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November 6, 2018 — Elección General de California

City of Moreno Valley
Measure M - Majority Approval Required

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Resultados electorales

Se aprueba

29,286 votos si (74.1%)

10,238 votos no (25.9%)

100% de distritos activos (49/49).

39,524 boletas electorales serán contadas.

Local Moreno Valley Commercial Cannabis Activity Tax
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Shall an ordinance be adopted maintaining safe, clean public areas/improving local services including neighborhood police patrols, fire, 911 response; gang, youth violence prevention, after-school programs; combat robberies/burglaries; repair potholes; unrestricted general revenue purposes; by establishing a tax not exceeding 8% of gross receipts /$15 per square foot for cultivation, generating approximately $2,200,000 annually until ended by voters, with independent audits, public review, all funds used locally?

¿Qué es esta propuesta?

Información básica sobre la iniciativa de ley — Información oficial sobre esta iniciativa

Análisis del analista legislativo / Proposal

City Attorney, City of Moreno Valley

The City Council of the City of Moreno Valley has placed Measure M on the November 6th 2018 ballot to ask the voters to consider an ordinance that would enact a tax on commercial cannabis businesses which may establish in the City. If approved by a majority of the voters, the tax would not be levied against the City's residents or property owners; rather, the tax would apply to both medical cannabis businesses and non-medical cannabis businesses, lawfully established in the City. The passage of the tax would not have any effect on legalization or land use regulation of commercial cannabis business activities in the City.

Measure M, if approved, would tax all commercial cannabis cultivation at a rate up to $15.00 per square foot which would be paid based on the maximum canopy area permitted or licensed under State laws and City regulations, whether or not the grower utilizes the entire area under the License. Retail sales, manufacturing, distribution and testing would be taxed up to a maximum of 8% of gross receipts.

The full amount of the revenue generated by Measure M would go to the City's general fund and be available to support a full range of municipal services as determined by the City Council including, but not limited to, public safety, infrastructure improvements, parks and recreation, and other senior and youth related services.

If approved by majority of voters, the tax would become effective 10 days after the election results are certified by the City Council. The tax will not sunset.

Martin D. Koczanowicz     August 20, 2018
City Attorney, Moreno Valley

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure M. If you desire a copy of the Ordinance or related materials, please call the City Clerk's office at 951.413.3001 and a copy will be made available at no cost to you.

Published Arguments — Arguments for and against the ballot measure

Argumento A FAVOR

Safe neighborhoods, parks, libraries, programs for children and youth, and well-maintained roads all lead to a better quality of life. Keep Moreno Valley a great place to live! Vote Yes on M!

Over the last 10 years, Sacramento politicians took more than $50,000,000, from Moreno Valley - hurting our public safety and local services. Yes on M keeps our tax dollars local, and can only be spent on OUR vital city services.

Yes on M protects our fast 9-1-1 emergency response times. Yes on M supports our City’s paramedics and firefighters who are the first to respond and save lives. Vote Yes on M!

Yes on M is fair for Moreno Valley taxpayers. The cannabis industry must pay its fair share for the right to conduct business within our city. Support our police, fire, road repair, and youth/senior programs! Vote Yes on M

Vote Yes on M to keep Moreno Valley safe. Violent crime remains a great concern as the State releases more people from prisons throughout Southern California. Protect Moreno Valley’s gang prevention and neighborhood police patrols that keep us safe. Vote Yes on M!

Yes on M supports vital programs for children and youth. Studies show that between 3 and 6PM children without an afterschool activity are three times more likely to get into trouble. Vote Yes on M and keep our kids safe, off the streets, and out of trouble!

Yes on M does NOT increase taxes on local Moreno Valley residents. Only those in the cannabis industry will pay for Measure M. Vote Yes on M!

By law, all Measure M funds must be spent in Moreno Valley for local services – Sacramento cannot touch one cent! Yes on M includes strict accountability, including independent audits and citizen oversight.

Join homeowners , local police officers, business and community leaders in voting YES on M.


Oronde London, Moreno Valley Resident, Opponent of Cannabis

Virginia R. Dodson, Moreno Valley Resident, Support Cannabis

Ana Navarro, Moreno Valley Resident, Long term resident & taxpayer

— County of Riverside Registrar of Voters

Argumento EN CONTRA


— County of Riverside Registrar of Voters
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