ approval. Under current state law, the local tax may not be increased beyond the rate proposed in the Sales Tax Ordinance and will be in effect until ended by the voters. Measure BB was placed on the ballot by the unanimous vote of the Seal Beach City Council.

The Sales Tax Ordinance provides that the revenue will be collected by the State of California under a contract in the same way the existing sales tax is collected, and paid over to the City. Accountability over revenue and expenditures from the Sales Tax Ordinance will be part of the City’s annual independent audit, the report of which is available to the public. Financial information also will be disclosed in the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and other public documents. The total sales tax rate paid in Seal Beach, which also includes the sales tax collected for the State of California and other public agencies such as OCTA, is 7.75% now. If the Measure is approved by the voters, the total sales tax rate in the City will be 8.75% subject to any changes in state law. Sales tax is not collected on items such as prescription medications or food bought as groceries.

Article XIIIC of the California Constitution, commonly known as Proposition 218, requires that the proposed general tax be approved by a majority of the voters voting on the Measure. A “yes” vote on Measure BB is to adopt the Sales Tax Ordinance. A “no” vote on Measure BB is to not adopt the Sales Tax Ordinance.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

Safety is the most important quality a small-town can offer.   Violent crime is up, property crimes are up; we need more officers to keep our community safe.


Vote YES on BB.


1988 crime was low and we had 40+ officers.  Today, crime’s up and we only have 35 officers.


The State confiscated millions of dollars from Seal Beach taxpayers and sales tax generated in our city goes first to the State and County leaving us only $1.00 of every $100.00 generated in Seal Beach.


Revenues are NOT keeping up with rising costs causing a deficit budget, reduced work force and reduced city services.  It’s time to restore Local Control and take back our quality of life.


Vote YES on BB.


Our neighborhood schools depend on Police presence to keep our children safe. Our local merchants need Police presence to prevent shoplifting. We need more officers.


Leisure World depends on an adjacent Fire Station for fast response time.  The brain begins deteriorating within 4-6 minutes after breathing stops. We need both fire stations and our firefighters working for us; quick emergency response saves lives.


YES on BB prevents further cuts to the Police Department, hires more officers, keeps Fire and essential services in place.


YES on BB keeps Seal Beach property values high, attracting homebuyers to a small, safe city with great schools.


BB is not a tax on your home or property and not applied to prescription medication or food purchased as groceries. BB ensures that out-of-town visitors help pay for the services they use.


YES on BB ensures Sacramento can’t touch a dime of these funds!  By law, all monies from BB are required to remain locally in Seal Beach.


YES on BB is transparent and fiscally accountable. BB requires an annual independent audit to account for every penny!


Vote YES on BB s/ Deb Machen

Past President, SB Chamber of Commerce


s/ Donald M. Horning Retired Industrial Firefighter


s/ David G. Van Holt

Retired SB Police Lieutenant, 54 year resident


s/ Barbara Barton

52 year Seal Beach resident, Former Seal Beach Woman of the Year


s/ Sandra Massa-Lavitt Leisure World Councilwoman

Argumento EN CONTRA

No argument against this measure was submitted.

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